TS3→ Living in Paradise Ch 4: Winter & Romance

When Celina went to the consignment store that boy Hugo was there. It’s now or never. She asked him to the prom (and since the prom always gives them their first kiss and makes them boyfriend/girlfriend with whoever they go with I headed it off so I could actually witness it… and screenshot it of course.)

She was going to leave to go scuba, need some freaking furniture ya know, and there was an option to ask him to go with her.

Truthfully, it was kinda boring. But neat that they could do it nonetheless.

A freaking shark! Please don’t let her new boyfriend get eaten!

Yes! We’re no longer broke. How on earth Munchie dragged home a gigantic space rock is still a mystery.

Arriving home from the prom. The pic was put on the table with the puffer fish. And look, Munchie got a bed and more toys.

Are you kidding me?

Look how far it was trying to make her go! She’s green, you can see green Munchie, alien was up to the left in yellow by the graveyard. I reset Celina. It would take the whole night to run there!

Of course, after that, I had to take a pic of the beautiful sky.

First snow. I’m not sure if I’d done it yet but at some point around now I moved Hugo’s family to that houseboat next door to the left.

An outside meal at the winter festival for old time’s sake.

Lady, you’re freaking crazy. Poor baby. Look at little Munchie back there in the snow.

Awe look at you Mr. Adorable! I love that dog.

Look! She got a boat. It moved very slowly but dang did it look cool!

And this, my friends, is probably my favorite screenshot out of them all from this play-through.

She got a time machine at the consignment store for practically nothing.

Haha! I love these things.

Stray dog that looks similar to Munchie walking around outside.

Oh! I forgot about this. I colored the lights to give it a Christmas theme.

And Munchie got this cool Christmas bed I didn’t even realize I had.

I saw this lady is a pilgrim type dress with a doghead and was like wtf?

Turns out, she was Hugo’s mom! Now, I spent a lot of time in CAS fixing her. And immediately after exiting CAS my game crashed. I think it was the first time in this play-through that I’d crashed. At some later point I did roll her new hair and stuff.

Another stray dog. Munchie looks so small next to it!

I thought it was cool that her boat was left there when she went to scuba.

This fish looked so real!

This is when I realized that the boat staying at the scuba point wasn’t so great. If she got thrown to the other side of the map from taking the wrong turn in the cave she wouldn’t have it!

She met up with Hugo. Unfortunately, this is the only pic I took so I’m not sure if it was a date or not. They dated a lot when they aged up I know that for sure. I think I’ll end it here. I’m really enjoying writing this out. I had a lot of fun playing this but never wrote it mostly because my son was visiting when I was playing it.

Chapter 5

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