TS3→ Living in Paradise Ch 5: Teen No More!

Chapter 5

Do you see this? If you’ve read the recent Gnome Crazy chapters you know that poor Jon has spent half of his teenhood making a snowman army trying to lure this gnome to the house! *cries a little*

Hugo’s family left!

I found their houseboat docked just a little down the beach. Well pfft! Moving isn’t going to keep her from dating your son ya know.

Meanwhile, Celina was at the festival having some fun.

And getting her face painted with pretty snowflakes.

See? His family moving isn’t going to stop them. Also, what the heck is she wearing in the snow?!

Best screenshot! I almost died laughing. Although, I’d have cried if she died herself… then rolled back to an earlier save.

This was a disaster. She threw one of those Snowflake Day present parties. Well, first it said there wasn’t enough room for the present pile and gave her none. So I had to go on the web and find a modded version to add. Then, the party location ended up being that port house and nobody came to her house!

Only Hugo and this boy Jonathan who became a very good friend so expect to see much more of him in the future.

Hugo playing with Munchie.

Jonathan apparently takes school very seriously doing his homework on a holiday.

She microwaved some hot dogs. Had to take that surf bench from outside.

Time for Celina’s birthday… it was supposed to be a joint Snow Flake Day + birthday party. Jonathan brought out his guitar.

I love how, in Sims 3, no matter where they are they’re pulled to the party. Makeover time!

There she is! I figured a sort-of similar haircut would fit better.

I have teen/adult romance on. Hugo asked her to look at the stars. Gotta be pretty cold up there.

And Jonathan just played his guitar.

Hugo spent the night. Once he was sleeping in the bed and Celina on the floor Jonathan finally took the hint and went home.

Oh no! Don’t close it!

Guess nothing screenshot-worthy happened all day. Wow that sky.

Gee thanks Hugo.

Nothing like some greasy food-truck food first thing in the morning eh?

Her houseboat was pretty cool for a teen but I decided she needed something bigger and nicer now that she’d aged up. Thanks Munchie.

What a good good dog!

Ta-da! The new houseboat home! I got this one off of the exchange as well. As with the last, I’m way too lazy to wait all that time for the game to load to see who made it.

Graduation day!


Ah, now there’s the Hugo I know and love.

This is when I finally removed his mom’s freaking dog-eared hat thing again. I’d made her look so nice the time it’d crashed too.

Awe, aren’t they so cute?

Yes, they are!

Oh! Good boy Munchie!

Celina invited Hugo to see the new houseboat.

Well okay… and maybe a little more.

Are you freaking kidding me? What is up with the aliens stalking her in this game?! I reset her and they went back to erm… previous activities.

Are you now realizing this is where the idea for Gnome Crazy came from? Well, you’ll figure it out in later chapters when they have more gnomes.

Why can’t they do this in Sims 4? It’s so sweet.

Who’s a good dog? Munchie!

When she was scuba diving I noticed these options. New goal? Cave woohoo.

Don’t you think the (broken) umbrella is kinda redundant? Well, I think I’ll leave it here. Hope you’re enjoying Celina’s adventures and the silliness of Sims 3.

Chapter 6

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