TS3→ Living in Paradise Ch 6: Puppy Love?

Chapter 6

I think I’ll pass on the kissing booth.

Hugo and Jonathan moved into the houseboats next door to Celina. Hugo’s dog Kia moved with him. I began controlling their households too when Celina slept.

See? There’s hers.

And both of theirs. I actually really liked this set-up for a rotation. When I was doing the Without a Compass one they were across town from each other.

Look what she found egg hunting at the festival!

And then later I was looking to see what the message in a bottle said and saw her graduation plaque. So funny… both of them! The bottle is actually quite fitting with her delusional trait.

I wonder if this is when she started to be able to use the 2nd scuba area? I wish I’d made some sort of note for it. Maybe I did and this isn’t it. <shrugs>

Munchie and Kia met. This is where the open world and controlling pets plus being able to open other sim’s houses with mods is pretty damned cool. Do you think it’s love at first… sniff?

Jonathan adopted a dog too. I think maybe it’s name was Luna going by a later screenshot but I’m not positive.

Either the game during prom or nraas matched Jonathan up with some girl. When I found her I saw she had just aged to teen. Probably the day of the prom. Yuck. Break-up texts are awesome. He was at the gym because he’s in the athelete career.

There was no room in the bathroom for a tub so Celina got a “portable” one for Munchie’s baths.

Her first trip into the time machine in a long… time.

Awe hello deer. The festival probably isn’t the best place for you.

Although, with the rain, it probably wasn’t the best place for any of them.

I forgot to pay the bills. They took that plant. Of everything in the house they chose a cheap plant.

Another treasure chest pic. I just like the way it looks. I take a lot of “opening” pics of the World Adventures ones too.

So funny!

As entertaining as I find this trait in annoys the hell out of me when it just completely removes traits like this. She’s been treated at the hospital many times.

She found a falcon outside of the consignment store.

From the lighting, you can tell it was a full moon. Nothing like walking into the consignment store to see a zombie doing jumping jacks. This game is so weird.

If I remember correctly she held onto these in case someone in the family wanted to make a simbot someday.

I love gnomes.

I just had to see who this dude was that won spring dance king. Could not stop laughing!

I loved this. Then one day the game got messed up and they were all lost. Freaking temperamental game. I think all they have now is the prom pic.

Making Hugo write for his job…

While Celina scuba dived.

Looks so cool.

A new fish tank was added with some she’d caught while scuba diving.

Don’t worry Munchie, no fish can replace you!

Had to bring the time machine inside to get it repaired. I would teleport her out there to use it. I wonder what on earth this repair guy thought about it?

A chameleon was added to the menagerie and promptly bit Celina! I’ll leave it here. About halfway through this chapter the Flickr album was no longer in order and searching the folder with over 300 screenshots for the next one is getting very frustrating.

Chapter 7

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