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I hate to break it to you but if you haven’t read the Ash Shore origin story with Bea and Remmy then this will make very little sense. So scurry on off now and read them. Don’t worry they’re short. I’ll just sit here and wait

The Beginning of the End…

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Either you’re back or you didn’t leave at all. Either way, you were warned. Let’s begin! 

“I vote we go through.”

“It’s not really a vote if there are only two of us, Bea.”

“We need to know, Rem!”

“There is no way of determining where that portal leads and you just want to skip into it?”

“I’d say it would be more of a stroll…”


“I haven’t skipped since I was a child…”



“You sort-of swagger you know.”

“Wait. I swagger?  I mean uh. Now you’ve made me forget what I was saying.”

“You were saying you vote we enter the mysterious portal.”

“I was? No, I wasn’t!  You’ve got me all flustered.”

“What if it takes you home, Rem?”

“Do you really want me to go home, Bea?”

“Well… no. But, we gotta know where it leads.”

“We gotta huh?”

“For science?”

“More like to assuage your curiosity.”

“That too.”

“I don’t want you to get hurt, sweet Bea.”

“I’ll be fine if you’re there with me.”

“If you say so, Bea. Let’s go.”

“Don’t you think you should change your clothes first?”

“Why? What’s wrong with my clothes?”

“Finally! What’d you learn?”

“It appears that what happened back home happened here as well.” 

“But the timing is off. From what I can tell it’s been quite some time here since it happened.”

“Maybe it’s to do with the time traveling between parallel worlds?  Or maybe time moves differently in this world?”

“I have no idea, Bea. Focus.”

“Did you find out why that Sim reacted so strangely seeing me?”

“Now, that I can tell you for sure. And you’re not going to believe it! I’m not sure you’re going to like it, Bea.”

“This world is the very same that your grandfather tried to return to!”

“Are you sure? He always described it as a glorious land with clouds on the ground and eternal mists. This looks no different than our Ash Shore.”

“Right. Think, Bea. If the same happened here as there then there would have been a similar upheaval of nature. From the little I was able to glean from the locals the increased radiation burned-off all of the low lying clouds. Would you believe they hadn’t even seen the moon before?”

“That’s… amazing. But, what does it have to do with the way that Sim reacted to me?”

“Oh! Right! I forgot. Yes, so it seems that this world was ruled by vampires.
Theirs was the dominant race in this world. The Sims were coddled and protected by the Vampires.”


“Yes! Now think Bea… what would happen to your kind when faced with those ultraviolet rays? If Sims in Ash Shore perished so did they. But worse those in the upper floors of their homes were destroyed too just from the sun showing through the windows.”

“Are you telling me there are no Vampires left here?”


“No Vampires left?”

“I mean no I’m not saying that at all. Most Vampires died.  They and most of the other creatures went into hiding in a land rumored to still be mostly untouched by the effects of the disaster.”

“Oh Remmy this is all my fault!”

“Bea, we don’t have time for this. You can’t stay here. We can’t risk more of them seeing you.”

“Yea, okay the portal’s still open.”

“I’ll be right behind you sweet Bea, hurry.”

Welcome to Stratus Burne

A/N: I know it’s pretty silly publishing any of this before I’ve even finished setting up the neighborhood but I’m sick of the cloak and dagger avoiding what I’ve been working on.

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