Welcome to Stratus Burne

Stratus Burne Welcome/Info

Stratus: Low, flat clouds that can make the day feel gray and dull characterized by their dense haziness; basically fog that sits low in the atmosphere.

Burne: Obsolete spelling of burn i.e. to undergo combustion.

Related terms: When the sun dissipates fog it’s referred to as burn-off.  A burn is a waterway or river.

Welcome to Stratus Burne

We are currently in the 1st rotation of phase 1- dark moon. Current weather forecast: snowy thunderstorms. For further updates such as this stay tuned to the Stratus Burne page. Enjoy your stay.

“Welcome traveler!  You must not be from around these parts if you’re asking questions such as these but I don’t mind spinning a tale and sharing with someone such as yourself.  Pull up a seat my friend.”

  • Stratus Burne is a parallel world to Ash Shore.
  • It is the world that the vampire Bea’s grandfather was searching for when he caused the calamity known in Ash Shore as the Burnings.
  • Time doesn’t always move the same in parallel worlds and so we are starting almost 4x further in time than when we last saw the Ash Shore residents.
  • You might be thinking that they are very far ahead of where Ash Shore is today in more than just the amount of time.  And you would be right but not to the extent you might expect.
  • Sims were not the dominant race here and when the Vampires went into hiding they were left unprepared to fend for themselves.
  • In the 2 Orbits that have passed, they were able to rebuild only a single region.
  • Having never seen the moon until after the burnings, they were fascinated by it and use it to track days.
  • It’s good that they have the moon because, unlike Ash Shore, there is no telling what the weather will be like from day to day.

At last, they will begin branching out and rebuilding other regions.  I’ve made myself a complicated formula for how they get jobs and earn community lots.  Of course, knowing me, I’m sure you’re not surprised.

  1. Accomplishments earn prestige.
  2. Prestige points earn community rewards.
  3. 25 prestige points = 1 community lot earned.
  4. Earned lots can later be purchased by the community members.
  5. The next region is opened when the current region contains at least 5 community lots, 1 large bunker, and 3 residential lots. 
  6. There are 2 factions of the government.  The regular one that expects everyone to excel at everything and a shady side that rewards less than stellar actions.
  7. The list of accomplishments that sims can make is extensive.  As is the list of challenges I borrowed ideas from for this.  I have no plans to write this out as a challenge because honestly a lot of it is other people’s property that I chopped up and stiched together.

Below is a list of challenges that helped me create the current goals for Stratus Burne:

Wondering how this came about?

Recently, I was working on re-writing chapter indexes and when I got to my Sims 2 Terminus Apocalypse Challenge I remembered how fun it was to have an entire community working toward a common goal.

It’s not like it was a new concept to me of course.  Ash Shore is built around a similar concept.  I was trying to figure out how I could implement something like it with my Build a City Challenge rules but it just isn’t possible without re-writing them all. 

Then, I remembered Onyeka001’s Elsewhere challenge.  In her’s several community members can be working to earn new lots.  But, I wanted even more of a challenge.  Yes, I know I’m crazy.

And so, as I mentioned above, instead of set goals that work towards set rewards I made a huge list of ways my sims can earn prestige.  Once they earn 25 prestige points they earn a community lot of their choice.

Most sims will be working towards the rebuilding efforts but some may be doing side-challenges. Some of which might actually help with unlocks. Life is hard.  Jobs are few and far between.  Competition is fierce.  They have to prove their worth.  For a job opening, they must get half-way through all required career skills preferably without skill books.  Even if they’re just painting or gardening or whatever they can earn points toward unlocking community lots in several ways.

I’m really excited about this one.  I decided against writing out the list of ways to earn prestige here because it’s quite large… over 80 items at the moment that I have sorted in a spreadsheet document for tracking.

There will be several things carrying over from Ash Shore of course… personality profiles, heights, aging, resident profiles, etc.  I plan to start this one out more slowly with only a few households and adding more little by little.  The completed region isn’t an actual place.  Kinda like Ash Shore’s “city” but less restrictive.  Just a way to explain where they go for jobs, where the homeless townies come from, and so on.

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