TS3→ Living in Paradise Ch 7: Look Cave Girl… Technology!

Chapter 7

Celina had a little get together and invited Jonathan and Hugo.

So umm… I totally thought it would be okay setting off fireworks here.

Apparently not.

Wooo! What a party!

Eh well, it wasn’t completely horrible. They had pizza delivered at some point.

And really though, who can argue that playing video games isn’t a good time?

Hmm… that’s an interesting wish. I tried to get the pizza girl to hang around so she could try it since I was curious but she wouldn’t. LOL!

She was getting tired so served some coffee. I learned that coffee in Sims 3 works way different. It kinda freezes their energy bar and then when the time of the coffee buff runs out they completely crash.

Not much else happened.

Well, until after Jonathan left.

And then when they went to sleep I popped over to his place and had him create a dating profile.

An eating contest for nostalgia’s sake. Not sure if it’s very nostalgic if it makes you vomit though.

So adorable.

Bath time for the pup.

Another trip in the time machine.

Jonathan’s teeny tiny puppy aged up!

I had to re-arrange things to make space for a large bed.

He looked really weird in his work outfit. He’d had a wish to send some person a love letter that he’d met from the dating site.

I’m not sure why I took this? Maybe it was a “this is so weird controlling other sims while mine is sleeping?” I think the bedroom looked like this before.

It popped up saying so and so had kittens but the pic was so weird I had to go have a look. Those are some… interesting cats.

Look! She’s gotten several of them now. Which is why I was having Gnome Crazy’s Neve learn scuba.

A new mermaid. Why are they always elders?

Meet your new friend. Y’all play nice now.

Trying out the cave in the new area.

After she was spit out on land right next to the consignment store I told her to go there to cut some stuff and she didn’t change. Highly entertaining.

More time traveling.

It was slim pickens finding someone for Jonathan to date. Almost every person on the dating site was married! I tried hooking him up with this girl.

And I popped over to check on the dog. Who I now realize wasn’t named Luna after seeing some other screenshots. I really have no clue.

How am I so sure?

Because that wish came right before this pic. He did befriend her. I’d thought about her having his pups.

I think this is when I finally realized that she can re-open the treasure chests every day. I had her go around and check them all since she bought that trait that lets her stay underwater indefinetly.

And look. I was a worthwhile pursuit! She got a map!

I didn’t really understand at first that she now owned the island. I didn’t know until this that they could own more than one lot.

Hugo visited.

I guess I was just kinda getting bored. The only thing left to do with Celina was to have her get married and start with the babies.

I’d actually read it was a really low chance of them having a baby in the time machine so I was pretty shocked it worked the first time.

Hugo was just sitting there. “Nice to meet you… dad?” So weird.

I have no idea what wedding she was enthusing about.

Celina would not put down Munchie!

Her name’s Kari. Not sure if I’d re-named her or not?

See? She’s still carrying the dog!

Look Kari… technology. And thus begins Kari’s obsession with everything technological.

Eh well, y’all do have a kid together now so I suppose it’s time.

Could you imagine if he said no?

Welcome to the family, Kia!

Munchie had enough points to purchase my favorite food bowl.

And Kari got new clothes. Not really surprising that the first thing she did upon waking in the morning was trying out video games.

Awe! Aren’t they so sweet? Puppy love after-all eh?

Chapter 8

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