TS4→ Stratus Burne: We have townies!

Meet the townies…

Hey, cool cats! Guess what? You won’t be the only ones on the streets anymore… well, eventually. I kinda like the empty streets mod. There are literally no sims other than the strays!

Another mod in the same set is the all-in-one workers mod. It generates 16 worker sims with all of the skills and traits to fill any role. My question was if I turned one into a vampire, changed their appearance, and then changed them back would it stay? The answer was yes!

Meet the half-vampire Dhampirs. Unsure where their place is in this new world these near-immortals have chosen to serve the community. We should see them as the food stand workers, gardeners, bartenders, etc.

Moving on! So, as I mentioned in the funny cat pic above there are no sims in this world other than the dhampirs. Seems kinda odd considering there’s a fully built and settled region nearby eh?

So I dusted off my not-so-random townie rolls and went to work. Any same-sex couples are both the parents of whatever children they have. Don’t know if I’ll keep that up in my own households. I need to compare everyone’s ages and make sure it’s spread out enough so I’m not mentioning them here. Okay, so let’s meet them…

Sisters Lucia and Leila Hopkins.

Teen siblings Liam and Shayla Dillard.

Sisters Jade and Annika Burke.

Max Griffiths and his daughter Madelyn.

Aaron and Bree Knapp and their twin toddlers Declan and Kolton.

Siblings Imani and Jaxton Klein.

Raymond, Sarah, Jasper, and Maisie McKenzie.

Ethan, Mollie, and Aryana Hunter.

Abel, Dustin, Alijah, and Haven Mathis.

Owen, Kai, Gaige, and Chana Riley-Moss.

Jeremy, Kadence, and Tiana Gray.

And last but not least (my favorites) Tenley, Zara, Kieran, and Camryn Walker-Clemons.

A/N: I opted against doing any height adjustments on toddlers and children. For the teens I used their mid-line, 15-year-old, height. Sadly, as cute as they all are, I have no idea when I’ll even see the toddlers since there are no community lots at the start. I suppose all that’s left is to create the households I’ll actually be playing eh?

P.S.– The text is looking super small to me in preview. I’m thinking it’s my theme maybe? I made it medium in this post… is it better or really large to you now?

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