TS3→ Living in Paradise Ch 8: Island Abode

Chapter 8

Random protest about crime or something in the rain. That blonde on right’s hair looks like the one from Get Famous. Only… ugly.

Despite the rain, Kari went to check out the festival.

And then got help with her homework. She went to school at least at first. The shadows in this pic make their faces look gaunt.

I decided to wait until she had the wish too.

Geeze Munchie, do you ever not have fleas?

Oh what will we do with all of that money?

Build an island house!

C’mon guys, let’s move! I hadn’t put any furniture in the new house beyond that fish tank wall divider because I wanted to bring all of it from the houseboat.

They had to swim out to the water taxi.

And the dogs just kinda appeared at the mailbox/garbage can on the other side of the island.

Yay! Home sweet home.

I was dropping everything from family inventory out into the rooms they’d need to be in but had to go back to live mode for something and Celina immediately grabbed some yogurt! In Sims 3 you can’t move an object “in use” by a sim so I had to stop her and make her move!

This set is… crazy. Wait… you’ll see.

And I sent them out to eat. Kari’s formal outfit hadn’t been changed yet and Hugo went in his swim suit. I bet the staff was scandalized.

See Kari up there talking? The guy was way across the patio! And then she got the skinny dipping wish, I looked and he was a young adult! Slow your roll girlie.

They all wanted to light some fireworks.

I think they’re kinda over-reacting to that little spinner.

Hugo was really excited about those snake things. I used to love those when I was a kid. Although the ones I got were like the size of a nickle.

I have no idea about the weird glow in this house… just go with it.

Kari got her first advanced tech toy. Also, why didn’t I change her out of that horrendous outfit?!

Looking out the window we can still see that statue that we saw from both the camp and houseboats.

A “house at night” pic to go with it.

Kari begins learning about plumbot creation.

It didn’t go well.

And then, to top off her terrible night she was abducted. Annoyingly, the alien dropped her back off on the mainland.

Do you think he’s longing to be back in the water?

What a good pup! It’s not a short trek to the house from where the newspaper is delievered!

And so, everyone eating deep-fried ice-cream instead of actual food begins.

Bwahahaha! I’ve said it many times… best bug ever!

Kia inspecting the gnomes.

This fish tank wall divider is so cool.

Look it’s Jonathan’s dog! As you’ve probably figured out by now, once Kari came into the picture I mostly stopped messing with Jonathan’s life.

As you can see, as soon as I gave up the reigns, nraas broke him up with the girl I set him up with. You’ll later see this was very much for the best.

I went through hell putting in a gameroom for Kari to have a get-together with the other teens. It didn’t go so great.

But hey, mom and dad got some alone time.

There’s mostly all-in-one bathrooms in the house to save space. This one’s in a sort of divider between the hallway and Kari’s room. Anyway, did you know that the mariner gnome can absorb puddles? True story.

Later one of the freezer bunnies joined in.

So cute!

Look, actual food.

Dad helping with homework.

And then she was off to the fall festival. I think I must have teleported her there seeing-as-how she’s still in her pjs! The time it takes to get to the mainland, especially central areas like this park is sooo long.

She grabbed a pumpkin to carve while there. Reminded me of when her mom had done the same at the little beach camp.

I’m going to be perfectly honest. I have no idea if these screenshots go here or not? If memory serves correctly, this is where they should be. But going by the names of the screenshots they would have been still in the houseboat which makes no sense. I hate how Sims 3 categorizes screenshots!

Oops. Looks like I forgot to dress Celina this time.

I made a mistake and had the dogs go to the park with them. That’s a long run. I’m pretty sure I made them stop and teleported them home. I think this is Spooky Day of which there are many screenshots and seeing-as-how I’m about to pull out my hair trying to remember the order since they aren’t really in any order in the folder I’m calling it quits for this one.

Chapter 9

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