TS4→ Stratus Burne: Meet the Residents

Yes, just six… for now. I thought I’d add another household either once a rotation or once each moon phase (2 rotations) I guess it depends on if I want to spend the hours it takes to make another one… plus I need to get a story idea for them. Just so you know the “what they’ll be working on” below is only a brief list of highlights. They will all be working on several objectives.

18-year-old Maddox Burke and his boyfriend 19-year-old Bradyn Fox. Seeking adventure and taking advantage of the opportunity to have a place of their own to share. Neither is very responsible… do they know what they’re getting themselves into?

  • Maddox will be painting/trying to get into the painter career and acquiring, breeding, and training a dog.
  • Bradyn is creative, a loner, and loves the outdoors. Perfect for freelance botanist and the flower designer career.

36-year-old father Roman was contacted by the “shady” branch of the government and given a little extra money on top of what the regular government was offering. His 35-year-old wife Jazlynn jumped at the opportunity to be the first in the new region to form public relations with the first region. What neither of them would admit to each other is that they were relieved that they could remove eldest daughter 14-year-old Rowen from outside attention. She might be talented but she’s also very unstable. 12-year-old Felicity is excited especially since her mom said she can get a dog.

  • Roman will be working on getting into the Criminal Oracle career and increasing their house value.
  • Jazlynn will be working towards the Public Relations career and breeding/training the cat she’ll adopt.
  • Rowen will be aiming for an F in school (LOL) and maxing as many instruments as she can.
  • Felicity will be aiming for an A in school, scouting, volunteering, collecting frogs, and training/breeding the dog she’ll adopt.

If you want more details about any of them check out the Resident Profiles page. Clicking on each picture will take you to their individual profile on a separate blog I made solely to contain them so I don’t have hundreds of pages of them here one day.

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