TS3→ Living in Paradise Ch 9: Puppy & Pic Pandemonium

Chapter 9

A/N: I’ve tried my best to sort and make some sense out of these screenshots. I can’t understand why the Sims 3 team named the screenshots like they did.

We left off on Spooky Day with the family heading to the festival. That’s umm… interesting face paint there, Celina.

Hugo was turned into a ghost in the haunted house.

His parents had invited them all to a party. Meet your grandma.

I wonder if the weird traits are part of the time-traveling kids? Jon in Gnome Crazy has some odd ones. His sister Neve doesn’t so who knows?

Oh yea and umm… meet your little sister. I didn’t keep up with his family at all.

Which is why I didn’t realize where Kari had gotten her original hair and eye colors from! Also, I didn’t know Sims 3 used grandparent’s genetics. I thought it was only Sims 2. Anyway, I’d changed it thinking the game messed up.

Look at this teeny tiny houseboat they were having the party in!

And the parents just stood outside.

Wow now that’s an interesting costume. After this they left. They were all hungry but it was rude to try to cook for themselves and the other guests!

Kari went trick or treating. Problem was nobody was home! What’s the point?

I ended up using the map and finding the one household that was home and teleported her there so she could fulfill her wish. Sheesh.

Celina and Hugo went to a concert or something, her in her bathing suit!

Back home, someone was having a birthday…

Poor little guy. I feel bad we missed it but even if they were home they’d likely not have gotten to him in time on the other side of the island.

Kari arrived home and started working on trying to make a nanite again…

To feed to her holo pet.

Kia’s like what happened to you?

I have absolutely no idea where this announcement should have been? Let’s just commence with the cute doggie pics with no actual order shall we?

Unfortunately, I can’t remember the puppy’s name.

There was a tub in the ensuite bathroom but for some reason they wouldn’t use it. I even tried placing it without moo just to make sure but no luck. Eventually I replaced it which sucked because it was really cool.

Okay, that’s it for all of the doggie pics. I’m sure your heart is just melted. Here are some more random screenshots that I can’t place the timeline for…

They would turn on the tv and radio constantly and scare the hell out of me!

Spotted those weird-looking cats all grown up. The one in the middle was their mom I think. Her eyes look scary.

One last little bit regarding Jonathan…

Okay, so you know how I name all neighborhood kids right? I saw this and at first thought Jonathan and that girl I’d tried to hook him up with Christy had a baby. Then I did a double-take…

Jonathan’s dad has some explaining to do! This is why I said that it’s a good thing he didn’t stay with that girl! And look she was married!

Haha well that’s it for today. All my patience can handle. I think the last few chapters should be easier now that I’ve cleared out the confusing pics.

Chapter 10

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