TS3→ Living in Paradise Ch 10: Run Away… To the Future

Chapter 10

For Celina’s birthday “fun” I thought I’d have them finally try out that cave woohoo.

Of course she grabbed the treasure chest first and a shark came dangerously near making me fear she’d not get to have that birthday party after-all.

Well that was… disappointing. It did the same “throw sim from cave to random spot” thing but look it threw them to entirely different places! So much for a fun day before her birthday!

Meanwhile, Kari had been asked to prom. Which I stupidly thought was cool.

The family took Celina out to lunch.

And then I saw this. Yes, the something amiss was him asking Kari to prom!

So, I decided to investigate further. Not only was she his girlfriend but he lived with her family!

Kari called and texted him several times telling him off.

Celina looks so different from how she did back when I started playing her as a teen.

Mom and dad made up for the unsuccessful cave woohoo while Kari went off to prom. Hugo couldn’t scold the puppy because the puppy was on his side of the bed. This game I swear!

Kari still ended up being forced into a relationship with the jerk while at prom. What the hell I was thinking sending her I really don’t know. I should have known better but assumed that them having such a negative relationship would be enough. The thing that really pissed me off is that the guy never even went to the prom! I really thought she was safe from the game’s machinations.

I pulled her from prom immediately but obviously it was too late. Dad was not happy when she told him she was forced to dance, kiss, and become the girlfriend of a boy who already had a girlfriend!

Kari couldn’t sleep and chatted with her little sprite. Which gave her an idea.

She snuck out in the middle of the night and activated the time portal in the park unsure of what would happen next.

What happened was a man popping out of the portal and giving her a time tablet thingy. (I’m too lazy to see what the darned thing’s called… almanac maybe?)

But he lost his batteries and she ran around the park helping him find them.

As he was leaving he offered that she could come to the future anytime… even now if she wanted.

Still upset about the whole prom disaster and without any thought to the consequences, she entered the portal as well.

The time traveler must have known she’d follow because she found him on the other side waiting for her.

And he told her *cough* stories.

And handed the young girl a jet pack to test out. I have a mod that makes the chance of death way less likely thankfully. Although, she did just fine.

She then met a plumbot.

The time traveler then told her it would be a good idea to change one of the bot’s trait chips which she did and wow did the bot get mad! So, she tried making it up to her. Hope the bot didn’t realize she had no clue what she was doing!

She chatted with some other travelers while having a drink that the time traveler suggested she try. I’m starting to question this time traveler’s motives.

As she was on her way to check out the memorial park she spotted a bot giving himself a tune-up.

Of course, she had to take the hover board.

The thought of being one of these statues blew Kari’s mind. How cool would that be?!

The time traveler then suggested she go to the wasteland.

Upon exiting the transport, she pulled out her hover board and made her way to the crash site.

She inspected it but as it was getting late she returned to the lodging. She’d come back for a better look tomorrow.

The sunset over the foreign landscape was amazing.

She told the time traveler what she’d seen in the desert and he introduced his sprite to hers.

She grabbed a synthesized meal… might as well try out the one that’s normally super expensive at home right?

And then went to her room. It took her a long time to fall asleep in the strange surroundings. Even with her little sprite chirping at her.

A/N- I have enough screenshots for likely 2 more chapters after this. Thankfully, most of these are in order.

Chapter 11

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