TS3→ Living in Paradise Ch 11: The Final Chapter

Chapter 11

Kari had no desire to return home to the past just yet. But, she couldn’t just run around in her formal dress either. Looking inside the dresser drawers in her assigned room she found a futuristic outfit that was just her size.

She’d been notified of where her descendants live and took a quick peek at the house shocked at how nice it is but decided not to contact them out of fear of discovering more about her own future than she could handle.

Her interest was solely future tech. She decided to visit the library and see what she could discover.

There really wasn’t much at the library so she stopped at the bot shop nearby and chatted with them trying to glean some information.

Outside of the shop she met a boy her age… a very handsome boy.

She learned his name is Asher and he lives with his older brother Auden. They talked for hours and became friends.

She was starving by then and invited Asher along.

So this is the future of the Landgraabs? Yikes.

They chatted a bit after dinner and Kari didn’t want the outing to end.

So they went to the holo-theater.

I spotted 2 descendants while waiting for the movie to end. I don’t see a family resemblance.

Kari exited the theater first and chatted with her sprite while waiting for Asher.

They didn’t chat very long this time. Asher said he was tired and needed to go home before his brother worried.

He gave her a quick hug and she returned to her lodging.

While Kari was having sweet dreams some guy played an istrument inside of the neighboring room drawing onlookers! How the girl slept through it I have no idea. Perhaps the sleep pods block out sound?

Kari woke energized and looking forward to seeing Asher again that day.

It was also very early so she decided to check the weather. If it was to rain they’d better plan an inside activity.

She learned how to change her sprite’s form which was pretty cool.

She decided to go to a zero gravity class while waiting to meet up with Asher.

They met up at the local pool where he’d apparently already been swimming.

As was this bot. I completely forgot they could swim. This reminded me that my legacy plumbot Stella used to swim all the time. I miss her. She was in the 100 baby challenge save I can’t get into anymore.

Meanwhile, back outside the two started flirting.

Apparently, it was a different kind of outing now.

Kari took the chance and kissed him and he kissed her right back!

And here we have the reason for my freak-out when they announced a reputation system would return in Sims 4. Thankfully it’s not like this. Why did this happen you ask? Because that jerk from prom she ended up romantic interests with! After this, people kept walking by her and booing. So stupid.

They went inside and played some pool.

And then went into the actual pool and just chatted.

Swan-diving plumbot.

After that, the two grabbed a cab to the planetarium.

So pretty! Once they’d finished watching the show they said goodbye and headed home.

In the morning, Kari headed back to the wastelands to collect more nanites.

After she’d been queued to collect several I popped up to the map and noticed Asher and his brother Auden were nearby.

She headed over and said hello. She already had plenty of nanites since she’d been there from very early that morning.

She was feeling very lucky that day.

When Asher introduced his brother Auden it was hard to keep a straight face.

Feeling extremely lucky (and homesick) Kari suggested perhaps the brothers could return to the past with her. The thought of leaving Asher was unbearable.

She pulled Auden to the side. Told him point-blank it would only cause more heartbreak for them staying here and searching for their lost parents. Perhaps it’s time they make a new family of their own.

Shockingly, he agreed!

Just as they were about to enter the portal, he removed his silly bot suit. He was very handsome as well. These brothers got good genes for sure.

They exited the portal and a woman screamed. Kari looked around and saw the sun was beginning to rise. What would her parents think?

Once they arrived at the house she asked them to stay outside so she could talk to her parents.

Her mom had just woken up. She was confused by Kari’s strange attire and disbelieving of her claims that she’d spent almost a week in the future when no time at all had passed here. Then she said she brought friends home with her.

Celina was shocked to indeed find them standing outside. She wasn’t sure what to do about this unexpected development.

Kari said hello to the puppy. She was extremely relived that no time had passed here and she didn’t miss him aging up.

No real shock that Asher was lured to the deep fryer. They all love that thing.

After explaining what had happen to a baffled Hugo, Celina tried to figure out what on earth they would do?

Kari acted as if she’d done nothing wrong.

After speaking to the parents, Auden borrowed a jetski and headed to the mainland to see if he could sell some things they’d brought with them, aquire a job for himself, enroll Asher in school, and find them a house.

He did borrow a little bit from the Dowdies but shockingly he had some quite expensive items in his inventory!

And after chatting over breakfast, the parents found they liked Asher.

Who showed off his sprite to Hugo.

Several hours after he’d left, Auden arrived back with news that he’d been successful.

Kari was sad that the brothers would live elsewhere but really there was no room for them in the house which might look large on the outside but really isn’t.

After saying goodbye and making plans to meet up soon, the brothers headed to their new home. It was mostly empty but very nice and sort of futuristic looking. The Dunes brothers and the Dowdie family became very close. Soon Asher and Kari will become young adults and anyone who sees them together knows they’re madly in love with each other already. And so we close this chapter in their lives. Who knows what the future holds for them.

The End?

A/N: I’ve been considering for quite some time linking this save with the Gnome Crazy one. Which was one of the reasons I decided to write this in addition to the fact I haven’t played in so long I didn’t have anything else I could write.

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