TS4→ Stratus Burne O3/P1/R1: Settling In

It is the first rotation of the Dark Moon phase in Stratus Burne’s 3rd Orbit. Current weather forecast: snowy thunderstorms.

Burke-Fox household

Reminder: Unlike Ash Shore, which started pretty much immediately following the burnings, Stratus Burne starts 2 Orbits, or approximately one sim lifetime after it happened. We’re starting at the beginning of the 3rd Orbit. Unsure what I’m talking about? It’s explained in the intro chapter.

The morning that I was going to build Maddox and Bradyn’s house I’d popped onto Facebook since it was my birthday and caught sight of this adorable kid’s playhouse. I thought to myself you know… I could make that a real house in Sims.

So I did. For the most part at least. I ran out of money before I got everything finished. Both Maddox and Bradyn are creative and very playful. I thought this whimsical little home was perfect for them!

I’ll have more interior pics later in the chapter. When I first started playing them I really had no idea what to do. This was the first time I’d “played” the game beyond CAS and building in close to 2 months.

So I just kinda let them do whatever. It was the end of the day on Sunday and their rotation didn’t officially start until Monday anyway.

I did get bored and had Bradyn plant some things and Maddox painted a bit. There’s no way I can keep the planter boxes there full-time. He can’t reach them all. Frustratingly, the potatoes, mushrooms, and apples decided it was “too cold” to be planted even sheltered.

Bradyn went back to his snowpal and Maddox went to join him. Giving them a second set of cold weather clothes for inside seems to have been a mistake. They never wear the first set. The snowpal seemed to have been bugged and finally I got impatient and stopped them.

They were sleeping and it was high-speeding when I suddenly saw all this movement which scared the heck out of me! I forgot strays can go into the house if the doors aren’t locked! How they slept through that howling is a mystery.

Shortly after dawn the stray gang returned.

Maddox learned that the poodle-looking dog is destructive.

This dog was kinda obsessed with Bradyn.

Maddox went up to greet him and found him aggressive.

This hound-looking dog had hung back like she was waiting. We learned she is playful, adventurous and vocal.

The aggressive dog returned upstairs to growl at Bradyn.

I’d expected more than three dogs but the hound Maddox named Talula was a great fit regardless of the lack of choices. One of the goals in the new region is breed strength. Using stray dogs to breed out the vulnerabilities shown in the first region’s pets.

Two more goals, at least with dogs, are to have them fully trained both in tricks and against bad behaviors.

Oddly, that evening more dogs arrived. At this point the doors were locked. The house is just way too small for them all underfoot.

Oh here’s where I did the little house tour for Kit on Twitter. Living/dining/kitchen…

Bed and bath. This was supposed to be the room where the plants went in cold weather but they ran out of money for a seperate bedroom so will have to make due for now. At the far left you can see the stairs…

Which lead up to the loft where they work. I had to move that heater there so they both feel the affects. I assumed it would have a larger area of effect.

And another outside pic at a different angle.

Back inside chatting with the pup, who was obsessing over the fireplace, while having breakfast.

Maddox took Talula for a short walk and grabbed a dig site while they were out.

The stray gang returned led by a gorgeous greyhound. Their numbers have increased.

Maddox isn’t getting nearly as much painting done as I’d like him to. They both need to be half-way through the skills they’ll need to enter their respective careers to prove their intentions are serious. The competition for jobs is fierce.

Another screenshot I took for Kit. This time with the walls down.

Talula is obsessed with the fireplace to the exclusion of all else. It’s very annoying.

Maddox did some more sit training while Bradyn napped. They both seem tired all the time.

I try to keep them all autonomous in the evenings. I am using the autonomy mods again with this save.

They both got the whims. Let’s see how long it takes one of them to ask. There’s always that niggling fear that the mods aren’t working correctly as well. I can’t decide if 3-day rotations instead of 1-day like Ash Shore was will make this easier or harder considering they have actual goals in this one.

Just a nice lazy evening.

I’ve been using Coolspear’s empty streets mod so I was a bit shocked to see this person walking down the sidewalk! I checked MCCC and she’s the mail delivery person. I gave her a makeover and new name. She was really cute to start out with actually. All I changed were her clothes and hair.

Another short walk and a treat for Talula.

I completely forgot he could do this to get his gardening skill up.

This time it was Maddox’s turn to nap. I did have them stay up fairly late since I was switching to the Lane household in the morning but nothing exciting happened beyond joking and flirting. These 3 days completely flew by!

O3/P1/R1 Lane Household

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