TS4→ Stratus Burne O3/P1/R1: Good vs Evil?

It is the first rotation of the Dark Moon phase in Stratus Burne’s 3rd Orbit. Current weather forecast: snowy thunderstorms.

Lane household

Just a comparison pic I took when I was saving after adjusting their heights.

So, this is the house. Nice quaint little house right?

But, as you may remember from the Meet the Residents post, the reason that the father Roman agreed to this little venture was because he was approached by the “shady” side of the government to represent them… and to recruit his eldest daughter Rowen. So, after the government issued starting funds were spent, I built a secret basement that was set up by the other side.

As you can see above, between terrain tools and the fact that I didn’t have a whole lot of money to spend building the ground floor I had to get creative hiding the “bump” that was created by the 2 tiles that the stairs made at the back of the house by raising the terrain surrounding it.

To say the least, this house was extremely frustrating to lay out. The best placement for the hidden stairs would have been at the front of the house but I wanted windows there!

Alrighty! Now that that’s out of the way let’s get started. Of course, Jazzlyn was confused over the basement room especially since it was hidden. She was given no real answers from her husband.

After Rowen and Felicity left for school, the parents went to work on their skills. Gotta prove their intentions to get a job… even with the criminals in Roman’s case.

And then the strays began to arrive.

Apparently, the cats weren’t very interested in being adopted at first since they all decided their time was better spent napping. Instead, Jazzlyn got to know the greyhound-looking dog that seemed perfect for Felicity. Traits are glutton, independent, and sleuth.

Suddenly, the cats perked up and took notice of the goings-on. They looked like little meerkats popping up like that!

**Image property of free Meerkat Wallpapers.

In the end, she chose this redish cat she named Paprika. Affectionate, playful, and fluffy.

As she set the cat down a girl that had came home from school with the girls knocked on the door and the weirdest thing happened!

It happened like 20 times! Finally, when I was about to stop it myself, the cat stopped the crazy stretching. By then I was laughing so hard I was crying! Good times.

After bringing the cat inside, Jazzlyn told Felicity about the greyhound-type dog outside and she immediately met, fell in love with, and adopted the sweet boy whom she named Buster. Not sure how she’ll do the breed-strength thing with a male dog but we’ll figure it out.

Awe! They’re friends already… or Paprika’s testing Buster’s running skills.

Isn’t he adorable?

Back to the family… Felicity decided to do her homework on the tiny landing that led to the basement stairs.

Typical teen.

The cats returned. I noticed the snowpal and realized that the girl Annika must have built him. I was so distracted I barely registered her presence. She’s the same age as Felicity.

Just your average family?

Perhaps not so much.

A little flirting over breakfast?

Or not? Roman went outside to finish his meal and taunt the cats.

I’ve never had an argumentative sim.

Jazzlyn told him a joke and he argued about humor. He actually has a ton of argument options I don’t think most sims have. She won the argument.

He was mad but also wanted to be friendly. Why is that under the friendly menu?

Then, he wanted to kiss her. The only option was frenzied kiss. She liked it.

Then, he went outside and immediately started tearing apart the snow pal. She followed him out for more flirting and he insulted her woohoo techniques. He does that a lot.

Both parents went to their respective skill building tasks until the girls got home from school.

Then, Jazzlyn set fire to the kitchen! Sure, leave the 12-year-old to put out the fire.

The insurance money wasn’t enough to replace the stove so she headed to the little park area behind Bradyn and Maddox’s house… I completely forgot she could make salad and sandwiches at home without a stove.

In the morning she was still tense so went for a jog.

And goofball Felicity wanted to be mischievous so told her older sister rumors she’d heard about woohoo.

It was Saturday so the girls could do whatever they wanted. Rowen isn’t used to the electric keyboard. Her lessons were always on a grand piano.

Jazzlyn wasn’t the only one still tense about the fire.

Did she have some kind of sixth sense or something that her husband was downstairs hacking? Obviously, she hadn’t been aware of what he spends most of his time doing in the basement.

Felicity did some fetch training with Buster who seemed to have gotten the ball stuck on his bottom tooth.

After a break to care for her needs, Rowen did some cloudgazing for inspiration… surrounded by stray pets.

Buster decided he really likes the keyboard music. Felicity started training him to speak since there isn’t a lot of room for ball throwing in the basement.

I’ve found a new lovely bug. It seems that only one sim in the household can scold a pet for bad behavior. In this case with Paprika, it was Felicity. Earlier, only Roman could scold Buster for waking up Rowen.

Roman took time over breakfast to again insult his wife’s woohoo techniques. They barely have a romance bar left.

Cute Simstigram pic Felicity took of Buster.

Before going back to fetch training. My pets also seem to be having some kind of issue eating. Aren’t bugs fun?

The toilet broke twice in the time I was playing them. Felicity was disqusted by Buster splashing her but, of course, she couldn’t scold him. I had to make Jazzlyn stop writing to do it.

And, just as I was about to leave to switch back to Maddox and Bradyn for the second rotation, Buster learned to speak!

O3/P2/R2 Burke-Fox Household

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