TS4→ Stratus Burne O3/P1/R2: Ideal Match?

It is the second rotation of the Dark Moon phase in Stratus Burne’s 3rd Orbit. Current weather forecast: sunny warm.

Burke-Fox household

A/N: A little funny before we start! I forgot I had these videos when I wrote the last Burke-Fox chapter…

In the first part, she was sleeping on that little stoop at the back of the house. The second part Maddox was walking her when she just disappeared then re-appeared!

Alrighty, onto the chapter. They both kept continuously rolling engagement and marriage whims. Let’s see if they actually do anything about it this time.

Finally, Bradyn can plant the stuff that he couldn’t last time. New rotation = new weather. Sunny/warm I believe. I’m thinking of changing the roll frequency. It’s supposed to be more random than it’s turning out to be.

They both keep getting whims to buy toys. Unlike the Lanes across the street, they actually have simoleans to waste on such things. Speaking of which… shouldn’t you be painting?

I really wanted to get them both employed this rotation. Brayden needs level 5 in both gardening and flower arranging skills…

Maddox needs level 5 painting and level 3 charisma. Unfortunately, that meant he didn’t paint much.

I don’t understand how people do it without LittleSam’s calm bees mod?! Which needs to be added back into my mods folder asap.

Why is everyone always so freaking tired?! At this point, I’m going to have to have them all spend their satisfaction points on the less-sleeping trait!

Now that there are toys scattered around the house the tv has been forgotten. Could have saved some simoleans getting a few toys instead.

So, apparently walls are just an illusion. First, Maddox grabbed a plate through the kitchen wall. Then, while they were eating Talula rolled in a puddle and splashed Bradyn… through the wall!

They started doing a little fetch training when this other dog snatched the ball for himself!

Which reminded me that we need Talula to have some puppies.

It’s going to be like that eh? I should have known.

I really didn’t think she’d take a shine to that aggressive dog but you never know.

Sad painting time?

I wish they could chat while Bradyn is flower arranging. Why can sims chat when painting, using the computer, and woodworking but not that? Grr.

He seemed quite proud. And so was I. Using his own flowers he made a hefty profit.

Dang it Bradyn! The bright side? We know the mod still works. I’ve seen several people have this problem on Twitter. They have full friendship and romance bars!

*sigh* Bradyn’s like what did I do wrong?

You want to be alone so much? (loner whim) Go fish while I try to fix Maddox’s mood. Sheesh.

He came back and they immediately hugged. So confusing.

I guess thinking it over while fishing made him change his mind? Maddox’s face is like what the hell Bradyn?

Of course, who could stay mad?

I guess this means no more work will get done today?

Well, actually they did. Maddox worked on his charisma while Bradyn tried to get Talula to mate.

Okay okay! We get the point.

C’mon Talula, there all of these dogs here and you can’t accept one of them? They all kept approaching her and each time she growled.

The good news is that Maddox was able to get a job painting!

You can do it Talula! I was just biding my time waiting for them to roll those marriage whims again.

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Which they did! These two are just so sweet!

Returning home, the snow is all gone. Darnit Talula just pick someone!

I couldn’t put off laundry any longer. I did get a mod that makes it dry faster on the line. I had wet laundry for days in my Drifter Reboot house 002 save. Ridiculous.

If it wasn’t bad enough, new stray dogs arrived!

This is just so weird. I’m wondering now if these are the dogs that were there when they traveled to the area by the lake to get married?

And the weirdness continues. Take off the bee suit goofball.

Talula woke him up. She still hasn’t learned yet.

Since both of them went to bed super early and I’d be switching to the Lane’s in the morning they stayed up most of the rest of the night.

Talula took offense. Darnit girl you have your choice of mates just laying all over the yard pick one!

I try to switch with enough time for Bradyn to harvest but before the Lane girls are supposed to leave for school.

Awe what a good girl! At least her training’s going well.

O3/P1/R2 Lane Household

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