Tips- How to Slideshow with Gutenberg Editor

My biggest complaint about the new Gutenberg WordPress editor is that none of the blocks are slideshows. There is a gallery block but this only allows you to add more than one screenshot at a time. As far as I can tell, you can’t even re-arrange them.

While working on profiles on my Stratus Burne residents blog I’ve started using classic editor blocks. I was curious about it today and my curiosity paid off! So, here is how to make slideshows within Gutenberg blocks…

When adding a block choose classic. If you don’t see it type it into the block search.

Inside the classic block looks pretty much exactly like our old classic editor. Indeed you can write an entire post within that one block if you so desire. In the top right of the block click insert media.

And then, when you’re in the media selection pop-up on the top left choose create gallery. I know this is how it’s always been done but I thought I’d add this extra step in case someone new wasn’t familiar at all with classic.

And so, you select the pics/screenshots you want in your slideshow then create new gallery on the bottom right. You’ll be taken to a new screen with the selected screenshots that you can drag around and re-order. If you’ve forgotten a screenshot there is an option on the top left to add to the gallery.

Now simply choose the size you want the pics/screenshots to be and under type select slideshow.

You’ll need to click a space under the classic block to start another block. Hitting enter doesn’t automatically start one like it does normally. Inside the classic block it will look like a bunch of code but looks fine when previewed.

And that’s it! Super simple and I’m so thankful I figured it out. First, because using the Smart Slider plug-in for just a few screenshots seemed a bit overboard. And second, those of you who don’t have access to plug-ins at all pretty much lost the ability to create slideshows. I hope this helps. Sorry the pics are all dark, I have a migraine so my browser is in dark mode. I wanted to share immediately since this is exciting news!

~Lacie aka Stormy

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