TS4→ Stratus Burne O3/P1/R2: So Chaotic

It is the second rotation of the Dark Moon phase in Stratus Burne’s 3rd Orbit. Current weather forecast: sunny warm.

Lane household

Before I started playing, I was looking at all of their aspirations and realized that Jazzlyn can’t even do hers! I’m sure the game doesn’t intend for us to start this aspiration with teens. I had to cheat past this part and the next, “read to a child” part.

After the girls were off to school she wanted to talk to Roman about something and I noticed how horrible their romance bar is! I thought it was higher than that.

I guess I shouldn’t be all that surprised.

Although, the conversation/argument somehow made her flirty. Maybe it was the show of muscles, lol.

She is really into fitness after-all.

Mom got one of those character value chance cards and again starting with them as teens sucked because she only had one option. Oh well, we knew Rowen was insensitive already.

Oh look, the stray brigade has arrived.

Felicity was having a moodswing. Oh joy. At least Rowen was happy.

So funny!

Not so funny. Why do her and Roman keep messing with the strays?

Oh geeze, Felicity, you’re supposed to be the one we like! Freaking mood swing.

Salad for dinner. I really hope they can buy a new stove soon. Nothing they eat is very filling. And how nice they’re all eating together eh?

Should have known that wasn’t going to last.

Jazzlyn’s attempts to calm her younger daughter were wasted.

At least she got this!

Finally, I had enough. Just go walk the dog and calm down. Look at her face like I’m being mean.

Really though? It’s never going to end. This chapter is all Felicity’s mood swing!

She never did manage to get her homework done. She got sick, they all did, and was too uncomfortable to do it so I sent her back to bed.

Nobody could scold him since they were all sleeping. My goal of training out misbehaviors isn’t going well. Especially considering only one sim seems to be able to lecture them.

Roman was sick too so I had him try some orange juice. The bowls are from everyone waking up in the middle of the night hungry and needing the bathroom because they go to sleep so freaking early.

Now we have backyard cat fights.

When neither parent could do anything useful after the girls went to school I gave in and wasted money on medicine. LittleSam just came out with health drinks and I’m hoping they help because oj and naps seem to do nothing.

Ms self-absorbed wanted to take a selfie.

I had to stop Roman from trolling teh forums so he could scold Paprika. Next time I play them I should see if maybe it’s a mod preventing others from scolding.

Felicity actually got her homework done that day while Rowen lies and says she did hers at school… we all know that one, eh?

“Keep fighting and I’ll cut you cat!”

I had her queued to play individual songs instead of just practice because I forgot about her last time and her needs were horrendous when she stopped! Nice moodlet from the songs too.

First, Paprika woke up Felicity. Then, Buster woke up Rowen. Thankfully, both were able to scold. Maybe because they were the only ones awake.


I totally forgot she’s a glutton. Always funny to see someone all prim and proper digging through the trash.

Roman sent the mail lady a chain letter.

Rowen has a D… also, wtf did I spell her name wrong in CAS? LOL!

The computer broke so Roman just proceeded to nap instead of fixing it or going downstairs to use the other one.

His mischief skill was almost high enough for him to get the criminal job. Rowen looks a bit surprised dad’s messing with her when he’s usually nicer to her than the others.

I suppose he doesn’t get much energy from doing that. Not that I keep telling him to or anything. I like how Jazzlyn and Felicity completely ignore him.

He started the argument and then pouts like he’s hurt when she fights back.

This is insane.

Yes, she was training him fetch in the middle of the night. They all went to bed super early and I was switching in the morning anyway.

Good dog!

I have no idea. I was getting ready to leave and found them like this. He looks pleased with himself. Also, he aged to adult. His birthday was the second day I played them and I forgot! Not that they have a way to make a cake and I figured he wouldn’t want to celebrate so I just aged him myself.

O3/P2/R1 Hensley Household

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