TS4→ Stratus Burne O3/P2/R1: Fresh Start

It is the first rotation of the Emerging Moon phase in Stratus Burne’s 3rd Orbit. Current weather forecast: windy & warm.

Hensley household

Yes, that’s right my friends… a new household has moved in for the start of the second moon phase. As you can see above I ended up changing their house quite a bit because it was weird that the roof was the same height as Bradyn and Maddox’s loft!

Speaking of which, you may be confused about this. Yes, I rotated both the Burke-Fox and Lane’s houses to face the same street as the Hensley’s.

So, let’s get to it! Here we have Parker Hensley-White, his cousin Brielle Santis, and his father Thatcher Hensley. Some kind of unknown and never-to-be explained catastrophe happened resulting in the deaths of Parker’s other father and both of Brielle’s parents.

They’ve spent the last year or so licking their wounds and trying to cope with the tragedy. But, time’s up and when Thatcher was summoned by the matchmaker he offered to relocate the family to the new region. Maybe he’s hoping whoever the matchmaker has found for him won’t want to live here?

For me, it’s just kind of the scramble to figure out what all of them will be working on. These families are all random rolls you know. The only decision I made was that the adult would be single. The kids didn’t have school so Parker here who aspires to someday become a comedian is working on getting scout badges.

Thatcher is aiming for approval into the astronaut career. All three of them are geniuses. I struggled with the whole rocket thing but decided, in the end, that they can just go on missions and whatever and I’ll save the Sixam-type-stuff for the science career at a much later date.

I guess Parker wants to learn to cook? He made fruit salad and then eggs.

And then, mac’n’cheese when he realized he didn’t want to eat eggs and bacon since he’s a vegetarian!

Brielle wants to be a computer whiz and all that entails. All of them are very playful and joke around a lot.

Back to jogging. I couldn’t justify the cost of workout equipment.

I will admit I was a bit leary of a new household but I really like the family dynamic they have going.

Yes, that’s right. I’ve finally taken out the empty streets mod. Expect to now see pics of other sims at the end of chapters. You knew it was inevitable. This is Jaxton. He lives with his older sister Imani.

Ah, the strays have arrived. Of course, everyone was in bed by then.

I suppose I should mention that Parker’s 12, Brielle’s 14 and Thatcher is 33. Aging in Stratus Burne is weird compared to Ash Shore so I doubt I’ll mention it much unless they hit a milestone.

Speaking of Ash Shore, this cat reminded me of Ragtime. Not the same traits but sort-of a similar look.

That was fast but then again why keep looking when you find a good fit for the family right? She’s playful, talkative, and a free spirit. Both Thatcher and Brielle are cat lovers. Her name is Bobsey… since she’s a bobtail.

Meanwhile, Parker was back to fishing for that scout badge.

Brielle was thrilled about the new kitty family member.

Dog lover Parker felt he needed to find himself a pup too! Maybe not one of these.

I figured since Brielle is older she wouldn’t have much time to get the scout trait. I don’t think she minds.

This is it! This, my friends, is the moment when I discovered the heinous mistake I made who knows how long ago! I was searching for a mod that might make it so they don’t need as much sleep. Because, as I’ve complained about for months now, they’re exhausted by halfway through the day! And then I thought to myself ya know there’s probably a setting for it in MCCC and I can avoid another mod. I give you permission to laugh at my idiocy… when looking at the settings I found that at some point, probably when playing Ash Shore, I set the needs decay rate to 150%!

Anyway, back to the family, this seems to be the chapter in which I ramble on about everything but them! A different dog arrived and Parker introduced himself.

Thus we welcomed a new family member! Now, this dog was named Bacon by the game but seeing-as-how Parker is a vegetarian he re-named her Couscous. Yes, I do think I’m hilarious. Her traits are independent, friendly, and adventurous.

The others didn’t seem to take notice of the new large dog in their midst.

She’s afraid of the computer meaning there will be much cowering since Brielle is on it so often programming.

After the kids went to bed, Thatcher decided to try his hand at woodworking. Can’t hurt to have some carved items around not to mention the extra income.

Bobsey returned home from her all-night adventure with a present.

Good job Bobsey. I don’t know what to do about you being in heat girl. There are no male strays that I’ve seen. Also, the stores and stuff in the background are driving me insane.

Oh look, a teaching moment. No rolling in trash Couscous… even if it is adorable.

Thatcher finally got his handiness skill up enough to do some upgrades. Couscous is confused by the human’s lack of interest in her.

The kids came home from school miserable. It’s going to be tricky getting A’s when they don’t have the auto-B from elementary school.

He cracked me up talking over that half-wall.

Fun need back up, the kids started in on their projects.

Shocking that the final day in their rotation was almost over!

Thatcher: Manuals? I don’t need manuals.

Parker worked on some roll over training with Couscous before bed.

And got another scouting badge which, in turn, earned him a good reputation!

You two are up to something I know it!

Yep, they sure were! In the morning, Thatcher will be off to meet with the matchmaker but we’ll leave that for the next chapter.


Two practically identical dogs clipping into each other? Yes please! I took way too many screenshots it was just too funny!

To put it lightly, it was very strange having sims roaming the streets again.

And doing activities thanks to Coolspear’s street life mod.

Although, the lack of stuff to do led to them acting quite strange.

So, I had Thatcher drop some stuff out that I cheated the money for.

Me: Look they like it!

Yes, I know it’s silly but it’s cool in a way right? Although, after a while the many many sims hanging out in this area wore on my nerves. I wish there was a half-way between empty streets and street life.

At least we have a reminder that there are other sims, including children, in the “other region.”

And then there was the fact that this is the first time I saw the rest of the households after their makeovers. Rowen’s late teen…

Felicity’s teen-teen.

And Maddox… you’ll have to wait to see Bradyn. You may remember the necessity for the late teen and delayed YA makeovers were due to the blurred lines between dating within those age groups.

O3-P2-R1 Matchmaking

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