TS4→ Stratus Burne O3/P2: 1st Rotation Matchmaking

It is the first rotation of the Emerging Moon phase in Stratus Burne’s 3rd Orbit. Current weather forecast: windy & warm.

Match 1- Thatcher Hensley

Thatcher woke the morning of his matchmaking appointment with dread in his heart. He wasn’t ready for this. It was still too soon. He’d been matched with Doran when they were teens and now he found himself single and being called back to the matchmaker again.

As he knocked on the door he thought to himself that perhaps this person wouldn’t be a good match after-all and he could just go home to his peaceful existence with his son and niece.

Although, there’s something about the matchmaker that calmed his hammering pulse. She told him not to worry about it. No point in worrying if nothing comes of it right?

They joked a bit while waiting for his potential match to arrive.

Ethan Hunter? He couldn’t remember ever meeting him before.

At first they didn’t really talk to each other.

And then the matchmaker must have decided this was enough filling the awkward silence for today.

She went outside and spoke with a parent of one of her later appointments. She assured him that his son’s was a good match.

Inside, the two just kinda sat staring at each other.

Until Ethan broke the silence reminding Thatcher they’d never get out of there if they didn’t at least talk!

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And so, they talked and they laughed and compared their lives. Ethan is 7 years younger than Thatcher. When it seemed he’d never find a match and he wanted a child he paired up with a nice but very shy girl a bit younger than himself, Mollie, and they had a daughter Aryana who is 3.

Of course, Ethan who was thrilled to have found a match when he’d resolved himself to it never happening, threw out the first flirts.

They agreed to give it a try.

The matchmaker returned from wherever she’d been hiding to gloat.

They returned back to Thatcher’s house so he could show Ethan. Thatcher began to wonder if maybe electing to help build the new region wasn’t the brightest idea.

Again, Ethan broke the ice.

Then they were back to flirting.

And more flirting.

Then the kids came home from school. Brielle seemed a bit unsure but Parker was okay. You’d think it would be the other way around. Regardless, now that school’s out it’s time for the matchmaker’s next appointment.

Match 2- Rowen Lane

After arriving home from school Rowen was off to the matchmaker. Roman was smug and felt confident she’d not like her match. Which just ticked off Jazzlyn who stormed back inside.

Rowen stood staring at the door like it had personally offended her.

Even if her dad was right she had no choice. None of them did when the matchmaker called.

The matchmaker greeted her and after the pleasantries were over seemed almost gleeful at the prospect of this match. She also mentioned that if this match didn’t work out there were no others at this time.

Like Rowen before him, Alijah stood staring at the building like it offended him.

Rowen started out with a joke right away but she was secretly pleased.

Maybe not so secretly?

The two didn’t really need much convincing.

And then Rowen remembered her messed up family. The matchmaker was too busy in her zen to notice.

She decided to delay the inevitable and tried to keep Alijah talking outside.

Although, once the matchmaker came outside to gloat and lurk in the background it got kinda weird. Finally, Rowen announced she was taking Alijah home. Which was likely the matchmaker’s intention all along.

After a quick stop to meet Alijah’s dads (which we won’t show because duh they have no house) they arrived at Rowen’s house. He seemed really excited that they are part of the rebuilding effort.

To her relief, they stood outside joking for quite a while.

They went inside to watch Sims of the Dead which both of them found extremely boring.

Paprika scratched the couch. Not really pet lovers eh?

They chatted for a little bit and then one of them decided to use a flirt that neither of them were really ready for and she announced it was time for him to leave.

Alijah insisted on a hug before he would leave.

Rowen went outside to brag to her dad when he got home but he was quick to remind her that now she’d have to get married! Gotta ruin everything don’t ya, Roman?


You’re all dorks.

The process in case you’re curious:

  • Do chemistry profiles and pick the best match to try first.
  • Start with the to-be-matched sim for the “before” pics.
  • Switch to the matchmaker who has the “to be matched” sims in 2 separate clubs… because if they’re in the same they’ll know each other and there can’t be an intro.
  • Start the first club meeting then the next… so they can’t do the “I’ve been here too long I’m leaving now” thing.
  • Talk up the other sim to the main sim.
  • Hook up the other sim to the main sim.
  • Let them talk autonomously for a bit then switch back to the main sim… mostly because trying to get them to talk playing as the matchmaker is annoying.
  • All socialization is autonomous unless they completely stop talking then I’ll have them ask about day or something to start them up again.

O3-P2-R1 Lane household

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