TS4→ Stratus Burne O3/P2/R1: It’s Very Complicated

It is the first rotation of the Emerging Moon phase in Stratus Burne’s 3rd Orbit. Current weather forecast: partly cloudy freezing.

Lane Household

After the matchmaking day, I decided to stay with the Lane’s. Foodie Roman was disgusted by the poor quality sandwhich… that he made. Despite that, he seemed in a good mood and was telling jokes.

Spoke too soon. He then switched to mischief. And I jokingingly said on Twitter that I hope they break up soon so I can do more matchmaking, lol.

I have to admit though that watching them is like a train wreck. You can’t look away.

Poor Felicity woke in the morning needing to pee only to find the toilet broken.

Speaking of broken things. Hey, seeing Roman electrocuted might be fun!

Oh yay we’re getting along.

Ah, the moody teens are home.

Alijah came home from school with Rowen.

Trying to get brownie points from the parents?

I’m not sure why but Jazzlyn seemed hesitant to talk to him. I finally had to intervene and at least have her introduce herself. Geeze.

I realized that for Jazzlyn to complete her Successful Lineage aspiration sometime this century, I’d need Felicity to get a job although I’m not holding my breath for her to get to level 3 before aging up.

Alijah met Paprika properly.

Rowen had invited Alijah to stay the night. He was apparently very tired because he almost immediately went to nap on Felicity’s bed. Talk about awkward. Unsure of what to do she went downstairs to practice.

Buster went outside and found a stray dog in heat to growl at. I really need to figure out how to breed these pets.

Finally, Rowen got her boyfriend to stop napping on her sister’s bed and sat chatting with him until she was tired herself.

Roman didn’t seem to even care about the boy sleeping on his couch when he returned home from work.

And then he went downstairs to repair the keyboard. Everything’s breaking!

He and Jazzlyn started chatting and joking.

As usual one of them tried to flirt and the other rebuffed them. He seemed to decide he didn’t want to do it anymore and told her he wanted to break their partnership agreement!

Maybe Jazzlyn was just mad he was the one that made the decision? Whatever it was she was really angry.

And then she started crying and in this one moment Roman really looks like he regrets the decision. Maybe he just wanted to see Jazzlyn happy? They are best friends even if they have a terrible romantic relationship.

Umm yea that’s right. Sorry dude, you’re relegated to the couch. I wonder if Alijah woke up from his own couch sleeping hearing all the arguing downstairs?

Paprika woke Felicity. Truthfully, I was so thrown off by the sudden breakup I didn’t know what to do with any of them so I decided to just stop playing them when the time came around that I usually switch.

So, Felicity stayed up and did some play dead training with Buster. Which is absolutely hilarious!

I could not stop laughing!

The girls didn’t bat an eyelash at their dad sleeping on the very uncomfortable looking couch.

And he didn’t even wake up when it was time for Jazzlyn to age up. Maybe their birthdays had something to do with his decision as well?


This was from the day I was doing matchmaker with Rowen. The next day I tried the other option and he got a performance gain. He learned his lesson about old ladies!

And it paid off!

So funny. I expect we’ll see a lot of him since she gave him a key to the house.

Believe it or not, I took the first screenshot as a “wow look they have a tiny pink bar again” and then he immediately ruined it.

Despite the fact that I put that breakup mod in I was still in total shock. Hence the fact I decided to just call it quits for this household early. I had no idea what the heck to do now?!

Love and hate two sides of the same coin? These poor sims need an intervention.

O3-P2-R1 Burke-Fox household

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