TS4→ Stratus Burne O3/P2/R1: It’s Gonna Be So Weird

It is the first rotation of the Emerging Moon phase in Stratus Burne’s 3rd Orbit. Current weather forecast: partly cloudy freezing.

Burke-Fox household

Oh joy it was cold outside. You know what that means? Talula will obsess over the fireplace for 3 days.

Maddox was at work so we just worked on getting Bradyn the last skill points needed to enter the gardener career.

It’s really not that exciting Talula.

Yes yes… you and pretty much every other pet in the ‘hood are in heat.

Maddox came home from work in an absolutely horrible mood.

Bradyn tried to cheer him up. Doesn’t Talula look so cute?

So sweet.

Yay the auto-woohoo mod works. Although, I think they do it in-game without a mod. Why does she howl every time?!

In the morning, Maddox was back to work and Bradyn was back to gardening.

Ah such happy bees. I really don’t know how anyone keeps them calm without mods? Maybe it’s easier when not rotating. Every time I got to their house the bees were enraged.

Why are you so surprised? You do that constantly. I really need to get him more flowers.

Here we go again.

Bradyn wasted time he could have been doing something else becoming friends with this dog. It didn’t help. I’m convinced that they need to be in the same household which is so confusing since it worked household to household in Ash Shore.

Yay a present. I was kinda hoping it would be something he could use to get focused for his gardening.

Two more nodes later he found a fossil to view. He sent one of the crystals to the geo council to make an element for the AoE focusing.

Maddox is home. She’s your problem now buddy.

Bradyn was napping so Maddox just went upstairs to paint. Oddly, when the painting said it was complete it was blank and he couldn’t sell it!

Awake from his nap, Bradyn was back to trying to get that darned gardening skill point.

And Maddox was back to trying to get a dog to breed with Talula.

Buster was in the area and I thought yay he’s a housed dog maybe it’ll work… no such luck.

Bradyn woke up with big news. That was fast. I changed it to a lower percentage after this. I remembered later that it takes traits into account… including irresponsible. I have the feeling they’re gonna end up with a lot of kids regardless of percentages if I don’t intervene.

Maddox: Does this mean we have to share our toys?

Bradyn scolded Talula for waking Maddox. It breaks my heart when they react like this.

What should have been a comforting pet looked more like torture for the poor dog sticking a plate directly in front of her snout!

Maddox had the day off but we still needed to get Bradyn’s skills up. I was determined to get him that job. Plus, he was working on his aspiration. He fertilized every plant.

You know what, Talula? I’m just over this.

Grafting! You know what that means? Level 5 baby! He grafted all of the strawberries to snap dragons.

Then he was upstairs working on flower arranging.

I think he was down there autonomously messing with the bees? No clue. It’s like the second they’re done painting and flower arranging they’re running off to do something else.

I’ll be the first to admit that this is gonna be weird. I thought I had more time to adjust to the idea, lol. The cool thing is that in the new release candidate of MCCC he’s added the “pause pregnancy” option. Bad part? I accidentally saw what they’re going to have.

Hurray! He got his job!

Now we can have autonomy time. The best part about them having their skills so high when starting the job is they don’t have to spend a ton of time skilling.

I finally remembered to do their weather preferences. Bradyn was very happy that Maddox prefers… something he does? Their reactions are always entertaining.

Bradyn was off to bed. Maddox had taken Talula off for a walk and met Jazzlyn who he decided he wanted to befriend so he was chatting with her. And, that’s it for now. Time just flies doesn’t it?


It was the weirdest thing. Alijah’s dads just kinda stood on the sidewalk in front of the house for hours chatting. Then one of them obviously said something embarrassing.

I looked up their names! (LOL) After Dustin left, Abel went out back and took the laundry off the line and set it in a folded stack on the ground. Creepy.

The mail lady is so adorable. I keep meaning to reverse-build a profile for her.

I love it when they do this. I think that’s Kieran?

Brielle walking Couscous.

As Onyeka has pointed out, irresponsible sims get the funniest chance cards!

I decided this was a better investment than the others I’d normally give painters.

Seriously? I never know what the heck to choose? I figure he knows he needs to do good at the job so I try to choose what I think he’d think is the smart option.

Obviously, I’m gonna pick games!

I was actually a bit surprised.

This is how he met Jazzlyn… adventuring with Talula.

Bradyn was promoted before I switched to the next household!

O3-P2-R2 Matchmaker

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