TS4→ Stratus Burne O3/P2: 2nd Rotation Matchmaking

It is the second rotation of the Emerging Moon phase in Stratus Burne’s 3rd Orbit. Current weather forecast: I forgot to write it down, sorry!

Match 1- Roman Lane

As much fun as arguing with Jazzlyn is, and despite the fact that he’d assumed she’d be matched with someone else, Roman hadn’t anticipated being called to the matchmaker himself! He got no sympathy from her and he couldn’t understand why?!

Jazzlyn watched as he left unsure whether she wanted him to find someone and afraid he would and she wouldn’t.

Roman’s trepidation abated as he arrived. He remembered how disappointed he’d been as a teen when he realized he wasn’t getting the call. The matchmaker met him with a shug. Hey, these things happen. Plus, she’d been under the impression that he and Jazzlyn had a happy partnership. She also mentioned there were no other potential matches at this time.

They sat and chatted while waiting for his potential match to arrive. The matchmaker gave him a sly look as she walked to the door to let her in.

Bree looked practically ecstatic when she entered. And very pleased that her match is so handsome. Roman joked that he’s not some type of artwork or something.

The matchmaker joked right back that he’s not really the sensitive type so stop playing coy. That’s when he got a better look at Bree. She’s very pretty and so different than Jazzlyn.

When he’s nervous or uncomfortable Roman tells jokes.

Of course, the matchmaker realized what he was doing and decided to completely ignore her new potential couple.

She was glad to see that her plan worked and within minutes Roman was asking Bree to talk outside.

They chatted for quite a while and he realized when she kissed his cheek that she is much taller than him. Most men would find that intimidating.

He decided he liked it.

And he likes Bree. (Haha can’t you tell they have similar personalities? They’re dressed practically the same!)

She seems to like him too. She admitted that she has twin toddlers. After-all it’s mandated. Who would have guessed she’d have twins. Their father adores them so they wouldn’t need to live with them if things worked out… she’d rather they didn’t live with them.

Roman tried to stop her rambling and it seemed to have worked. He assured her they’d figure it out.

As he said goodbye he decided to give her something to remember him by. She seemed properly impressed.

When he arrived home Jazzlyn was on her way to the matchmaker herself.

He tried to gloat but she didn’t seem impressed.

Match 2- Jazzlyn Lane

Jazzlyn arrived perturbed about Roman’s bragging. She played it off when she walked in saying surely if Roman had a great match hers must be better. The matchmaker chuckled at Jazzlyn’s antics and assured her that hers was indeed better and if it didn’t work out she had others with a little less chemistry she could to introduce her to so just relax and enjoy herself.

The last thing she expected when the guy walked in was for him to look so sad! He was there to meet her after-all and he didn’t even look at her! The matchmaker whispered something to him but it was too quiet for her to hear.

She decided to say something to break the ice. Truthfully, she was getting really uncomfortable.

He seemed uncomfortable himself. He agreed with the matchmaker that this seemed to be a good match, but barely spoke to Jazzlyn!

She decided to take charge of the situation and asked him if they could chat alone outside. He seemed relieved. Almost like he wasn’t expecting it.

He admitted that he’d been to the matchmaker before and the other person refused him.

But now that he’s met her he thinks he’s better off that it didn’t work out.

He also nervously admitted that he has a toddler daughter Madelyn and that almost immediately after her birth the mother disappeared and he hasn’t seen her again.

He showed Jazzlyn some pictures of Madelyn.

Jazzlyn was excited. She loves kids and confidently told him she’s a great mother. (I love getting this pose!)

When she realized what Max was about to do she quickly beat him to it and proposed herself. Why wait? They were perfect for each other.

(Game did that about to reject proposal thing and I reset him and she immediately asked him instead! Rush much?)

And then he wandered off to meet Talula. Jazzlyn decided to prove she likes dogs as well and went to meet her too and mentioned she’s friends with her owners.

With all the heavy stuff out of the way the two showed their playful sides. Jazzlyn realized how nice it was to joke with someone who wasn’t going to immediately follow a joke with an insult.

Max announced he was tired and she realized they’d not even kissed yet! She quickly gave him a peck on the lips.

In no hurry to get home, she lay looking at the stars thinking about her new, unexpected, future.

She arrived home feeling confident and brazen. When she found Roman she dip kissed him and said it was to show him what he’d be missing. Roman (and me!) was flabbergasted.

In the morning they tried to be decent to each other but all the jokes fell flat.

It seemed like the new situation had taken it’s toll on their friendship. Indeed it was unbearable to be around each other. Something would need to change… quick.


Awkward petting of the cat. Roman looks like he’s wondering what the heck she’s doing.

Bree’s twin’s father Aaron. I couldn’t think of a place to use the pic.

He got one shot in. And immediately followed it with a flirt. She’s insensitive so maybe that will balance the argumentative? Hopefully.

The last, meet a cat, one was after she petted Talula. Cracked me up. And when I say Roman and Jazzlyn being together is unbearable I mean it. They went from a full green bar to half within a few interactions! This whole thing is kinda surreal. My only fear is that Jazzlyn and Max are going to be boring in comparison!

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