TS4→ Stratus Burne O3/P2/R2: Much Romance?

It is the second rotation of the Emerging Moon phase in Stratus Burne’s 3rd Orbit. Current weather forecast: cloudy dry lightning.

Hensley household

I know it’s going to be weird that there were buildings there in the first chapters but I just couldn’t stand it any longer. My thoughts when leaving the “no props” mods out was that the buildings there were the ones from the other region but, in the end, it didn’t make sense that there would be a jazz club and such across the street. In most worlds, the props are far in the distance or just houses but apparenly not in Newcrest.

The kids sat down to breakfast before school and 15-year-old Brielle decided to ask her 13-year-old cousin about woohoo. I wonder if this is why she acted so weird about her uncle’s new boyfriend?

Speaking of which, Ethan arrived shortly after they’d left for school with his daughter Aryana in tow.

Since there are no toys in the house, Thatcher gave her a kitty toy.

She seemed impressed.

It was really sweet and kinda cozy having them there.

After they left, Thatcher took Couscous for a jog. Good thing she’s not a couch potato!

The kids arrived home from school in terrible moods as-per-usual.

Couscous seemed shocked!

She spends a lot of time in the bathroom so I assume she’s obsessed with something in there.

The kids had just a little left on their projects that they’d started last rotation. I wanted to make sure they got the credit by going to school the next day.

Parker decided he needed some time away from the family and took a jog.

Brielle spent some time with Bobsey.

One of my favorite modders LittleMsSam has branched out into CC! Her first project? Making small/large sized versions of the pet pack’s beds. Bobsey approves.

I later found Couscous sleeping in the park area.

Cute Bobsey pic.

I decided it was best that Thatcher worked on his skills before Ethan arrived to distract him.

Pushing the limits with a power-sculpting work-out which turned out to be hilarious.

Brielle arrived home with the ‘hoods first A grade! Parker arrived in a mood swing and started with his journal immediately.

Unable to work out again today, Ethan was invited over. He has a key but I’m thinking maybe Coolspear’s mods are preventing him visiting?

Oh gosh just go swing outside Parker. I really hate the distant phase.

Don’t y’all think this is a bit inappropriate in Parker’s room?

A little bonding?

Brielle complained about the food she’d cooked.

I’m sure that’s not awkward for your son at all.

Especially that.

They really are very sweet. Although, I’d kinda hoped to be able to move them in while Aryana is a toddler.

First, he started going to sleep in Brielle’s bed. Then, he ended up sleeping on the couch. They’re boyfriends, I know they can sleep in the same bed!

Brielle: Your dad’s boyfriend spent the night.

Couscous: *shock*

Thatcher didn’t seem to mind that Ethan had slept on the couch.

As soon as Ethan left, he was back to jogging. Wow all those pets!

Look, I picked a rose off of that rosebush just for you!

Ethan was immediately attacked by a stray cat!

I realized that Parker didn’t have a skill to 3 for school yet. His highest was comedy so, despite his annoying tenseness from being by his cousin, he told some jokes while watching comedy on TV.

There are no male stray cats. None! And so, Brielle adopted a cat named Kooper. Poor Thatcher was embarrassed that he had no idea this was happening behind him.

Couscous: Are you allowing this?

Bobsey, go breed with the cat you’ve never met!

That’s just weird but as long as it works I’m happy.

Gross Bobsey.

I pulled Thatcher, who was barely tired, out of bed to chat with Ethan.


Well, at least it’s not one of the kid’s beds.

Ugh, mischievous cat.

Bye Kooper! Have fun with Paprika!

Oh no you don’t missy!

She wasn’t waking her. Instead howling while she slept.

Bobsey did.

Both pets kept playing in the plumbing parts. Which I allowed because look… one found an electric upgrade part… somehow?

Once Ethan was awake I woke up Thatcher to chat with him since I was leaving their house when the time came anyway. Nothing exciting happened.


Cute pic of Arayna when I was getting her profile picture.

I’ve realized that none of the townies were given decent pjs.

Random kiddos pic.

Couldn’t figure out how to allow Ethan in without letting strays in!

Yes please.

Such a polite 4-year-old.


By the time I left they were both in this phase. I hope it’s over by the time I rotate back to them.

That’s 1 point!

Say what now?

The cat’s name cracked me up and that kitten was so cute!

This popped up almost as soon as I got to Bradyn and Maddox’s house.

Oreo on the left and O’Malley on the right. Oreo’s name is obvious. O’Malley is territorial so I thought he’s kind of a bruiser and thus named after tough cat O’Malley in Disney’s Aristocats…

O3-P2-R2 Burke-Fox household

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