TS4→ Stratus Burne O3/P2/R2: So Many Babies!

It is the second rotation of the Emerging Moon phase in Stratus Burne’s 3rd Orbit. Current weather forecast: heavy rain cold.

Burke-Fox household

It’s the first time it’s rained in the ‘hood since I’ve started playing them. The novelty wore off pretty darned quick. Oh gee Talula is in heat… still.

Bradyn was already friends with Sparky.

I don’t think he minds helping the cause.

We have success!

It’s evening because I missed the pop-up asking if Bradyn wanted to work from home so he had to go to work. Maddox got home shortly after him. They’re so sweet.

Maddox’s solution to his weird husband doing laundry in the rain was to start a mud fight. Bradyn’s solution to losing the mud fight was to distract with kisses. See? Sweet.

Bradyn went to bed early so Maddox stayed up painting for his work task… and money.

Bradyn didn’t have work the next day so he mostly made arrangements for skill… and money.

I managed to get him some more flowers to plant. Sorry dog, you had your chance.

Speaking of which… meet Lego and Slinky! I decided to group all the puppy pics into it’s own section below. And yes, I know it was fast. There’s some issue with MCCC at the moment.

You know what? You want to wash those so badly go ahead.


And this is where I quit playing for the night.

The next day I immediately went into build mode and built their addition. At this point, they’re the only ones that have excess cash for such things! The temporary bedroom became a greenhouse as originally intended.

Bradyn wasn’t tired anymore at least not at the moment so he gave some attention to the dogs.

Maddox was so he got to show off the new bedroom. The cut-out where the dresser is at is behind the stairs going to the loft.

I will admit my brain got a little confused. Perhaps from doing Jazzlyn and Max’s house the day before? I decorated for a toddler. I didn’t end up adding a cradle until right before the baby was born!

Trust me, the guys don’t mind.

There was an exciting addition for the pups as well.

Just kinda biding our time. Should be any minute now.

Oh, there we go. Time to wake up Maddox.

Who got a little distracted and kinda forgot why they were there.

When he remembered he was okay at first and then, after the baby was born, he ran out. Maybe he just wanted to announce to the world he’s a father? Anyway, it’s a girl! Meet Tanzi.

And now you can see the rest of the room. I’d accidentally discovered it was a girl when pausing the pregnancy.

Oh no! Talula’s sick! Obviously, there is no vet. I have a mod that allows buying pet treats on the computer. Guess who got a computer? A little wellness treat and she’s good as new.

Awe and I thought they were sweet before?

Poor Maddox, who doesn’t even want to go to work in the first place!

Bradyn worked from home but the only pics I took in that time must have been puppy pics because there’s nothing else until this one when Maddox got home from work.

Ohmygosh no you two don’t! I had a flashback to Aimee and Zion autonomously trying for a baby immediately after their first son was born in Ash Shore!

First, I forgot lazy sims don’t like to change diapers. Second, I forgot he’s lazy! Why did he get a jogging whim? I don’t know why I follow them half the time anymore.

Maddox made a cute painting for Tanzi’s room.

And while I was waiting to switch to the next house he worked on his charisma a bit. Okay, let the puppy cuteness commence!

Slinky seems to be obsessed with her tail.

Lego is a bit clumsy.

Slinky thinks Lego’s bear toy looks more fun.

Mom agrees.

They spent a lot of time running through the new back hallway. See mom peeking past the door in the first pic?

Really, they were just all over the house.

Slinky had a bit of playtime with dad who I was happy to see is still counted as a stray.

Mom had a bit of Slinky playtime as well.


I caught Roman outside chatting with Rowen’s boyfriend Alijah’s father Dustin and then noticed Jazzlyn hiding around the corner. The new dynamic is interesting.

I know set up a desk dummy probably wasn’t the smart choice but it was so hilarious I had to pick it!

I saw this pretty dog. Must have taken over Sparky’s stray spot.

I did a double-take because I forgot that Buster lives with Max now.

If you were wondering, yes we still have strays lurking on the doorstep.

I noticed Ethan and this woman who I can’t remember the name of having the weirdest mudfight ever outside. They were throwing the mud in completely the wrong directions!

Maddox’s paintings have made him sort of but not really famous. I thought noticeable was a good choice since it can give some career and skill type stuff later like those potions in the mail.

After first Bobsey and then Talula had their respective babies in practically no time at all I went to the MCCC discord help and this was Deaderpool’s reply. It’s not really a big deal I suppose. Just kinda weird.

O3-P2-R2 Griffiths

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