A few new things…

Instead of going on and on explaining this in a chapter which if someone didn’t read it they wouldn’t be aware I decided to make a little status update/aside thingy.

So first you may notice this little guy above the chapters now. Truthfully, it’s mostly for me to keep me in check. I got it because I was thinking publishing 2 chapters a day wouldn’t be a lot. I think it counts 12 seconds per screenshot in addition to the text. Without screenshots most are around 3 minutes. I feel like it’s too high but at least it’s something for me to look at and cringe when I get the thought to publish a bunch of chapters in one day.

Second, in the Stratus Burne chapters you’ll start seeing these. I did this in my Joneses rotation too. I thought I’d get a headstart on the family trees instead of waiting until generations have gone by. Each chapter will have one and as the families change and sims age up they’ll change as well. Which should be pretty cool I think.

The different lines mean different things. Dotted means unrelated or unmarried. See how Max has a solid line with Madelyn but Jazzlyn has a dotted line? You can barely see her line with Max but it is slightly dotted because they’re engaged.

One other note about the trees… They reflect the family at the start of the chapter. So if someone ages up or gets married or gets matched by the matchmaker directly after the chapter you won’t see that until their next chapter. I thought this would be a good way to avoid spoilers. If you want spoilers you’ll have to look at their resident profiles. I keep these as up-to-date as possible because updating them here and there gets out of hand as I learned with Ash Shore.

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