TS4→ Stratus Burne O3/P2/R2: A New Beginning

It is the second rotation of the Emerging Moon phase in Stratus Burne’s 3rd Orbit. Current weather forecast: partly cloudy cold.

A/N: Fair warning this chapter is going to be long. I’ve tried to separate the screenshots into themes to make it a bit easier.

Griffiths household

A bit of *ahem* housekeeping before we start. So, a single sim starts with a base amount right? And then each additional sim after that adds §2,000. So, I decided that when moving out Jazzlyn and Felicity would take §4,000 worth of items from the house.

The extra §720 is the cost of the walls. How I got it to the exact number I’ll never know!

You may have noticed that I’ve been avoiding the 20×15 lots. But when looking at the other neighborhood I felt those lots were all too large. My brain somehow couldn’t fathom how to place a sizeable house on the lot so I got this one and edited it… a lot.

Anyway, here’s the house after I got done with it. I tried to keep the same basic form and coloring.

So I push play and immediately Roman shows up!

Jazzlyn and Max had started flirting right away and all I need is for Roman to join their conversation and make it awkward so I sent them inside and left Felicity to deal with her father.

Changes as in your ex and youngest daughter, whom this is the first time I’ve seen you voluntarily speak to, have moved out?

The first reason this chapter’s so long (other than the fact I can’t seem to stop myself from writing a ton of text) is toddler cuteness!

The second reason? Kittens! The third you’ll see later.

I think there’s a cat conspiracy! Mischievous Kooper is around my girls and they suddenly start scratching the furniture!

Needless to say, job done, Kooper moved out.

Felicity and Buster did some training.

I found Max outside chatting with Alijah’s dads. I find it unsettling that they’re lurking in front of my sim’s houses so often.

Since Jazzlyn already has her job and is pretty good on skills for it, she began the teaching of little Madelyn.

While dad began working on his logic skill upstairs.

It’s such a different dynamic from the old house. Jazzlyn and Felicity fell right into it and both seem so much happier.

Dad takes over Madelyn duty (heh duty) while Jazzlyn works on her own needs.

I forgot that Madelyn couldn’t use the stairs. No need to interrupt the lovefest when Felicity can get her.

They’re so sweet.

Felicity’s primary goal is still currently training Buster.

I was surprised to see Bree outside chatting with her later. She’s actually not that bad.

So… that’s it for the romance for tonight eh?

Why is it when they have a nightmare they go to the sims room furthest from their own?

When the cat goes into labor and the only ones awake to comfort her are the toddler and the dog! Welcome Cinnamon and Caraway… who look oddly similar to Bobsey’s kittens.

Which is strange considering the fact that Paprika and Bobsey have very different coloring!

The adults awoke to kittens. Whom I also forgot can’t get down stairs. I teleported them because I’m lazy.

Since she was up most of the night, Madelyn slept while Max worked on his logic some more.

I forgot to keep track of her bladder need so she woke up wanting a bath.

Felicity and Jazzlyn arrived home at the same time. Felicity in a horrible mood. What’s new right?

And Jazzlyn with a promotion!

I’m sure this was a happy sight to come home to.

Meanwhile, Felicity took Buster for a jog in hopes it will put her into a better mood. She passed Brielle walking Couscous.

Felicity gives the new couple a little alone time.

Much appreciated I’m sure.

It makes me so happy to see them happy. I’m not holding my breath for Roman to have the same sadly. Although, he’s still highly entertaining.

I’ll take that as Max’s version of “get married to Jazzlyn.”

Unfortunately, that had to wait until daytime and then after work and school were over. In the meantime, more Madelyn!

A productive day! And another point for me thanks to that A grade. I’m tracking the prestige points on the Stratus Burne Landing Page if you’re ever curious. Okay! Let the wedding commence!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So sweet! I’m so happy for them!

Awe I didn’t realize his scarf matches her until now!

Felicity barely made it to work in time after the wedding. I noticed Thatcher out there watching her train Buster.

Umm… okay?

Nothing exciting for the lovebirds. Paprika cracked me up.

Max was woken in the middle of the night to care for Madelyn. And I think this is a good segue into the toddler and kitten cuteness section of the chapter!

So much cuteness…

So sweet! The mattress is one of LittleSam’s CC creations.

I forgot to lock the doors and someone made it inside and vomited all over the place! Also, hi Sparky!

Yes, the strays are still congregating.

Some random Paprika pics.

Some Buster the baby kitten-sitting pics.

And, last but not least, cutest of them all… toddler and kitten!


I actually took these pics at the old house after Jazzlyn and Roman’s respective matchmaking appointments and had no clue where to put them.

A cute pic I took when doing Max and Maxelyn’s profile pics.

Sweetness outside from Alijah’s dads Abel and Dustin… while they were lurking. Why are they always outside? It’s creepy!

It looked like they were posing for a pic so I couldn’t resist.

Again, I tell you my walls are an illusion!

What the heck? What is he talking about? First, aging is off. Second, if it was on he’d still be at the start of his young adult lifespan!

Random accomplishments.

I am just terrible at chance cards!

I thought for a moment there that she was trying to give Rowen the woohoo talk. Felicity was so embarrassed she had to cover her face with Madelyn.

But no, she was gossiping about the neighbors. I wonder who? Then, Rowen decided to start a fight with her and I decided it was time for her to go. Normally, I wouldn’t care much but it was mom’s wedding day after-all.

Rowen immediately took a selfie. #independantwoman

This cracked me up! I figured she’d choose inspired since she is a bit creative. See? Profiles come into play somewhere outside of my head.

End Note: Ohmygosh how am I expected to choose one featured image for this?!

O3-P2-R2 Lane household

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