TS4→ Stratus Burne O3/P3/R1: Townie Update

So! We started with 12 sets of townies. I thought it might be fun to check in and see what’s going on before I start making more. This may get complicated.

First we had sisters Lucia and Leila. Then Owen Moss and Kai Riley with their children Chana and Gaige.

Lucia married Kai and they had a daughter Kaylee. All three children aged to teens.

Okay next we have these three households…

Sooo let’s see! Jeremy married Jade and had a toddler son Nash. Teens on their own Liam and Shayla aged up as well as Jeremy’s daughter Tiana. Liam married Tiana and Shayla lives with them and Tiana’s mother for now. Tiana is expecting a baby. The only remaining teen is Jade’s sister Annika who will be aging up soon.

Since Imani wasn’t getting matched up with anyone she partnered temporarily and had a daughter, Kaleigh. Brother Jaxton aged to a teen.

Not much has changed in the McKenzie household other than Maisie aging to a teen.

No real changes in the Wells-Mathis household either other than Alijah being paired with Rowen Lane and aging to young adult.

Just some aging up for the Walker-Clemons household as well. You may have noted that Camryn here is the only child at the moment. But where are the other toddlers?

Max and Madelyn absorbed Jazzlyn and Felicity into the Griffiths household… along with their pets.

I’m sure you recognize Bree. I didn’t change her at all. In the next household we have Ethan and Aryana. A different haircut, beard, and clothes did wonders for him!

So, currently we have Bree alone waiting for Roman to hurry up and at the very least ask her to move in. The twins aren’t moving with her because she hates children. Same with Ethan and Aryana… waiting for Thatcher.

Which left Aaron and the twins alone. Despite being a great guy he has no matches and Mollie’s really nice and they have a few things in common so she moved in to help with the boys.

The Hensley household was added as a played household in the second moon phase. I’m noting them here since I mentioned Thatcher earlier.

And heck while we’re at it we might as well mention the Lane household! Roman is hopefully going to marry Bree and daughter Rowen will hopefully marry Alijah. His other daughter Felicity opted to move with her mother.

And to finish us off we have a new townie household. The first of several. From the left, we have 18-year-old Ryker, mom Sophie, dad Andy, and 14-year-old Cole. The parents aren’t the best match but I think I’ll just leave all of the existing sims be since I’ll end up with even more complicated issues regarding relationships if sims with kids have more kids. I took a few pics of them…

I swear those boys are just massive! And some other screenshots…

I merged these two families together to get teens Annika and Leila dating.

And, although they’re younger than my “matchmaker” time I set up Jaxton and Maisie because they had an incredible chemistry score. I also matched Kierian and Chana but apparently didn’t take a pic.

And last we have Bree’s twins Declan and Kolton. I’m sure you only need one guess to figure out who takes after mom. Although, I might end up revising their profiles since she won’t really be raising them.

Hope you enjoyed this update. Expect another with a few more new households to replace the ones that were absorbed into other households.

O3/P3/R1- Matchmaking

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