TS4→ Stratus Burne O3/P2/R2: Goodbye Teenage Angst!

It is the second rotation of the Emerging Moon phase in Stratus Burne’s 3rd Orbit. Current weather forecast: snowy thunderstorms.

Lane household

I was wondering what the heck Roman’s issue was when I saw this! So funny. They are all constantly on that rink and I can only assume that the entire ‘hood are expert skaters at this point.


At least these two have always gotten along. Mostly. Their relationship has taken hits here and there from Roman’s barbs.

Rowen went to school and Roman went… do build a snowpal?

Probably better off inviting Bree along while you have the house to yourself. They became partners in crime. That area looks so empty. Jazzlyn took it all.

Dude! Girlfriend inside? Ring a bell?

Apparently not. Instead he sought out Jazzlyn who was in the area behind the house where everyone was building snowpals to torture her then tell her to go away. Nice.

Roman: “Ah, there you are Bree. I forgot you were here.”

Bree: “Well, if that’s the case, perhaps I should leave.”

Me: “No! Don’t leave! I’m never going to get you two together at this rate!”

As per usual, Alijah accompanied Rowen home from school. I’ve never had one kid do that so often!

Oh lovely.

But, so close to that F.

I thought oh great I’m going to have to find something else for them to do so that her moodswing doesn’t ruin their relationship but found them outside kissing. How they can kiss autonomously without a first kiss I’ll never understand… not that I mind.

Ohmygosh I spoke too soon! She’s already an emotional wreck most of the time do we really need to add a moodswing?

Thinking fast I made a Rowen & Alijah club with the only task to play music.

Okay, time to check on Roman and Bree.

Awe so sweet. Don’t bend your knees like that Roman it makes you look even shorter!

Ugh! I leave you guys for two seconds! Instruments people!

Meanwhile, Roman left for work and, despite never being asked to, Bree spent the night. And look! She actually slept properly in the bed!

Roman might have a temper but he’s also very smart. Trying for a star’s wallet who has a huge bodyguard? Stupid.

Since I barely let them socialize, Alijah left without being asked to stay. Rowen decided she needed to be better at the guitar than him.

Roman seemed thrilled to find Bree there in the morning.

They did the usual flirting, talking, joking, kissing routine but his needs were terrible so when she announced she was leaving this time he let her go.

The Rowen & Alijah club was going strong after school. I figured since I normally make all unemployed sims work on skills until around 6pm they might as well get a head start.

True. We do have a relationship to work on as well.

Hey, look at that! As soon as they stopped playing he kissed her! Being an intuitive boyfriend already.

And immediately went in for an awkward looking deeper kiss.

Okay, now you’re just showing off! Rowen looks shocked as well.

Seriously, Alijah? In her dad’s bed?

Rowen went to sleep in her own bed and woke up around when Roman got home from work.

And immediately woke up her silly boyfriend while Roman was in the bathroom. They did the usual socializing until time for school.

You’re kidding me! It seems that F’s are as hard to get as negative character traits. Oh well, time’s out now.

Why? Because it’s birthday time! As soon as Alijah arrived she went to hug him. So sweet.

So umm… is this like a bathroom conference? I mean, it is big enough I suppose.

Regardless, I made them all leave the bathroom. I was kinda biding my time waiting to see if there would be any family drama.

I was wondering where Alijah was going. He went outside to hug his little sister Haven. No clue why she didn’t change into party clothes.

I figured she’ll (hopefully) be part of the family sorta so she might as well be invited.

Oh umm… oops. I forgot to teleport Madelyn inside.

Cake time, yes?

No cake time?

She was queued for the cake but also in a conversation and thus didn’t stop talking to blow them out! Sims I swear!

Conversation ended, the candles were blown out. Rowen i a young adult! She gained the uncontrolled emotions trait. I need one more character trait to earn a prestige point.

If you didn’t already know, I don’t do YA makeovers until they’re around 21.

Feeling a bit uncomfortable there Roman?

Hmm… maybe he should be. Actually, everyone gets along well with Bree. She isn’t mean she’s just insensitive and hates children. Time to wrap this up it’s getting late!

Without me telling them to, Alijah headed downstairs to use the computer and Rowen to play piano. I realized she almost has the skill high enough for an aspiration milestone.

And that’s it from the Lane household for today!

O3-P3-R1 Townie Update

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