TS4→ Stratus Burne O3/P3/R1: First Rotation Matchmaking

It is the first rotation of the Half-wise Moon phase in Stratus Burne’s 3rd Orbit. Current weather forecast: snowy thunderstorms.


A/N- I’m just going to warn you from the start that this one is going to be different. If it could go wrong it did.

Jazzlyn was very excited that both of her daughters had been called to the matchmaker so young. So much so that she got a bit over-enthusiastic and gave Felicity the woohoo talk while also reminding her how much of an honor it was to get the call.

Felicity arrived feeling out of sorts wishing her mother hadn’t gotten so worked up about this.

Within no time, the matchmaker had her calmed down and her normal cheerful self.


Of course, leave it to Brielle’s younger cousin Parker to spread rumors about woohoo and tease her right before she was to leave for the matchmaker. Her uncle Thatcher assured her it would be fine.

Here goes nothing. It’s not like she can stand outside even if she hates the idea of meeting someone new.

Felicity: #meetingmyonetruelove *squiggly face*

Brielle: She must be finishing up her appointment.

Matchmaker: I don’t think you two know each other do you? Brielle this is Felicity. You’re almost the same age it’s strange you don’t know each other even if Brielle is new to the area.

Felicity: Umm yea so here have a rose.

Brielle: Nooo this is my match?!

Brielle was asked to come back later and Felicity scribbled furiously in her journal to try and get over the embarrassment. The matchmaker hoped it would turn out okay in the end.


Jasper realized that it showed how nervous and uncomfortable his mother was that she hugged him in public. She’s totally not into PDA. Then his dad had to say something else to make him even more uncomfortable.

Even if he had been notified that he might be getting a call today, Jasper wasn’t feeling prepared for this at all.

He walked in and said hello to the matchmaker and then got a look at the girl… just wow. Totally edgy and cute. And here he’d gotten all dressed up for this thing.

Alright, here goes nothing… she accepted!

The matchmaker bragged that she knew it all along but rules are rules and the highest chemistry match always comes first.

Felicity & Jasper

Felicity explained to Jasper outside what had happened at the matchmaker’s that morning. He was quick to tell her he’s glad it happened.

They spent hours talking and quickly became good friends.

Just as they got to the flirting Jasper’s dad nonchalantly walked past to check on them.

And then Felicity’s dad did the same. And she noticed her mom in the distance as well.

Jasper laughed and said let’s give them something to look at!

Not sure if that’s what he had in mind.

Yes, things were going quite well between these two. But, let’s see how they go with our other match for the day, shall we?

Brielle & Ryker

Ryker walked into the matchmaker’s feeling off center. He knew that getting the call this late in the day must mean the potential match had rejected at least one other person today.

The matchmaker calmed him down. It would be fine. Meeting new people is a good thing. Brielle stood in the doorway trying to psyche herself up telling herself pretty much exactly the same thing.

Ryker was a bit… enthusiastic when he saw Brielle.

At the matchmaker’s prodding, Brielle introduced herself. The matchmaker closed her eyes and held her breath praying to whoever would listen that the next part would go well.

She stood up and asked, “well what are you waiting for?” Using her as a buffer, Ryker offered Brielle the rose which, this time, she accepted.

She sighed in relief and gave thanks to whoever had listened to her prayer.

Then shook it off and laughed to Brielle saying she knew it all along. Best not to ruin her reputation after-all.

The two went back to Brielle’s house to get to know each other better. Ryker laughed at the silly text his brother Cole sent when he realized he wasn’t coming back home.

Brielle made them some sandwiches and they chatted.

Until the territorial little kitten realized there was someone new in his space.

“The pets are fine,” Brielle laughed as she danced around with the dog Couscous.

And when she started talking about how cute the kittens are Ryker didn’t even glance their way. Brielle is the cute one.

They sat a bit longer chatting but it was getting late. Brielle didn’t want him to leave. Parker finally felt it was safe to look their way and winked at his cousin behind the guy’s back.

Ethan watched him leave while Thatcher studiously pretended to watch the TV. Couscous looked to Ethan to see what he thought of the whole thing and O’Malley followed him to the door making sure the intruder left.

When he sat down Thatcher laughed asking if they were ever that young to which Ethan answered he still looks young… and handsome. Things will be getting much more hectic in the Hensley household soon that’s for sure.


Ugh. Let me just say from the start that Felicity was originally matched with Jasper until I realized she had higher chemistry with Brielle. Which confused things since I’d planned on each girl staying with their family and made their houses to accommodate that!

I need to find another lot type that they can use for the chatting outside of the matchmaker’s. Gardeners keep showing up!

They started the date and I got a notification about Jazzlyn learning someone’s trait. She was nearby and I couldn’t send her home!

Oh sure that’s fair. Needless to say they got a bronze.

At least she knows what she wants!

Then this popped up!

I really wasn’t making it up when I said the families were spying!

I think mother and daughter had different ideas about the matchmaker. Also, naming the “holiday” matchmaker had hilarious results as you can see.

Such dorks.

Seriously game? What’s with these freaking date tasks?!

Moving from first kiss straight to wanting to make out.

I think someone’s pleased with how things turned out. And, in the end, I am as well. Even if this was a total clusterf*ck. Now, I will admit that Brielle’s only other match was Jasper as well but hers was a much lower score with him. So, thinking fast I rolled for a not-so-random townie household with at least one teen. I got 2 adults and 2 teens. Originally, Ryker’s brother was to be the older one but she had terrible chemistry with Cole but great chemistry with Ryker so I swapped their ages. Cole’s around Parker’s age. Sorry, this one’s so long. I will admit I had a lot of fun writing it though.

A Few Changes & Mod Mentions <—completely optional read with no real info regarding the families.

O3-P3-R1 Hensley household

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