TS4→ Stratus Burne O3/P3/R1: Over-full Household

It is the first rotation of the Half-wise Moon phase in Stratus Burne’s 3rd Orbit. Current weather forecast: sunny cool.

Hensley household

Just some screenshots from when Brielle and Ryker were having their get-to-know-you time.

Lest we forget there is pet cuteness in the house right now.

Brielle talked non-stop about Ryker over breakfast.

Shortly after that the guests began to arrive. It’s a very special birthday today!

Aryana’s birthday! Her mother Mollie was there as well.

She’s adorable. I created a new personality profile roll for kids with more than one parent that weighs the numbers. Regardless, she’s a loner like the rest of them.

Maybe not the family that Thatcher expected but I don’t think he minds.

She’s so cute!

Looks like Brielle found a friend.

Okay, so I added another autonomy mod that allows them to ask to move in. Because at this rate we’ll be half-way through Aryana’s teen years if we wait! He asked almost immediately after the party.

*cough* I also added an autonomous marriage mod to test out. We’ll see!

I was quite annoyed that all of the pre-move-in chess games did nothing for her aspiration! Ethan came with some decent skills though I suppose.

Speaking of skills…. we still have Thatcher’s fitness skill to work on!

Kitten cuteness.

Oh gosh still?

The cat items had to be moved out of Brielle’s old room temporarily since she and Aryana shared the first night until I could add more space.

I completely forgot that I re-enabled the monster!

The first pic is one that I took when I built the house. I ran out of money and wasn’t able to add the downstairs but didn’t want to forget how I’d set it up. Brielle has her own room again.

I really don’t want to train out this misbehavior. They find such expensive things!

Some of Bradyn’s excess plants were given to Ethan for his garden since Bradyn really only needs flowers. The gardening in this save has become an issue though with the constantly changing seasons.

His aspiration is angling ace but he’ll go into the gardening career too only the botanist branch instead. Hello dog.

Brielle took a vacation day from school. She has an A already so what’s the point? I’d hoped there was a mod that would give shorter school days depending on grades but all I could find was one that makes them go to school less days.

Yay finally!

Parker came home from school miserable…

With an A! Another point for me!

Remember that kid Jaxton that Parker met the first day I played them? That’s him as a teen. He’s dating Felicity’s boyfriend Jasper’s younger sister Maisie. They had incredible chemistry so were matched earlier than usual.

Our next complication was how the heck do we let this kid inside without also letting in all of the strays? Thank goodness I’ve since found a mod to remedy this situation and the door club can be disbanded.

It seems he was having some sort of emotional issue as well. I kept trying to get Parker to ask Couscous to mate and he was so busy with his breakdown he wouldn’t!

Ryker arrived…

Followed by his little brother Cole who just had to check out his brother’s match. I absolutely adore Cole. I think I’m going to have to find a spot for him somewhere.

In all of the insanity at the house trying to juggle so many sims, I forgot about Ethan. What are you doing goofball?

That’s not creepy at all.

Aryana’s sudden outbursts gave me the idea on how to decide whether a sim in particular would use the parenting options to scold them. Brielle was the only one in the house I felt that would.

After me repeatedly telling Parker to have Couscous breed with this dog Mr. Wiggles he finally did so! Geeze.

I guess they decided to flirt in private?

Hurrah! I went into MCCC and changed it so she could only have one puppy. All these pets are insane. And, as you’ll see in the next chapter, dogs are so needy!

At this point, I’m shocked when they aren’t asked to spend the night.

The funny part is that all of them almost always immediately go to sleep somewhere after being asked.

Thatcher had gone to bed early and I realized he needed to play chess for his work task. I decided to wake Ethan up too since he needs logic as well.

Aryana was given the honor of aging up the kittens. Although, she seemed more interested in her toy cat.

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!

I was dying laughing but at the same time perplexed and a little worried this may be a new bug.

Alas it is not. I need to remove this silliness out of my mods. I decided to give him a bob tail like mom instead.

Seriously, O’Malley? You’re going to start with this already?!

The problem now is that there’s two of them and I adore them both!

Ethan was sent off to harvest some things. He also got some frogs for breeding. I need to get all of the households to get them. They can be highly profitable.

Couscous was in labor already.

Well done!

Another boy. We named him Lentil. What’s up with all the food/spice names? LOL!

I teleported Lentil inside to Brielle. So cute.

I have the feeling everyone wants Aryana’s attention.


The cats are trying to understand what he’s doing digging in the dirt like a dog.

Though the dynamic has changed, and it takes hours to play their rotation, I’m loving this family.

I realized the mic gives him fun in addition to the comedy skill. Even if it does look silly in there.

A jog with Couscous got him his fitness scout badge. I think he only needs the arts and crafts one now.

Look at that smile! She’s so happy to finally have a pup!

A broken faucet meant a chance to scold both Couscous for playing in puddles and Aryana for using forbidden words. Mouth of a sailor that girl!


That’s what you get for constantly lurking outside my sims houses, Dustin.

Sooo funny!!!

I have no idea what she was doing there. I was too pre-occupied with the family to pay much attention.

Obviously, I have more than 8 sims in the household now. Normally, it just cuts someone out like in the second pic. In the first you’ll notice that it instead replaced Aryana with a duplicate of Couscous!!

All three cats have that trait that makes them disappear for hours on end.

This would be even funnier if they were Siamese cats! And that’s it for this one. I think at this point we can just expect the chapters to be fairly long with so much going on.

O3-P3-R1 Burke-Fox household

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