Stratus Burne: A Few Changes & Mod Mentions

With the chapters getting increasingly longer as families get larger I thought it was prudent to do some of this yammering on in a separate update that you can read or not and it affects nothing really if you don’t.

Blog stuff…

I’ve added a copy of my spreadsheet to the Stratus Burne Landing Page. It’s a disaster and I’ve just been too lazy to make it look all pretty but thought maybe someone might find it interesting to see how I’m tracking points since I rarely mention them. Be warned there may be spoilers.

‘Hood stuff…

I had popped into Maddox and Bradyn’s house to get a pic for their family tree and noticed this snowpal relationship. I found the snowpal and saw it’s a celebrity! So funny. I also noticed these other snowpals in the area. I did mention in the Lane’s chapter that everyone had been congregating in that area. Which really isn’t what we’re here about but I thought it was cute and it leads into our next topic.

It started with this. Again, I popped into a household, this time the Lane’s obviously, and Rowen had the just got engaged moodlet! I now know for certain it can happen while not playing them. Which is cool and I think adds to the feeling they’re living their lives while I’m not playing them.

I then had a thought! Would it be possible for sims to woohoo autonomously while they’re hanging out in the area and I’m playing another household? I put the question to PolarBearSims who makes the autonomy mods and she said yes. And thus began the search for a mod that would allow me to place bushes around the little ‘hood.

I found Place in World Objects by K9DB on MTS. There’s a huge list of objects. You put the mod into your mods folder, place the objects, and then remove it to make them usable.

I’d also like to mention BrazenLotuses’ Toilet Bush Recolors which simply removes the flowers making them less obvious.

And so, since he works from home and Tanzi was sleeping, Braydn became my slave for most of this day.

I’m absolutely thrilled with how it came out. I haven’t seen sims using all of it but even then I can have my own played household use it while kids are on the playground or whatever.

My sims are so active in the area thanks to Coolspear’s World Sim Control mods. I linked to the forum page they’re all on and not one in particular because they work in tandem. This is also where the empty streets mod I used at the start can be found.

So, after poor Bradyn was forced to place, pick up, “go here,” place… over and over again (almost 80 go here’s in his count!) he came home to puddles everywhere from Talula going in and out of the house constantly and shaking off. He spent the rest of the day and even a few hours after Maddox arrived home from work mopping!

Again, I turned to Coolspear. He used to have a faster-evaporating puddles mod but apparently, Season’s made that obsolete and he re-wrote it so that you can instantly evaporate puddles on your lot if you so choose.

As you’ll see in the next chapter with the Hensley’s the issue with door locks and strays has gotten completely out of hand in my game! I remembered that LittleMsSam has some other door locking mods and checked. Yes, she did indeed make a mod to Unlock/Lock doors for chosen sims.

As you likely already know, me perusing mods for hours means I add new ones. The cause of this little “incident?” Coolspear’s Energy vs Tiredness Reworked mod. All it does is changes when the tired meter turns yellow and red so they aren’t running off to nap the moment there’s a tiny sliver of yellow because it doesn’t turn yellow until it’s at a much higher percentage of the bar. But dang when it turns red you better run your sim straight to the bed!

After I stopped playing them for the night I got to thinking about the situation and something occurred to me. I’ve been considering probably since the start of Stratus Burne of increasing the lifespan. Think about it… some sims I’m not even starting to play until they’re adults. And I’ve added this rule that they can’t get a job until they get half the required skills? I want them to be autonomous most of the time and so I’m constantly torn between that and the required skills. And the fact that most of them are broke!

And so I decided to go ahead and use yet another Coolspear mod Reworked Beds. That gives a higher energy rating to all beds. Now, you may be thinking wow Stormy you’re just a huge Cheater-McCheater-Pants! But, in my defense, Stratus Burne is my own made-up thing not a challenge per se. So I feel justified in making changes if they’ll add to the overall enjoyment of playing them. Because, in the end, isn’t it all about enjoying it? And it’s not like I’m cheating money or keeping their needs static or keeping them from aging. I’m just allowing them the opportunity to be autonomous in addition to working on their many goals. If anything, some of those goals will make their lives much more difficult than normal game-play!

Okay, now that we’re done with all of that I thought I’d end with a laugh showing you this dog. When I play the matchmaker’s in Magnolia Promenade the game creates new sims to walk dogs. No clue why? Anyway I was deleting the newest set when I saw this guy! I thought to myself my gosh he looks angry! And it occurred to me he’s perfect for Roman! So, meet Cujo, the Lane’s new dog. Fittingly he did have the agressive trait in addition to jumpy and glutton. That household is going to be so crazy to play!

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