TS4→ Stratus Burne O3/P3/R1: No Longer Babies

It is the first rotation of the Half-wise Moon phase in Stratus Burne’s 3rd Orbit. Current weather forecast: light rain cool.

Burke-Fox household

If you read A Few Changes & Mod Mentions you already know that Bradyn spent most of the morning placing things in the area for me. He did have to go back once to give Tanzi a bottle.

You’d also know that he arrived home to the house an absolute disaster!

Poor Maddox might actually wish he was back at work as unlikely as that is.

Just insanity.

It was like 7pm before Bradyn even got to look at his garden.

That puddle’s been there for how long and y’all still keep walking directly through it?

Talula has found a new love. I wonder if fire place is jealous?

Puppy cuteness!

I think someone wants attention… and I don’t mean the dog.

Oh umm it hadn’t occurred to me that sims would leave their houses to use those bushes!

I looked at this and thought ha y’all should have just done risky woohoo your chances would probably have been better with your traits. I was right, no nooboo this time.

At least Bradyn was happy. LOL!

Gotta get those requisite paintings done for his work task.

Then they both went to bed and I got to watch puppy cuteness.

Until one of them decided to wake up Bradyn. How they did it from this room I’ll never understand.

It led to quite the training moment though, wow!

Sorry Bradyn, since Maddox leaves the house for work late-night baby duty is yours.

I don’t think he really minds.

And he still works… sort of.

So cute!

All the babies in one room.

With Maddox off to work and Tanzi sleeping, Bradyn finally got a few arrangements done.

Until I remembered it was time to age up the pups! See Talula on the couch?

As soon as she realized what was going on she ran over to watch. Lego howled for his sister’s birthday.

I will admit, I thought that this behavior from the pets was wishful thinking from me until I saw Slinky thinking this when it was Lego’s turn!

Both dogs look so neat and totally unique although Slinky looks almost exactly like her dad but with mom’s ears.

Bradyn tended the garden a bit. He’s having this extremely annoying issue where the walks in and out of the house where the plants are to tend them.

Maddox is home!

Now he gets to see our pups aged up!

And Tanzi. I tried to get a cute pic of them both in the room while aging her up but Maddox’s needs were terrible.

Look at her! Ohmygosh!

It’s strange. She’s fine staying in the highchair once she’s in there but when they first put her in she immediately asks to be taken out.

So sweet.

Why on earth did you go in there? The living room was closer! She didn’t seem to mind sitting on the floor.

Looks like Bradyn’s having a hard time concentrating on potty training with doggie cuteness nearby.

Maddox finally finished his required paintings. Tanzi looks like she’s thinking “where where you this whole time?”

He made up for it.

One of them had a whim to watch TV with a toddler. Good thing they all like cartoons!

Someone was not happy about going to bed. She has a defiant streak!

Awe look how tiny she is! Maddox got the honors since Bradyn already read her a book.

I’m so glad I found that puddle mod. With 3 dogs in and out the puddles were insane!

Lego: Should we wake them up?

See? Defiant! She did not want to go potty!

Although, it could be because Bradyn woke her up just to go potty. After she was back to bed the dogs got attention.

And he cooked up some food. What the heck Lego?

Oh no! He’s afraid of the stove!

Awake fully this time, Tanzi played with her blocks while Bradyn walked in and out of the house tending his garden and I grinded my teeth. She had two babysitters at least.

The only way I can describe her expression is bemused.

I found Bradyn outside talking to Jazzlyn. Their demeanor was so funny.


Oh gosh. Guess who else is in love with the fire? Lego is more sensible and fears it.

Tanzi got her own little seat.

That she didn’t stay in long. More cartoons.

And then off to bed already. I swear she was only awake for a few hours!

Maddox gave some attention to the dogs.

And then went in to check on the others before heading to bed himself.

Bradyn had been obsessing over the over-flowing hamper the entire day despite not being a neat sim. I suppose at some point anyone will be driven to insanity by the piles everywhere. You know, if you didn’t change clothes each time you went in and then back out of the house half of it wouldn’t be there. Then, all of the dogs decided they wanted walks… at the same time!

He wasn’t even close to done with the laundry… it takes so long! So, Maddox was waken up to do the honors.

He didn’t seem to mind walking them in the rain until dawn. Bradyn only walked Slinky.

Good thing I wasn’t staying to play them this day too! Poor guy what an unfortunate place to pass out!


Random screenshots of sims using the new stuff. That slide needs to be moved. I forgot about the basketball hoop. I suppose they’re trying to stay dry in the rain with the fire?

Cute pic of Keirian’s moms flirting outside of the house. I’m too lazy to look up their names.

Our first Cujo sighting!

This Twitter comment on the pic was too hilarious not to share!

In case you find Maddox’s work chance cards as entertaining as I do. Now, the first time around he was hungry before leaving for work so I had Bradyn make him a sack lunch. Turns out that they are bugged but before I figured that out I was trying to find which mod was causing it and every single time he got a different one about being hungry and whether or not to steal someone’s lunch!

I spend hours before he leaves for work trying to add buffs to overpower the horrible uncomfortable one. This worked quite well as a replacement for cloud gazing.

I wait all day for him to come home and then he’s miserable. I would have liked to give him a different reward with all of those points but thought it was the smartest choice.

I’m just putting this here for myself so I don’t forget because it was so funny and also maybe I can work it into their story at some point!

Tanzi cuteness.

And a funny to finish us off. The dogs all did this when changing into their walk outfit even though it’s identical to their regular one!

O3-P3-R1 Griffiths household

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