TS4→ Stratus Burne O3/P3/R1: Many Milestones

It is the first rotation of the Half-wise Moon phase in Stratus Burne’s 3rd Orbit. Current weather forecast: windy hot.

Griffiths household

Ah, here we are back at the Griffiths household, like the Hensley’s before them, we have birthdays this rotation. I have a lot of pics so I’m going to try to keep out text as much as possible.

Buying Felicity the vet station used up most of their remaining funds.

Our “just the usual” now includes Jasper visiting.

Apparently, like Alijah, he wants to make a good impression by washing dishes as soon as he enters the house.

A girl who goes after what she wants. I like that!

No, they weren’t arguing. They were declaring weather preferences. Jazzlyn announced that she hates wind which Max loves.

I suppose she’s kinda big for the high chair.

Jasper went upstairs to use the computer. Like a moth to a flame with that thing I swear.

Madelyn wanted to be read a book.

And dad worked on his logic some.

Then, she sought him out and it was so cute!

Speaking of cute.

After Jasper left, Felicity’s attention turned to Buster. He learned to lie down and then began heel training.

Felicity woke up sick. I tried out LittleMsSam’s healthy drinks. It’s still not enough to combat the sickness mod. Nothing seems to be so I’m not sure if I want to use it anymore. #carrotjuiceisgross

Madelyn got a birthday hug from Buster and a dance from Kooper.

I saw a dog I’ve not seen before with wrinkly skin that I thought would be a neat match for Buster.

We invited extended family. This is Jasper’s sister Maisie.

Right after Jazzlyn started the party event I noticed Rowen outside walking Cujo. It took her a bit longer to arrive.

Adorable! I’m going to have to find more short hair CC since both she and Tanzi rolled it.

A stereo was purchased so they could dance together and get a gold party. I actually had to cheat them money before the party and selling the reward allowed me to pay it back.

Birthday time for the kittens too! And OMG I can’t believe I didn’t take that CC out when I wrote the Hensley chapter!

Needless to say, it’s gone now. So goofy. Caraway looks identical to Kooper but Cinnamon is a lighter color than Paprika.

It looks like Paprika is scolding Caraway for not watching his sister age up!

More healthy juice. Rowen stayed close to her sister to enjoy her misery.

That’s just creepy.

Ah, and the opportunities for teaching moments begin.

This brown haired girl is Alijah’s younger sister Haven if you didn’t know.

Are you disinfecting her room?

The house was quite a mess but the party was a success.

Moving on to a little bit of flirting before bed.

Speaking of which… more teaching moments.

I noticed Aryana walking past the house before school with her dad and had Madelyn run out to meet her.

Since she has an A in school, Felicity took a vacation day and continued Buster’s training.

Max was so invigorated by the windy day he couldn’t focus on his chess practice. Nothing that studying a broken fossil can’t help.

Jazzlyn, on the other hand, hates wind and arrived angry in addition to being tense from work. I sent her to the communal area to do some yoga and calm down.

Madelyn had some fun with the pets before running back to play on the monkey bars.

Jasper visited.

Feeling more herself, Jazzlyn worked on the book she’s been writing for ages while flirting with Max.

Spotting Aryana nearby, Madeyn invited her to do homework together.

Jasper left his girlfriend to for a jog. Weirdo.

I didn’t even realize Aryana was there.

Jasper and Felicity had a conversation about woohoo of all things.

Since Felicity has now maxed the training skill, Madelyn took over Buster’s sit training. Odd that he hadn’t learned that one yet!

I’m sure that’s not what Madelyn meant when she asked you to spray for monsters, Jasper!

The wrinkly-skinned dog joined the household but I decided to wait to try for a puppy until their next rotation so I don’t miss the birth.

Pet Antics…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

It’s like the cats are attracted to the room when she’s using that thing.

Caraway was not amused by Buster’s rolling in that puddle!


When playing another household I clicked on theirs and it seems the pets really were Madelyn’s babysitters!

Jazzlyn and Felicity spent some satisfaction points which resulted in some prestige points earned! I’m hoping to get Max the connections trait.

Madelyn maxed two skills just before her party and also earned the happy toddler trait. It seems Buster was the number one guest!


I was thrilled to see someone using the yoga mats. That’s Ryker and Cole’s dad.

I also noted their mom using the horseshoes! Hurrah!

And Slinky showing off this… stand thingy? There are only a few items I haven’t noticed them using.

I absolutely loathe the skating rink. Most of them use it when it’s there instead of the other fun stuff! How are they all skating without skates?

It’s so funny how they kinda stop and pose like this.

I was surprised she had the option to adopt the wrinkly skinned dog with an 8 sim household already.

And, to keep up with my new habit of ending with funny stuff we have two. I couldn’t figure out why both Jazzlyn and Felicity were so angry in the morning…


As Jasper came into the house the first day he was attacked. I wondered which of the pets might have done it?

It was a stray… outside.

A/N: It occured to me when I was getting ready to start playing them that Felicity won’t be getting a job and thus won’t be able to help with Jazzlyn’s Successful Lineage aspiration so I swapped hers with Max’s Super Parent one.

O3-P3-R1 Lane household

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