TS4→ Stratus Burne O3/P3/R2: Second Rotation Matchmaking

It is the second rotation of the Half-wise Moon phase in Stratus Burne’s 3rd Orbit. Current weather forecast: sunny cool.


Thatcher’s attempts to calm Parker’s nervousness before he left for the matchmaker’s weren’t very helpful. A hug from Aryana was though.


Ryker cheered his brother on telling him it would all work out in the end… look how well it worked out for him! His dad was less helpful.


Haven wasn’t nervous. Her dads were encouraging and cool about the whole thing.

It is very rare for a sim to have two matches with the exact same chemistry with the sim to be matched.

Parker sat chatting with them but… he couldn’t really choose. He liked them both.

The matchmaker left them alone for a while just to get to know each other better. Finally, Parker decided that it would be less weird with Haven since his cousin Brielle was matched with Cole’s brother Ryker.

They went outside to talk alone and it was a disaster. He wondered how things were going with Cole’s other match.


Jozef’s mother didn’t say much when it was time for him to leave for the matchmaker appointment. His grandfather told him if he likes his match go all in… “go in or go home boy!”

The guy seemed nice but both of them agreed there was nothing there. The matchmaker asked him to come back in a little bit.

Parker and Haven returned soon after Jozef left and Cole went out to see how things went. He seemed to find it hilarious that it was a disaster.

Haven wanted to make him laugh some more. The silly mood didn’t last long before the matchmaker told them to get back inside.

But despite being inside the two kept kidding around.

That’s when it occurred to Parker that these two were much better matched with each other than himself. Where’d that matchmaker go to when you need her?

She was outside chatting with Jozef who’d just returned.

He introduced himself to Parker while Cole and Haven tried not to be too obvious about looking at each other.

It was so packed inside they all went outside to chat and discuss the odd situation. Haven stated that it’s quite simple.

Jozef agreed and asked Parker to be his boyfriend.

Haven was quick to do the same with Cole.


Ryker is not subtle at all spying on his brother.

Five’s a crowd so Cole and Haven snuck off to be alone.

A first kiss already!

I don’t think you need a silly excuse now, Cole. You already kissed her!

See? Wow Ryker is such a spy!

Well, we can see that these two are perfect for each other. Let’s check in on the others.

Parker begged his territorial cat O’Malley not to attack his new boyfriend. He didn’t listen.

Jokes were plentiful and not really much flirting at first.

Finally, they went into Parker’s room to get away from the hectic house. Then the romance began full force.

FULL FORCE! Jozef really took grandpa’s advice to heart and gave Parker a promise ring!!!

Dorks. They high-fived after!

Jozef met the family properly since they’d been keeping their distance. Parker was… glowing? (His flirty face is kinda scary so it’s hard to tell!)

Looks like this crazy-chaotic household will be getting even crazier!

I liked both Cole and Haven so much that I made Jozef to hopefully match up with whoever Parker didn’t pick. I didn’t even do the chemistry between him and Parker!

How I did this would take more explaining. He really did like them both! He kept getting whims for Haven so I thought he’d be happier with her.

(Just a random pic to split up the text.)

Ending the date, I went back figuring I’d just let them be autonomous and see what happened without looking at whims. What happened was Cole and Haven completely ignoring him and making goo-goo eyes at each other. I’d never considered this possibility! I quickly did their chemistry profile with each other and Parker’s with Jozef. In both cases, it was higher!



After Cole and Haven’s date I returned to Parker like this!

A few sweet and not-so-sweet pet pics. Indeed O’Malley attacked him… from outside.

I have only had this happen once and it was in a test save! So exciting! Sorry the pictures of it suck. His room is tiny and I seriously didn’t expect anything exciting to happen!

For your entertainment: Parker’s scary flirty face!

O3-P3-R2 Hensley household

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