TS4→ Stratus Burne O3/P3/R2: What a Mess

It is the second rotation of the Half-wise Moon phase in Stratus Burne’s 3rd Orbit. Current weather forecast: sunny cool.

The Lane household

Cujo: Do you see what’s happening right now?

Me: I do! It seems that they must have known I was thinking about their wedding and decided to elope immediately. Spoilsports.

I guess if this is what they wanted.

Roman paid no attention. They never do when sims elope.

Weirdest wedding ever! And here I was not even planning on playing them until the next day! I’d been updating the house with the money that they got from Alijah moving in and unpaused so Roman could do something with the thermostat.

Fast-forward to me actually playing them. Of course, Bree visited.

Rowen and Alijah got to working on the skills required to get jobs.

Things were okay between Roman and Bree at first if you don’t factor in me being ready to murder her for constantly stopping their conversation to clean things.

Cujo wanted attention so Alijah stopped writing to play.

These two were in the bathroom… making up?

Ah, married life.

Even his playful face looks a bit mean!

Declaring weather preferences is so entertaining. Like the sims in this house need another excuse to argue right?

Cujo finally convinced Alijah to abandon Rowen and play.

Then stayed outside to growl at passers-by.

In the morning, Bree was invited around again.

It went about as well as last time and when she quickly announced she needed to leave he just let her go and hacked until work.

While Rowen and Alijah worked on skilling.

Cujo is in love with the TV. Speaking of love, they aren’t getting flirty from the romance channel.

Alright! Enough skilling for today.

Nothing more exciting than some chatting and flirting.

And Rowen acting weird. Her erratic side rarely shows.

Roman returned home with a promotion and in a foul mood. I’d hoped a nice walk would calm him down.

Speaking of foul moods. Bree arrived the next morning angry about something and immediately took it out on Roman.

This is just a disaster. I don’t think I’m even going to push for them to get together at this point.

At least Roman’s career is doing well. It’s pretty much the only thing with him that is.

Speaking of which, things aren’t all that great with Rowen and Alijah either. Notice the fridge is missing? I locked it in the basement. But once it was gone he found something else to do constantly to stop conversations.

I’m not saying they don’t flirt just with constant interruptions. What a mess.


Not sure if pickpocketing her is going to help.

For his first book ever that wasn’t even excellent?

Large group out here this night.


He wanted to make a prank call. This was so funny! Also, put him in a great mood before work.

I’m surprised the Fame pack didn’t include a throne made out of stacks of cash. It has a golden toilet after-all.

Alijah’s dad Dustin just randomly walked into the house heading for the basement… in the middle of the night.

I saw Cujo speed out of the house. He ran all the way over to the communal area to bark at this dog!

Despite his aggressiveness, I really like him.

For whatever reason, I couldn’t get Alijah to use the computer downstairs. I would queue it down there, even make him sit in the seat first, but he’d keep going up to try and use this one!

Yay! Alijah needs a lot more skills before he can get his job.

Another ridiculous thing. He got a good reputation from losing and then regaining good friends status over and over with Bree.

I just thought Dustin’s crazy eyes was funny. With their house so far away I rarely look over here.

I didn’t even read the thing. Why the heck would I want him fired?!

See? He wasn’t hungry at all but continually kept trying to go eat! I know he’s a glutton but the others don’t do this. He’s already gained weight and this is the first rotation playing him!

A few funnies to finish off this mess. Dad using the toilet while they are flirting practically on top of him. And Alijah bugged out playing with Cujo…

O3-P3-R2 Second Rotation Matchmaking

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