TS4→ Stratus Burne O3/P3/R2: Utter Chaos

It is the second rotation of the Half-wise Moon phase in Stratus Burne’s 3rd Orbit. Current weather forecast: sunny burning.

The Hensley household

Sometimes waiting for autonomy is pretty ridiculous. In this case, I just had them kiss and get it over with. It’s weird Parker being promised to someone when his dad and his live-in boyfriend haven’t even kissed.

Random pics I took during Parker and Jozef’s “date.”

Aryana hadn’t collected any of her scout badges. She got four at once.

While clicking on all 5 pets to see who woke up Ethan, I found so many of them had done things to lecture them for I woke Thatcher to help.

The morning after Parker’s matchmaking he still had his head in the clouds. No time for that! It’s party time!

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My solution to everyone constantly stopping conversations to wash a dish is the new trash can. I’ve banned them from autonomously taking out the trash from it and just drag plates in myself. That doesn’t stop the pets from knocking it out.

Like mother like son?

Lots of flirting throughout the day. I realized that none of my sims are getting embarrassed in awkward conversations. I’d actually asked PolarBearSims if it’s possible to make a mod for that but it seems the point is moot at the moment.

Impromptu morning hugs.

I’m getting extremely annoyed by the new gardening system with my random weather rolls.

After another reading session, Aryana finally had her requisite two hours. Unfortunately, she’d already done her homework and extra credit the day before and couldn’t advance in her aspiration.

She’s like hey watch this. I didn’t take a pic of the kiss because it matched up horribly.

Aryana was completely disgusted by the kiss.

Not to be outdone, Ryker follows with a shocking proposal!

The many family members try to give them what privacy they can in this small house.

I swear I thought that this project was a rocket and not a bridge which is why Thatcher was the only one helping!

I wonder if finishing each project quickly instead of carefully no matter what they’re directed to do is a bug?

Near the end of the day, I realized it was Lentil’s birthday! Aging off is confusing.

Couscous was totally shocked!

What on earth? That looks like the fake bad news interaction.

Oh! I noticed he does this constantly.

Hurray! Two proposals in one day!!!

Seriously? You propose and then are pulled from your fiance by a bit of trash somewhere else in the house? These sims are going to drive me mad I tell you!

Oh umm… okay?

Scolding Lentil for waking him up… through the door.

Y’all are engaged. You can sleep in the bed with her!

O’Malley returned from his night-time adventure sick. Had to buy another wellness treat. Felicity needs to hurry up and learn the skill. Bobsey thinks he’s giving him some food!

Goofballs the lot of them. Really… they almost all have that trait.

The cats go marching one by one hurrah hurrah.

He wasted §400 on seed packets for this.

Dog: That looks nothing like me try again.

Dog: I can’t bear to look. Such an amateur.

Yikes that’s kind of an over-the-top reaction to the poor dog’s disapproval. And looks more like a gorilla.

That’s the extent of Parker’s painting practice thankfully. Yay a point for me!

And another!

This is just the day for achievements!

Jozef is the first sim I’ve had use their key. I hadn’t even known he was there!

This household just utter chaos and I love it!

Gonna try this again, huh?

I wonder if they ask because they notice the other sim is tired?

Oh well, Parker got to working on his guitar skill book some more. Once he gets to the required level for the Entertainer career he’ll be set. He’ll need to age up first of course.

They put the coffee pot that Brielle got from work to good use and stayed up most of the night. And now I suppose we’ll do extras followed by glitches which is separate because there were so many!


Ah, the joy of mods. No more Door Club!

All these strays make it a necessity.

After the matchmaker day I noticed these in Aryana’s inventory. The game kept trying to do the welcome wagon/housewarming party that day!

From collecting the many badges she’d earned.

Hopefully all of this leaning will prevent this…

Which happens constantly in a household of 5 pets.

This got old quick. Like, how many friends can you possibly have Jozef???

Sisters out walking dogs together. I forgot the wrinkly-skinned dog moved in temporarily.

So nice she could get a job from the start.

Silly scout thingy ruining my pic!

Parker had the option to ask if single. I was curious.

These strays are insane! Look at them so confused why Couscous can enter and they can’t.

Sadly, the fire pit had to go. I spent hours trying to figure out what was causing horrible lag and finally narrowed it down to this. I tried to just put out the fire but they immediately tried to re-light it. When it was burning hot outside!

This really makes having 3 cats easier.

This popped up after canceling the holiday I made to remind me to switch houses. Weird.

I kept using Scumbumbo’s autonomy scan to ban them from doing annoying activities and when doing one of the scans I saw this. Couldn’t find anyone in the area wetting their pants though sadly.


To start us off: The classic awkward hug.

O’Malley attacking Jozef. In the first one he must have attacked via ESP or something since he didn’t even move.

This is just so weird!

This time was the weirdest though because they were at other sides of the house!

Puppy tripping through the floor.

Speaking of the puppy… the funniest of them all!

The creativity skill thing popped up and he had a thought bubble about the dragon toy on the table.

He tried his darndest to get to it!

And it kept happening because Aryana kept putting toys on the table!

This was the best though. I guess he was trying to get it from across the room? And last but not least, I did make a video but since it’s kinda long I’m not embedding it here…

He really does look like he’s dancing to the music!

O3-P3-R2 Burke-Fox household

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