TS4→ Stratus Burne O3/P3/R2: More Renovations

It is the second rotation of the Half-wise Moon phase in Stratus Burne’s 3rd Orbit. Current weather forecast: sunny showers warm.

Burke-Fox household

While doing his pre-work painting, Maddox got 3 masterpieces in a row. I actually panicked thinking I’d inadvertently added a mod that affects this somehow. So I saved then took out my mods and went back to the start and he painted 3 again and 2 out of 3 were masterpieces. Could it be the celebrity status?

Whatever it is it gave them a lot of money in addition to what they had from the week before. Tanzi and the dogs are going to show off the upgrades.

I’ve decided that having plants in that sunroom was pointless. He won’t stop going in and out and I kept having to move them so he could reach them all. So, I knocked this wall out and made that the living room.

I couldn’t bear to go without a fireplace since Talula and Slinky love it so much so put a new one on the back wall there so it can warm the entire space.

In order to bring the kitchen floor out another tile I added this tall half wall and the cabinets. Because it seemed a waste to remove that amount of space from the living room.

The bathroom was extended slightly to accommodate a washer and dryer and potty chair.

Bradyn’s entire garden was moved to the back yard replaced by a play area.

Tanzi is thrilled with the changes!

Bradyn’s garden was expanded. I spent a fortune and got him most of the flowers from packs. I also gave in and got a mod that makes the plants in season all seasons but winter like it was in Sims 2 and 3. I like the new way but it makes no sense with the weird weather changes in Stratus Burne. To make up for it I got one that makes way more weeds and such.

Showing off all of the new stuff and running around the yard tired out the little cherub.

Another promotion! The entrepreneurial and carefree traits were well worth the points! And torturing him in the morning to get as many buffs to cover than uncomfortable one as possible.

Speaking of which… oh my god this is the best moodlet EVER! Look at it! +3 boost for 6 hours!

The most frustrating part about Maddox’s job is that he has to spend so much time away from the family. First, at work and then, painting for his work task.

I remembered from my Alphababy challenge that they can look at a book while watching TV. Bonus imagination!

Finally, Maddox took a break from painting to spend a little time with her.

Before taking her to bed.

So sweet.

Bradyn did a flower arrangement to keep Maddox company. I find it so frustrating they can’t talk while using that.

And then they were off to bed. Poor Lego needs a place to sleep too. They rarely use those pet beds that take up so much room.

Tanzi woke up and played with the llamacorn toy.

And dad got working on the garden. It takes significantly longer to get through all of the tending now.

Her skills are pretty good but a little help and attention can’t hurt. Flashcards first.

Then blocks. That light through the windows tho! The funny thing is I lowered some of my graphics settings when trying to figure out the lag issue and I don’t see a difference at all.

Maddox came home and made a beeline for the dollhouse. (heh bees get it?) Tanzi couldn’t join him for some reason.

More flash card fun.

While Bradyn took the dogs all for quick walks.

I think Lego’s her favorite.

I really do love the high chair and the issue I was having with the mod not always working seems to have stopped.

Little one off to bed, the dads socialized for like seconds before running to bed themselves. At least they didn’t go to the bush!

Slinky’s like what the heck I want attention too!

I was very happy that with the promotion Maddox had the third day off to spend with the family.

Ohhh do you see that?

I loved the looks on their faces here.

Let Bradyn care for his many plants. Tanzi’s communication skill had gone up a level and she became a little chatterbox.

Yikes! Best stop reading now!

The little one went for a quick nap and Maddox made the rounds giving attention to all of the dogs.

Bradyn had finally finished his gardening and Tanzi her nap.

They spent a long time in her room just chatting while she played. So sweet.

Yesss another baby! They are like the best dads ever.

I suppose they’ll need to extend the house again. I don’t want to do any more than that. These are supposed to be small family homes. I find it annoying that he can’t make mood-based flower arrangements.

I realized that there was an option to send Lego hunting!

He found a hamburger toy which Maddox gave to him.

I guess now that he’s been given permission he’ll do it on his own?

Maddox made this sweet painting and even though it’s a masterpiece I’m keeping it for the baby’s room. Baby! So exciting.


I saw this from the map when I was doing something. So cute!

Can you tell there was a puddle?

He got this when becoming good friends with Tanzi.

Are you sure he deserves it? LOL!

Bradyn had a ton of points and I really had no idea what to spend them on! Stoves and grills and storyteller give good moodlets so I thought it’d be helpful for Maddox’s pre-work buff-fest.

A pretty sunset.

I guess he didn’t want to move away from the coffee maker to kiss? They did it twice. Weirdos.

O3-P3-R2 Griffiths household

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