TS4→ Stratus Burne O3/P3/R2: Troublemakers

It is the second rotation of the Half-wise Moon phase in Stratus Burne’s 3rd Orbit. Current weather forecast: partly cloudy freezing.

The Griffiths household

A pretty view when I was setting up to play. I’m not sure which of my recent changes fixed the far background but I’m sooo happy!

Three out of five pets were sick!

I gave in and cheated Felicity the money to buy the vet station. It’s not like she makes money off of it anyway. Maybe I’ll add the stipulation that she provides free vet care to the community.


Her skill is so low it took her forever to diagnose them. With constant pauses in between to calm them!

A pat for Buster so he wouldn’t feel left out. Speaking of Buster. I had no idea where to put the Buster/Hilda (aka wrinkly dog) mating montage so here’s better than anywhere.

This was so frustrating. And imagine if I didn’t have the breeding unlimited mod? I’d have to wait for like half a day to try again!

Then these popped up and I thought ohmygosh so much time has gone by already!

And then I realized to my chagrin that poor Max had spent the entire day talking to the mirror! He had one charisma point past what he’d needed!

He was actually fairly close to affording the connections trait so I worked on his aspiration and followed whims for a while. Plus, I kinda felt guilty.

The new garbage cans have added so many training opportunities.

Aryana had come home from school with Madelyn but this was the first I saw of her. And oops giving her the height for next rotation before I left was a mistake!


Wow another one! Now, the irony in this is that I’d just noticed that Jasper was still a teen. He shouldn’t have been. I was double checking the age chart to make sure and unpaused to this.

So proud of herself.

Caraway: I wuv my ball.

Oh good girl!

Good girl for Madelyn too!

When Aryana left, Max went back to the reading. The two hours is sooo annoying. I’d rather it be 10 books or something because that’s about how many times it takes!

But totally worth it!

Madelyn went upstairs to work on her aspiration.

Jasper left so Felicity made some of that calming serum.

Since I planned to have Jasper move in the next day anyway I added the money he’d bring in and adulted (is that a word?) Felicity’s room.

Oh look! Birds!

I’d sent Madelyn to play on the monkey bars but found her chatting with Bree’s son Kolton instead.

And then found her a little while later journaling. Better get back to the house… it’s party time!

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Everyone had left except Jasper’s younger sister Maisie when Hilda went into labor!

I couldn’t think of anything to go with Buster so I thought maybe a B theme? Meet Bender.

Madelyn latched onto him immediately. Guess we know who’s dog he’ll be, eh?

Jasper moved in… I somehow thought that the promise rings thing would transfer as an engagement when they aged up? Apparently not. Regardless I guess that one will be part of the “move in” requirement rules.

Naughty already! And everyone was sleeping so there was no lecturing. Although, I hate lecturing for this because look… expensive part!

Haha he fell asleep in the puddle!

Madelyn got to working on practicing typing… while eating breakfast and I realized she already had level 10 motor skill! Doh! All she needed was a high score on that game.

I cringed when I realized that the most appropriate next aspiration for her was Social Butterfly. Sorry Jasper but she needs a “new” friend.

She went outside and met Jasper’s dad. Perhaps he was a bit stressed out that his son left and was replaced by a dog? I forgot to mention that Maisie took Hilda home with her.

My game is now crawling with new sims. It seems I accidentally deleted the mod that was stopping it. Oopsie. I think I’m going to keep this kid because I like his last name… Hammer.

Madelyn needed a best friend. Thatcher didn’t bat an eye at the many pets outside when dropping Aryana off if possible his house is usually worse.

Perhaps Roman misses Buster a bit? His relationship with Cujo is… complicated.

I was trying to think what on earth they could do together. There’s no TV or gaming system here yet. Finally, I went for chess and chatting.

Madelyn: Wow she must have been really hungry!

Me: How do I manage to get so many gluttons?

Meanwhile, these two were going strong on the romance. Geeze Felicity just knock him on the head why don’t you? I got excited at first until realizing there’s no way they’d get pregnant with Felicity having the responsible and good manners traits.

Best friends! Okay Aryana, you may leave.

Felicity was taking Buster out to do his business and such when I realized he knows the heel command! It even works with jogging! So freaking cool.

LittleSam made a mod that allows puppies to be trained in a few basic commands like sit.

I have Jazzlyn updating her social media profile and blogging for fans constantly. I’m actually surprised she hasn’t gotten a fame point yet. Of them all, she’d make the most sense.

Uh, maybe Jasper aspiring to be a chef wasn’t the best idea?

A little father/daughter chat.

Paprika is very much Jazzlyn’s cat. Everyone sort of claiming a pet leaves poor Cinnamon and Caraway without a buddy. I think Jasper’s a cat lover, maybe he can become companions with them both?


Sims walking dogs pics. I did not give that outfit to Lentil!

I saw this weird shadow floating. Turns out it’s a puddle from the bathroom upstairs!

Digging for treasure eh?

Not as many as I’d thought considering the number of times they had to be lectured. I wonder if there’s a place like in debug that shows what they’ve learned?

It seems that Madelyn and Bree’s other son Declan despise each other!

It makes me so happy when they use this stuff. Although, what are you wearing?

The happy couple arriving to Felicity’s party.

Maybe it was just living with this trainwreck that put them in bad moods?

Jazzlyn was not pleased that they did this big show at her house during Felicity’s party!

I wonder if we’ll see them walking her? I might have to drop them on an empty lot.

It feels to me like the issue with strangers wandering into my sim’s houses has gotten worse since the fame patch.

Madelyn’s going to work on getting the simstigram followers achievement with Bender.

I swear I have no idea when she got to level 10 motor! She’s on the final stage of social butterfly now.

I had actually planned to give them prestige points for this but they get it way too easily.

I was thinking. You know how they roll for the weather preferences? Well, wouldn’t it make sense then that they are more acclimated to their preferred one?

At this point I was just trying to get points.

And I did! Next rotation we’ll have our first community lot!

This popped up one day. Not something to brag about Roman.

And, to finish us out, I’ve been trying to get these birds around the area for the pets but I must be doing it wrong. I kept having to delete huge flocks of them from the backyard!

O3-P3-R2 Lane household

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