TS4→ Stratus Burne O3/P3/R2: They’re All Weirdos!

It is the second rotation of the Half-wise Moon phase in Stratus Burne’s 3rd Orbit. Current weather forecast: rainy stormy warm.

A/N: Haha the weather was rainy stormy… it’s me!

The Lane household

Thunderstorms. Rowen was quite pleased. Better get your butt in gear girl, you have work soon!

A quick chat with Cujo before she leaves. Alijah actually had a level over the writing skill than he needed. Seems I’m not paying enough attention to my cheat sheet.

Roman invited Bree around. After the disaster at his ex wife’s house I was actually looking forward to seeing what happened.

Starting off good.

I was trying to get Alijah satisfaction points but all he wanted to do was write. So I let him write for a little bit.

I know this normally happens. And I suppose in the regular weather in-game it might not storm quite so long but they made hundreds of simoleans selling all this stuff!

Oh no you don’t jerk.

I had Alijah call him to the basement and show him some luvin‘. I bought him a bed but he wouldn’t lie on it down there.

I sent poor Alijah out to collect that stuff.

Rowen’s home… ouch!

They have the weirdest relationship.

Pets for Cujo. Speaking of which the next part will be narrated by the dog himself!

Cujo: *shock* OMG he can’t be serious?!

Cujo: He’s serious.

Cujo to me: I am not pleased.

Me to Cujo: Look at it this way, he’ll have her to keep his attention from you.

And so, just when I’d given up on them, Bree moved in. So weird. After that distraction was over I saw Rowen outside in the storm playing guitar.

Serves you right silly!

Never mind. She was thrilled about it.

Oh hey Bree I know you have like no handiness skill but you need it anyway so can you fix the fridge Alijah broke?

I tried my hardest to get a screenshot of Cujo enjoying the guitar music but with his permanent scowl he just looked angry. So I took a short video.

Cujo also really likes his slab of meat bed. I moved it into Rowen and Alijah’s room.

Sorry Alijah. I mean, I realize they’re in your yard so nobody else can claim them but the fact they’re there and I can’t pick them up drives me nuts.

He was only a smidge away from where he needed to be.


He had an early work task after joining to spray graffiti. I wondered if maybe the mod that allows you to place objects includes this one and it does!


I thought the storm chaser reward was really fitting since she won’t stay inside!

Bree, on the other hand, spent practically every waking hour upgrading plumbing.

Or trolling teh forums. She looks terrifying here. Also, I really need to change her dress. I can’t stand it.

Perhaps we should keep Rowen away from the stove?

I mean, she does like lightning. Next thing you know she’ll be setting the house on fire!

Speaking of which, she’s suddenly decided to show off her erratic side a lot more often. Maybe it was that lightning strike? They make such a goofy couple.

Oh geeze.

You’d think she’d be the one giving him a massage after that fall.

I bought it. If they autonomously marry I think they’ll use it.

Fun over. He went to bed. You can fix the keyboard, Bree!

I suppose I shouldn’t be choosing for him to work from home. He needed to do a mural this time.


See? He loves his slab of meat bed!

Such a good dog.

Roman was at work and Bree was in the basement trolling teh forums. Time for romance!

Don’t get excited. I think I may have the percentages too low.

Weidest. Couple. Ever!

How’d you get there?!?

He’s just rolling through the promotions!

See? So weird!

When morning came, Alijah got a promotion. But, that’s it for them for this rotation.


Rowen got this before work.

When doing these, at least in Stratus Burne, I’m trying to choose what I think they’d do not what I think is the smartest option.

Which actually, in this case, had a funny yet positive result!

His spotlight has already faded. This system is so goofy.

Although, I swear it affects how much they make off of things! Look at the last book.

I’m so bad! I just find it so funny for him to fulfill these whims with Jazzlyn.

O3-P4-R1 Fourth Phase Update

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