TS4→ Stratus Burne 4th Phase Update


In the last update Leila on the left and Annika on the right started dating.

They are now young adults, married, and Annika is pregnant. Obviously, living on their own.

Leaving Leila’s sister Lucia and her husband Kai alone with their daughter Kaylee who just aged to child.

As well as Annika’s sister Jade, her husband Jeremy, and son Nash who also just aged to a child.

Jeremy’s grandson Johan was born. His daughter Tiana and her husband Liam are expecting another little one soon.

Tiana’s mother Kadence, Liam’s sister Shayla, and Aryana’s mother Mollie all live together as the single gals. I’m hoping to find someone for them soon. I kinda feel bad! Now you’re probably wondering why is Mollie not living with Aaron anymore?

Remember Madelyn met a kid, Dean Hammer? Well, Dean was adopted by our favorite ex-mail lady. I have no idea why but the game replaced her. I did profiles on them both and she was a good match for Aaron. Three boys and expecting another nooboo! Not as hectic as most of the played houses I suppose.

This is the new mail man. I only gave him a tiny makeover.

The only other news of note is that Jaxton’s niece aka Imani’s daughter Kaleigh was also aged to a child.

I know this is a fairly pathetic townie update. I’d planned to roll four or so new households but I’ve been having a crashing problem and just don’t have the energy. Hopefully soon.

Our first earned lot!

I know originally I’d planned to build all of the lots myself. But truthfully, I need to be in a building mood. And that usually only happens when I’m living in a house and see changes I want to make. I’m not really big on building community lots. It took hours to find a restaurant I liked.

Here’s the outside. I really didn’t change anything here. I love the stairs going to the basement.

Of course, I had to change the tables to accommodate my huge households. I also added more four tops. The restaurant was built to copy a TV series and I suppose it must have been made like it was in the show. Anyway, the kitchen didn’t work. It must have all been placed with moo on. I really loved it but couldn’t find a way to make it work and finally gave in and re-did the whole thing. Nothing exciting so no pics.

The other side of the room. The host stand’s gone because I was trying to get everyone to leave so I could take pics! I really love the bar area it looks really cool and is a nice place for patrons to sit and chat too. To the rear, there is another staircase to the basement.

Obviously, that’s where the bathrooms are. They’re really nice but tight quarters so no point in trying to take a pic. And, as you can see, the basement holds the allure I was looking for!

Not really an arcade. I’d like to have a separate arcade lot so this works. Just kind of a place for everyone to chill out and enjoy each other’s company away from home.

I alos blocked the entrance to the storeroom with an gaming machine. Who needs supplies anyway right?

New household!

Since I had to bring them to the restaurant so I could go into tab mode to take pics you already know it’s Haven and Cole. So, the story is that both of their parents live in the first region and don’t want to move so, like Bradyn and Maddox, they’re given a place in the new region.

You might be thinking but why on earth would you move them into the empty lot and not Brielle and Ryker or Felicity and Jasper? I don’t think I’ve ever explained this before but any money children get to move out of the house comes from their parents. The problem is that the ones that have kids that could move out are all broke! So it’s let them live in tents or at home. I chose home… at least for now. Starting with so many teens wasn’t my brightest idea.

A new house!

We now have the final lot in this little community!

I had a specific floor plan in mind when picturing their house. I have no idea why my brain just turns to ooze building on a 20×15 lot? I looked at sooo many houses. They were all so small! I wanted a very open living space and you’ll see why in a minute. Now, I really really hesitated using this house 1. because it’s so popular 2. because it uses no packs! I’ll not get started on the packs rant because I won’t shut up.

I got the house with no furniture and spent over an hour trying to pick out the colors for the outside because I wanted it to match the other houses in the ‘hood even if it is more modern.

I’ll likely extend this into a deck at some point. For now it’s just… there.

Onto why I wanted the large space. For Haven’s gaming! I have the sofa facing out so that viewers can only see her and the wall behind her. They can’t see the cheap tv or lights or anything else which makes it funnier to me. She’ll be doing the other branch of the social media career than Jazzlyn is doing… when she gets the skills, of course.

Again, I really struggled with the wall colors. I ended up using that wall tile in the kitchen and picking 2 different matching brown colors to replace the wood and white walls that were originally in there.

As you can see there’s a pretty much empty area on the other side of the room. I think it was an office space? I’m sure we’ll fill it in no time.

Upstairs is nothing exciting. They still have a little money left but I kinda felt like since they’re still young they would spend most of it on the downstairs. Plus, with everyone else being so broke when they started, I was afraid to spend it all!

Well, that’s our update for now. I might have to do another short one at the start of the second rotation because I really do need to make more townies!

R3-P4-R1 Snyder household

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