TS4→ Stratus Burne O3/P4/R1: Off to a Great Start!

It is the first rotation of the Blooming Moon phase in Stratus Burne’s 3rd Orbit. Current weather forecast: windy cold.

Snyder household

I guess I’ll have to post 2 family trees until they have kids or something?

So exciting! New start on the final lot in the beginner community! And I really like both Haven and Cole.

I just had to visit the new restaurant!

(That’s a lot of new!  New phase, new lot, new household, new house!!!)

I was sooo excited to see the dhamirs!

Ah childish sims.

I tried to put some of the food that they learn to make after eating it on the menu.

Restaurant control is yet another one of Coolspear’s mod sets I’m using. It adds a busser with no other purpose than to clear plates.

I tried really hard not to take a ton of pics of other sims. I just thought this was funny because it was titled something like “8 friends dining” and I was wondering when they all became friends?

Cole’s aspiration is Friend of the World. So he needed to introduce himself to 10 sims. He started on that while Haven finished her placemat coloring.

Then Haven joined him since she needs mischief skill. Plus, I was just having fun looking around.

Show-off! They all have max skill plus the mix-master trait.

Jasper looks so different after his not-so-young YA makeover. (I have no idea what to call it!)

I noticed Parker hanging out with a table of teenagers.

So neat!

Mischief is so weird. You just never know what someone will like or not. This lady loved getting shocked.

Meanwhile, Cole had moved outside to meet even more people.

Madelyn and Max were the only “family diners.” Also, OMG I just realized… Mad Max!

I find it extremely annoying that the Chief of Mischief aspiration requires 2 sims to dislike you.

Also, why isn’t there a boost to mischief interactions. I changed her bonus trait to Home Turf because this is useless to her.

After she completed that part of the aspiration she apologized. This is Jozef’s mom. She also became disliked by Jasper’s dad. Haven’s a good sim with a mischevious spirit. She doesn’t mean any harm and I feel like having sims dislike her would be upsetting.

Alone at last! Yes, it’s dark outside those windows! They spent the entire day away but did very well on their aspirations and skills.

Oops. Forgot to lock the doors! This stray’s eyes always crack me up!

And yes, it was so long that they were hungry again. Cole got started on dinner while Haven did a little trolling.

She looks bemused.

Okay, so they were flirting and Haven drops to one knee to propose right? I paused as-per-usual but the music didn’t play! Looking at his face I thought for sure it was a no.

I’m happy to be wrong! I wonder if it’s the fact they are both romantic that has them flying through all of the relationship milestones?

I finally took out the mod preventing welcome wagons. Or housewarming parties I suppose. Unfortunately, I put in the mod version that has friends welcoming them and not neighbors. You’ll notice that most of these sims are ones Cole met and befriended the previous day!

At least his brother was there. He’s a neighbor as well now that he’s moved in with Brielle.

At least there were some neighbors… Max and Jasper. Haven went around introducing herself since she didn’t know most of them!

I saw Jasper’s dad nearby and checked and indeed Cole had a option to help their poor relationship. This is the first time I’ve seen the sim that it was suggested to seek out the other sim to apologize.

I’d expected it to have a larger relationship boost than it did really.

Inside, things were winding down. I wanted to have Haven play a video game with some of them but apparently, she couldn’t because there was no room on the couch. Which is ridiculous since half the time they stand up to play anyway!

Once they left, she started on the online gaming. Cole, on the other hand, is doing a small amount of logic, charisma, and handiness because there are no skill requirements for the Detective career and I felt he needed some skills at least to get into the “police academy” where he’ll obviously get his training. <shrug>

After reading Onyeka’s Manners Please story I’m terrified of the playful mood!

Yes, go calm down. Unfortunately, she gets that moodlet pretty much every gaming session.

The most difficult part of the Internet Personality career is getting the insane number of followers needed to advance. So, I got her a drone to stream for followers while playing. Might as well get a head-start.

I didn’t mention earlier but the plate of cupcakes never arrived with the guests. I assumed someone had them in their inventory until I was looking around and sa this cat’s thought bubble!

There they were in front of the Hensley’s house! Gee thanks Ryker.

Sorry cat, you snooze you lose.

Okay maybe the cat had no chance to get to them. I teleported Haven out of curiosity to see if the drone would teleport too. It did but takes quite a while.

Ah, bathroom romance…

…and ground cupcakes.

What an exciting life they’ve started together, eh?

He was probably just happy she cooked this time.

Back to streaming and skilling… well she’s skilling too technically.

Yay! He’ll have to wait for the next rotation though because this is their last day already!

I’ve never seen this option in the romance menu before.

It looks the same how disappointing. No moodlet or anything.

I’ve been keeping an eye out for this dog since the first day but this is the first she’d shown up.

They were friends almost immediately. Like it was meant to be!

Those ears tho! Now, all along because of the name the game generated for her I assumed this was a male dog. Talula and Couscous have already had puppies and the others are males so I paid her little attention. Silly me! Although, if she’d mated with Buster I wouldn’t have adopted her so it worked out in the end.

After exiting CAS, I couldn’t find her. Naughty girl. Her name is Pika. Short for Pikachu because of the ears. Her original name was sort of like that too. Also, I had the hilarious thought after playing them of getting a cat named Chu.

Her owners were a bit too preoccupied to notice her misbehavior. What would they do without me?

I don’t think she minded the lecture since it was followed by some luvin’.

Speaking of luvin’. I swear all of the pets are constantly in heat!

Maybe lecturing her made her afraid of it? LOL!

A very productive first rotation for this household if I do say so myself. All Haven needs is more charisma skill and she can get her job too. And let us not forget the proposal! And the adoption of Pika!


The playground is now a hive of activity since aging up so many townie kids!

You can’t really tell unless you look close but Jazzlyn was playing in a pile of trash. I think the other lady was trying to pick it up.

Another playground pic.

It appears that I did manage to get at least one more flock of birds to spawn.

The whims were immediate and plentiful. This chapter would be much different if I was only following whims!

Two new townie kiddos. In case I need their bithdates at some point: Rez born 03/04/01 and Jami 03/04/03.

O3/P4/R1 Burke-Fox household

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