TS4→ Stratus Burne O3/P4/R1: Pup and Toddler Cuteness

It is the first rotation of the Blooming Moon phase in Stratus Burne’s 3rd Orbit. Current weather forecast: heavy rain cool.

Burke-Fox household

I think for the most part the rotation won’t end up being in a set order anymore. I went to the Hensley’s and none of them worked except 1 day so I switched to this household. Prepare yourself for cuteness!

I went early enough for Maddox to paint before work.

And Bradyn to tend the garden… and play with bees.

I decided to keep all of Tanzi and the pup’s solo antics for the end of the chapter to prevent screenshots with no other caption than that’s so cute or some variation of that. Nap time!

It feels like he’s flying through these.

I guess he’d eaten at work.

She looks totally freaked out in that first pic but she loved it after that.

Meanwhile, all the pups got attention from Bradyn. She looks like Falkor from Neverending Story!

His over-reacting expression when she was telling him something was so funny.

When it was Lego’s turn for attention I couldn’t find him.

So Talula got to go next and was taken on a disappointing adventure.

Lego: Hey what’s up you called?

Sorry pup you gotta wait your turn now.

No drinking from puddles, Slinky!

Slinky immediately searches out a different source of water.

Back to play time with daddy then bed time.

And more pup attention including feeling the love from Talula.

Maddox worked on the paintings he needed and then I realized after he finished that with his promotion he didn’t go in the next day!

Tanzi and Bradyn were up first and had breakfast in bed with lots of toddler chatting.

With those mods I put in to make gardening more difficult to balance out the mostly year-round planting cycle, he’s out there for several hours.

More chatting with Tanzi.

Slinky’s like yay TV! I checked before Tanzi went down for her nap and she can watch him play like she can regular TV.

It was just a short nap until Bradyn was done. You’ll see later I wish I would have let her nap longer. Bradyn is having a chat with Bearcula.

Who is apparently a celebrity.

Rubber ducky you’re the one! You make bath time oh so fun!

The previous day on Twitter someone told me that if you hire a nanny before the parents leave they won’t be sent to daycare thus destroying their needs. Before they left I had Tanzi ask him for some food.

A little chatting, a little flirting, and then desert which I apparently didn’t take a pic of.

I didn’t want my nanny/daycare rant to ruin the happy flow of the chapter so I’ll save all that for the extras. Needless to say little one had to be carried to bed or she’d have passed out.

Unlike Maddox, Bradyn’s promotion left him working on a day he shouldn’t have. Oh well, at least he works from home.

Maddox asked the baby’s due date. Which translates to are you going to have that kid already? I agree.

Back to the plants.

While Tanzi and Maddox have more fun. Yep, he didn’t have work this day either. Why is he wearing his party clothes?

I gave Tanzi the peanut butter sandwich that silly refined palette Maddox was about to eat. I couldn’t figure out why she stopped mid bite to run around the house. She wanted to chat with Talula!

Playtime with the pups. Slinky is so funny looking! Her every expression cracks me up. Poor Lego is afraid of everything.

And then it was baby time and this little one was whisked off next door.

It appears it was a shift-change when they arrived so they had to wait.

Welcome Daisi!

Bradyn bragged about surviving food poisoning just the previous day to the adorable doctor.

Then it was time to stop and pick up little Tanzi.


Now, you may have seen a pic of them about to age up Tanzi. Long story short it didn’t happen and I had to roll back to a previous save.

Next rotation our girl turns 5!

Toddler/Doggie Cuteness…


Let us hope the “favorite animal” bat is the stuffed toy in her room!

Marketable is insane with what I suspect is a celebrity bonus value.

Maddox: I rake in money like magic!

Last of the ‘hood babies for now. Born 03/04/02.

I guess his energy was low? It still showed green for me!

This makes no sense! ALL the food was excellent quality!

Okay now, you knew it was coming. As was recommended to me I hired a nanny. I even made sure she was speaking with him when they left. “If I wish?” There was no option to leave the nanny! She was automatically whisked off to daycare hell.

I was furious!

And then he had the nerve to show up after they got home and when he was asked to leave he charged them but didn’t leave and kept trying to talk to them through the door!

A few pics I took while at the restaurant.

I think Dr. Crocker needs to be added to the townies!

I’ve just installed roBurky’s Meaningful Stories mod and these are a result of one of the features. But I’ll leave the explanation to the tests report-article-type-thing. (LOL!)

And, to finish us off, a pretty sky pic overlooking the house.

O3/P4/R1 Hensley household

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