Various Career, Toddler, and Emotion Tests

That’s right. Stormy, Cheddah, and Spatula are back for even more testing. And are now joined by Feta!

Stormy is testing out the active careers ie: are they even possible with the bug or whatever that’s making toddlers needs so bad when leaving them?

I put Feta’s needs all half-way when she got to work at 9am. By 2pm he was ready to pass out. I also noticed that this was about the time she’d finished all of her daily tasks.

Oddly, when Stormy got home no amount of attention would raise Feta’s social once it had dropped down completely.

Yes, I had them work on Winterfest. This is a test after-all! So Father Winter came and was mean to Feta! When Feta tried to charm hug him he thought about hating children! Just for that he got bitten, beaten-up, and pranked.

As he left Feta laughed at the huge pile of presents that were placed before the altercation.

Yes well, if you’ve never read my testing you may be confused what this has to do with anything and normally I do high-speed and barely pay attention but this time in addition to a toddler I had a new mod to test!

roBurky’s Meaningful Stories… I did test parts of this out before when I was playing Ash Shore so some may be familiar.

If you didn’t play Sims 2 and aren’t familiar with the platinum mood this may look odd to you. There is a way in the settings to turn it off but I like it.

I did take tons of screenshot of the different tutorial type pop-ups but I’ve decided not to share them. I almost feel like it would lose fun for you if you don’t discover it all on your own. Now, I can’t remember in Sims 2 but in Sims 3 when sims were in a very good mood they earned the equivalent of satisfaction points over time. It’s a huge motivator to keep sims happy in that game. The happy and very happy moods do that with this mod.

Back to work-testing. Stormy gained fame by arresting this woman!

Which wasn’t the test, of course. The test was to see if Feta’s needs were fairly good how they would be by 2pm. Not bad and I noted that the hunger went up both times.

So, I thought to myself okay I can get my toddler’s needs all maxed before the sim leaves for their active career but then there’s all that time lost of toddler training! Then, I remembered this Bienchen mod. Notice it says something about an addon that allows sims to replenish their energy need while left at home? Interesting but I was looking at the toddler away actions.

Another question I’ve had is if my sim leaves their active career early once the daily task bar is full how much will it hurt their performance? I’m sure she would have been higher staying the extra 3 hours but still it’s a gain.

Not the same with Cheddah’s work from home job. I got him the Entrepreneurial reward, and the Professional Slacker reward. My test was to see if the performance lowers if no tasks are done… it did.

This is the save I originally tested the World Sim Control mods. So this stuff was already there. I decided to see if a different fire pit than the sticks and stones one would cause lag. It did.

Back to work the next day I made sure Feta was in a good mood.

Notice that in addition to the new build skill option there is now a care for self one. He seemed to me like he did better with his needs after clicking this one later.

But that wasn’t what I wanted to test. It was the skilling. More on this later.

It occurred to me that I have one of Coolspear’s mods called longer burning campfire and tried taking it out.

Back at the house, I noticed that Stormy was in the dreaded very playful mood.

Cheddah and Feta told jokes and she told jokes and I even put out two playful mood lamps.

Suddenly, the lamps kicked in and it was Cheddah that was hysterical!

I’m not sure how long it took for the lamps to actually start working because the tooltip didn’t pop up until they did. I noted the time I sold the lamps though.

Even after selling the lamps he and Stormy still had those environment boosts. I took this pic 4 hours later when they went away and he returned to very playful. Despite all of this and having emotional deaths enabled he didn’t die. I’m baffled as to why and still don’t trust these results fully.

Before he went to bed I tried a few times to get him or Stormy hysterical again but couldn’t. When he woke up he still had lingering effects kind of like he’s chuckling over the funny moments of the night before.

I’m putting these in to note that when paroling in Del Sol Valley these sims were the all-in-one’s that I’d made when testing it here originally before making dhamir versions in Stratus Burne.

I wanted to see if this had any effect…

His attention did appear to go up but it might also be because he was told to care for himself.

I worried that the skill gain Feta had gotten while skilling at home while Stormy was at work was too high. So I reset him to 2 in Thinking again and had her teach him blocks and then flash cards for approximately the same amount of time. It does appear to be the same as if someone is teaching them. Which, in my mind, the sim home with them should be doing.

I did note that Feta’s temporary upset over so much skilling didn’t overpower his happy moodlet.

Two items of note here. First, the angry trait is +2 instead of the normal +1. They’re variable, it’s not always +1 with this mod. Also, the excellent holiday moodlet that usually overpowers everything didn’t despite being a +3.

I’d still been testing the at home job. When doing the daily tasks for just one day he went from average to good.

And with only one task done the next day he was up for a promotion! I think this is a good sign for me and my Stratus Burne sims who I’ve been afraid to keep home!

Keep in mind this was with Entrepreneurial, Professional Slacker and the Networked Club boosts.

Cheddah’s angry mood didn’t last over-long but he did pass a bit onto Stormy. She got rid of it fairly quickly and I didn’t notice any difference other than perhaps the fact that the happy moodlets didn’t overpower it.

I noted that the fire didn’t appear to be causing lag anymore so think it must have been that mod I removed. It is annoying how addicted they appear to be to the thing though.

This probably has most of you looking at this thinking oh hell no I’m not using that mod!

What do you think about it now?

Of course, leaving a very focused mood for 2 days would be totally overpowered. When not participating in focusing tasks it went down quickly.

Left with a lingering focus that he could use to help built it back up.

Stormy finally went back to work and I had one last test of that mod.

Truthfully, I think Stormy taught him faster at home in that test but I didn’t really track it as well since he stopped to throw a tantrum in the middle of it.

The results of all the tests?

  • Sims can leave toddlers at home or at daycare for short periods as long as their needs are full first.
  • The skilling away actions mod isn’t overpowered and gives us permission to get away from our toddlers for a bit without feeling guilt over not skilling with them.
  • Sims working from home should be able to advance even if they don’t do both daily tasks. They take a small hit from doing none.
  • Coolspear’s all-in-one sims take over as many roles as promised.
  • The Meaningful Stories mod had me, in the end, searching for ways to change my sims moods and fascinated with the different affects. Which is why I only really used the focused mood as an example here. There are different ways each work and I feel this will add so much more to gameplay making sims moods actually something to pay attention to.

Also of note, I found in the show sim info mod that the trained-out misbehaviors are in hidden traits info. Also, I noted that there are umbrella type hidden traits? Why on earth? This may be one of the reasons for our stretched pets bugs… them trying to hold an umbrella!

A disclaimer of sorts: Keep in mind that I do use a lot of mods which may have inadvertently affected these tests in some way. I test for my own personal use and just like to share the results so I can refer to them in chapters instead of having all this info clogging them up.


I had two elders die while she was at work! In both cases it was almost as soon as Stormy returned from somewhere else. Which makes me think the game considered them working out the entirety of her absence.

I later found the tombstones in their household inventory!

Housewarming party. As far as I know they didn’t know anyone before this.

Spatula showing off her tricks.

Searching this woman from another room

“I’m the fashion police and those accessories deserve a fine!”

Talking about neighborhood changes.

Both Stormy and Cheddah have put on a lot of weight. I think it’s because I normally leave them pretty much completely autonomous and they eat and sit on their bums all day!

Wow. Just wow Cheddah!

Sims going into our sims houses is out of control after the fame pack!

And to finish us off. Funniest of them all! I think every single sim working there was erratic! Which normally only showed as them talking to themselves or various objects but this was a sort of uh… I don’t know how to describe it… police officers “showering” very closely on the front steps. A bit obscene if you have delicate sensibilities. Maybe this is what killed those elders!

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