TS4→ Stratus Burne O3/P4/R1: Getting Kinda Crowded

It is the first rotation of the Blooming Moon phase in Stratus Burne’s 3rd Orbit. Current weather forecast: rainy stormy warm.

The Hensley household

Oh my! Two pets sick in this household too!

They had to wait to get treated though because I’d gotten there so early they couldn’t call Felicity.

Never fear Felicity’s here!

I’ve decided that her vet station thing is portable. I mean, it does fold up flat.

Wake up Lentil!

I didn’t give him that “walk” outfit but it’s so funny I can’t make myself change it!

Both with Sizzlepaw! I need to just have her give all the pets that calming shot from now on.

Ryker joined the household before this rotation started. I was trying to get him confident for his charisma practice.

I thought with it being rainy/stormy the storm itself might abate eventually. No such luck. I finally gave up and had Ethan plant all of this stuff that Bradyn next door had sent over.

Since Ryker is outgoing, his confident mood lowers when he’s alone. So Aryana kept him company while working on her new science station.

Parker had all of the skills he needs to get a job so he did some training with Couscous.

I think he started speak training next.

Brielle returned home with a promotion.

Since I’d gotten to their house so early I sent them all off to take a nap. Ethan was awake before the others so he gave some special attention to the pets.

I love Aryana’s late-child makeover.

Since all of them share cooking duties nobody has a very high skill level.

Umm… guys? He ended up cooking practically on top of them because they wouldn’t move!

Having so many sims in this household had me kinda frazzled this day and I was tabbing through all of them checking their needs and whims and whatever and twice told poor little Aryana to go to bed. Finally I was like why isn’t she going?! She was stuck in the half wall!

When the notice popped up that it was almost time for school Aryana’s needs were pretty bad so she took a vacation day and worked on her young scientist badge.

Well, at least he’s gorging on something healthy.

Jozef was invited over. He entered in a foul mood from the seemingly never-ending thunderstorm.

Parker had left that journal at the matchmakers. He kept trying to write in it and must have left it on the desk. Looks like Jozef snatched it!

When Thatcher’s at work Ethan takes over repair duties.

I hadn’t had Ryker work out the previous day because I forgot about the TV workouts. It was a drawn out process getting him energized!

Pay no mind to the man jumping around like a maniac behind you.

I thought these two already had their first kiss. I guess it was all of those mistletoe kisses. They’re such dorks. After they exchanged promise rings they’d high-fived and they did it after their first kiss too!

Poor O’Malley has a cereal bowl on his tail.

Jozef left and Parker went to bed early then suddenly he was strolling back through the door. I swear he’s the only sim to ever use their key.

Aryana was woken by and invisible monster. She went running to wake the only sim sleeping at the time, Brielle. I sent her back to bed. Silly goose.

Even Couscous likes Jozef.

Since Ryker spent pretty much the entire day very energized he was the only one with enough energy left to walk both dogs.

And then he promptly broke the fridge.

I’m so sorry Ethan. I did remove the water more mod. It seemed ridiculous that they needed to water when it was a downpour.

Since it was Parker’s birthday and I’d made the rule that promised=engaged Jozef moved in. That thunderstorm is just killing everyone’s moods.

They decided to go out to eat for the birthday celebration. The dhamir waiter got the order from 9-year-old Aryana.

Hurray! Practically everyone in the room crowded around. It was so much fun.

They did the cake so early because it was almost time for Thatcher to leave for work.

Or not? He returned to the table invisible!

I didn’t figure it out until he was talking with this guy!

Aryana challenged Ryker to a foosball match.

Brielle got out of work and couldn’t order from the table so she had some bar food.

These two were in their own goofball world. I still can’t figure out why they wear party clothes. Whatever.

When Brielle was done eating, she joined the others downstairs. No clue where Thatcher was since I couldn’t see him!

Alright let’s take this home you’ve put on enough of a show.

I just thought both of them watching her with the cat was sweet.

When Parker aged up I realized I’d never done his social trait roll. I laughed my butt off when he rolled bro too.

Aryana’s a loner and a genius so the only second aspiration that made sense was Rambunctious Scamp and since her motor skill is already maxed it shouldn’t take much. She’s still got one full rotation or so before she ages up.

I turn my back one second and you two are running off to a bush!

The night was winding down. Truthfully it was the early morning hours since I wasn’t playing them the next day most of them were awake. Jozef must like that silly flirty face.

They’re adorable but still…

…you just aged up!!!

I quit playing for the night. I’d already been trying to decide if Brielle and Ryker should move out. With all the promotions plus the §2,000 each that Ryker and Jozef brought with them there was a good amount of money.

So everyone banded together. Ryker and Brielle grabbing stuff in the area to sell and Ethan selling his produce once it grew in.

When passing the frogs around to breed I saw that Ethan had all this in there to sell too!

They ended up with quite a bit. All of their stuff including Brielle’s work rewards were packed up to move as well.

Meanwhile, these two were still in their own little world. Racing at the speed of light through all the relationship steps from day one.


I’ve started keeping a cheat sheet with everyone’s profiles on it to choose answers for these things. Since Thatcher’s pretty irresponsible and socially awkward I thought he wouldn’t want to ask.


I’m saving the two remaining badges for when she ages up.

This was so cute how excited she got when Thatcher got home.

I’m still learning and trying to process this Meaningful Stories mod. There are several loner things.

This is the only screenshot of these I took. Mostly to remind me to mention here that I hadn’t spent any of their satisfaction points yet and they all got a ton of new traits!

Good thing I got that mod that stops people clapping at them.

Jozef came to us with the Compassionate trait! Must have been doing a lot of socializing around the area while I was playing other households.

A lot of socializing!

Parker got this whim immediately upon aging up.

And thanks to all that skilling as a teen he was able to go right into his chosen career.

A few funnies to finish us off. I really think that the game is taking the erratic “shower in the rain” thing too far.

I saw a flash way at the end of the street in the middle of the night. It was Max getting hit by lightning! I sent him home. We don’t want him dying on us!

Aryana was woken up to collect any lightning strike metals from the yard when they were trying to put together money. She stopped to give an awkard scratch to a pet but none of them was doing the animation!

O3/P4/R1 Lane household

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