TS4→ Stratus Burne O3/P4/R1: I Demand A Do-Over!

It is the first rotation of the Blooming Moon phase in Stratus Burne’s 3rd Orbit. Current weather forecast: cloudy warm.

Lane Household

A Synopsis…

While I watched Rowen, Alijah, and Cujo in the basement…

Bree had been queued to practice mischief on Roman…

I’d forgotten that sims with high mischief skill get angry when someone with low skill tries it on them…

I personally was in a bad mood and not paying enough attention. Not even enough to realize that their relationship had completely plumeted and Roman broke up with Bree…

Bree was sad and Roman was sad. I told myself surely I could fix this.

I didn’t move Bree out but just kept her busy…

Rowen took advantage of Roman’s misery to insult him and made things worse…

I just kept trying to get them to work it out but it wasn’t working…

I kept asking myself how did this happen?!? I finally gave up and moved her out.

Meanwhile, Cujo showed that he’s less scary-looking while holding a present in his mouth.

Rowen and Alijah tried for a baby twice and didn’t get pregnant…

And Rowen came very close to killing herself.

The End.

What? You don’t want it to end like that? Neither did I. I got off of the computer for the night absolutely defeated and depressed. But what could I do? I mean most challenges have the rule no restarting after something bad happens. The more I thought about it, though, the more I realized that this was all my fault! When I saw Roman angry about Bree’s tricks and Bree embarrassed about his response I should have immediately separated them and let them cool down. Once they’d broken up surely there would have been a way to fix things if I’d let the sad moodlets wear off but I kept pushing them I was so upset. So, I woke up this morning and decided I demand a do-over.

When I arrived and saw Roman’s hot-headed moodlet I immediately had him take Cujo for a walk.

There. That’s better.

Bree trolled teh forums for mischief and they were back to their usual jokes and flirting.

And these two were immediately back to this while I was distracted.

Sixth-ish time’s a charm?

Just what we need. More insane/evil sims.

Look! He’s not attacking her from another room or something! Amazing.

Rowen wasn’t acting pregnant so I just had her take the test when she was getting ready for work. She was! OMG!!! She went downstairs to tell Alijah and then immediately left for work. She can tell him later.

I was just so relieved.

Alijah stayed in the basement writing for most of the day.

Yes, Cujo. I do see that he looks like an idiot but since he eats non-stop this is a good thing. I didn’t realize that Alijah isn’t lazy like everyone else in the household.

His owner’s idiocy is forgotten.

Rowen finally gets a chance to share the big news over breakfast.

And I was thrilled to see that the mod extended it’s length!

Now that he has a little fitness skill, Alijah wanted to jog. Although, I’m not sure if jogging with a dog completes it?

An after-jog brushing.

Roman and Bree finally woke up and were in good spirits.

Maybe too good?

It had popped up saying it was almost time for Bree to leave for work but since her needs were fine I just left her chatting with Roman. I was going to have him start working on his daily task when I saw this!!!

She hates children remember?

But she was immediately whisked off to work. I was left watching Alijah and Roman on computers most of the day.

I liked this painting so I kept it.

Bree finally arrived home… over by where the bush was.

Oh thank goodness!

I think she’s grateful too. Even if she will have to deal with having a child in the household soon.

I need to see if I can place some lights in this area. Sorry the pics are so freaking dark!

I was looking for Cujo and found him over in the playground and thought ya know I should have Bree work on mischief with unsuspecting strangers.

She filled her work task for the day as well as making 2 enemies for her aspiration.

I did have her calm her anger before she went to bed. And yes it’s daylight because she’s sleeping Roman’s hours.

Speaking of sleeping… Cujo is the only Sims 4 dog I’ve had that uses a bed!

Rowen was still bored from work when she woke up.

Two promotions at once! Yay!

Awe there ya go, poetry to remove the boredom.

She had a whim to be friendly with Jazzlyn. I found her all the way over here.

Alijah got the graffiti work task again.

She wanted to dig in the trash. I wanted satisfaction points. Win/win even if it’s gross.

Bree woke before Roman and did some upgrades. Cujo supervised.

Rowen needed to practice music for work and also wanted to make tips so I had her do it there. She didn’t get any tips sadly.

Roman woke up starving and tried to cook when there were leftovers. I cancelled it out and Cujo swooped in to take a bite.

Alijah’s hot-headed trait kicked in and I decided to take advantage. Wow now that’s a painting! He went from very angry to angry and painted the exact one again which was worth only like §300 so I wonder if it’s the intensity?

Got his star back.

Roman would have worked until 10am the next day when I was supposed to switch so he took a vacation day. I found him chatting with Brielle so he worked on his mischief describing the apocalypse and such.

When she wandered off I saw he had a whim to be nice to Jazzlyn. I found her over here again and he managed to get his next mischief skill point pick pocketing her!

Alijah was still angry. Why is it only teens can jog to clear their minds? Should be everyone if you ask me.

He lost the angry mood about the same time Rowen arrived home in a great mood.

Seeing-as-how she’ll have that baby pretty much the second I get to their house next time I thought a date might be nice.

They had a great time. (Look it’s Mad Max back there haha)

Nice! Might as well take Bree out to celebrate.

Things were winding down with these two anyway. Notice the lobster ravioli that was the chef special?

Bree and Roman got burritos!


I think Alijah liked his drink more than they did their expensive flirty ones.

I kept telling Rowen to use the toilet and she kept cancelling it out to do this.

Alright, you two best get home before Rowen passes out. Roman and Bree stayed a bit longer but nothing exciting happened.

All-in-all I’m absolutely thrilled with the do-over. Another reason I gave myself a pass on this one is that I’m still learning that Meaningful Stories mod and how to manage their emotions better.


That must be her work outfit? That pretty doctor made that painting.

As an added precaution I got Roman this trait. He seems to be tense a lot.

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