TS4→ Stratus Burne O3/P4/R1: Save Me!

It is the first rotation of the Blooming Moon phase in Stratus Burne’s 3rd Orbit. Current weather forecast: sunny hot.

Griffiths household

I was excited to note that, upon entering the household, Jazzlyn was still feeling happy about her daughter’s pregnancy days after being told.

Something is going on with my pets being sick way too much lately.

So disgusting!

That is surely repugnant.

And so, it begins again. I remembered that it was happening in this household last time too… after I’d spent over an hours doing the usual troubleshooting.

I’m not going to share all the screen-caps I took while trying to figure this out. Needless to say, I realized that for whatever reason, the game can’t create a pic of this household.

And yet, when I set the Hensley household to the exact same family structure it did. It just cuts some of the sims out. Long story short I set MCCC to auto-save every 2 sim hours. It was annoying but it works.

After taking a few hours to cool my temper (trust me I learned my lesson about playing in a bad mood with the last household) I got to do it all over again.

Their fridge has sooo much food in it I got them a TV so Jasper can watch cooking shows for ideas.

This bedroom wall makes it very difficult to screenshot the living room.

Felicity needed another pet companion for her aspiration and her relationship with Caraway was the highest.

Jazzlyn worked from home all three days. Every single day she had one task she couldn’t complete. Her boss was happy with just one though.

These birds are driving me crazy. Jasper is constantly dropping everything he’s doing to chase them.

Kinda blocking the TV… nevermind.

I figured out at least one of the reasons for intruders. You know how if you speak to a random sim outside of the house they suddenly think it’s okay to go inside? It seems it’s the same if they interact with your pets!

Aryana came home from school with Madelyn.

Why are you all jammed into this tiny kitchen?

Back to making friends for that dreaded aspiration. This is the kid, Dean, that she met in the last chapter that was adopted by the mail lady that’s no longer a mail lady.

He was pretty tense. I assume he must be a loner.

When Aryana left she took him to stargaze to finish up the last bit of friendship.

Madelyn is smiling like a loon while he’s getting attacked because she thought she was showing off Bender. Poor kid.

I was surprised to see him smiling at the cats after that!

Ah young love.

That face tho!

Hurrah! I still considered them engaged already from those promise rings but whatever.

Jazzlyn needed to influence a child for her aspiration so she asked Madelyn to go to bed. She went to sleep in Felicity and Jasper’s bed!

Someone wants attention. First, playing with the trash and then scratching a dining chair.

All along Bender has been peeing on this porch. It was fine… until he learned to “pee outside.”

I kept trying to get Jasper to pick him up and put him down here to pee but he wouldn’t do it so I sent him to bed and woke up Felicity instead.

Puppies are so cute…

But I was grateful it was time to age him up.

Buster went into the bedroom to “watch.” Jazzlyn at the table and Madelyn… while washing a dish?

Buster finally realized he couldn’t see through walls. Just in time for this!

Buster was shocked!

I will admit he’s weird-looking. Kind of like he’s wearing a dog-suit.

I think the pets all like the smells coming from Jasper’s cooking!

Felicity made more of that calming serum.

Time to get the last of the child friends. She was already friends with some boy. I can’t remember this girl’s name.

Max came home from work super-tense and Jazzlyn tried to calm him down.

Unfortunately, part of the tenseness was sickness.

It occured to me that Madelyn can walk the dogs. This is also about the time I realized she was scary-thin.

Sorry bud, your girl has to sleep sometime.

I couldn’t find Felicity and Jasper. Their queue said trying for baby in bed but they weren’t in bed. Found them in a bush.

I was confused to find Jazzlyn awake. She had this queue but was just creepily standing over Madelyn’s bed not moving.

I finally had to have her travel to another lot and bring her back. I hadn’t even unpaused so it was basically the same exact time but when she returned everyone was awake doing something and Paprika was sick again!

I put way too much weight on Madelyn. I didn’t realize I could change it in individual CAS so I guessed percentages with MCCC. Her percentage before was -98%! I hate how all of my unplayed kids always end up looking starved when I rotate.

She completed Bender’s sit training while waiting for school.

When Jazzlyn had returned I’d told Max to go to bed but he didn’t at first. He should have had plenty of time to finish his friendly interactions before work but he barely did it. Jazzlyn’s sick too now.

I paused to take a pic of his snazzy new work suit. I was distracted by a bird flying through the house.

More gourmet cooking. He really doesn’t seem too sure of himself.

She’s using so much of that calming serum!

I was looking for Buster and found him just chillin’ over here.

There you go buddy. He got some special attention from his special person.

All Jasper needs to get into his career now is mixology skill. But he would not read. I think it had something to do with Jazzlyn obsessively trying to shelf the book while he was reading it!

Madelyn worked on getting her adult friends. The woman left when I wasn’t looking so she still needs one more.

This time it was Felicity just idling. Same thing happened when I reset her. I had to make her just stand in the T pose while Madelyn finished making friends… sort of. You’ll see at the end.

This time I sent her and Jasper out for a dinner date. I couldn’t leave them there long. Everyone does nothing but mistletoe kisses there when autonomous the last few times and it’s getting on my nerves.

This was a bit disturbing. Sorry about the walls. You know how it is.

They succeeded this time. I paused her pregnancy right here. I was leaving in the morning and didn’t want to forget.

Nothing like some night fishing. Madelyn got her nature badge. The others I’m saving for teenhood.

I was extremely annoyed to find that Paprika was sick again when they returned from the restaurant. Then, I sat watching Jasper fumble around until MCCC saved. Fun.


A lot of learning this time around!

Our third celebrity. And I think they all have a good reputation at this point.

I learned that new age music makes sims focused.

At least they keep getting a quirk I like.

Felicity got a job title.

I really don’t know what to do about the sicknesses.

Speaking of sicknesses. Our resident doctor really needs a makeover if I’m going to allow her to roam free. I started working on a profile for her but almost every one of her traits conflicts with another on the scales.

When Felicity was bugged-out I was trying to get her to do something. I queued to watch TV then sing. She popped downstairs like this when I reset her again and… sang?

O3/P4/R2 Snyder household

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