TS4→ Stratus Burne O3/P4/R2: Pika, Chu, and Pretztail Too!

It is the second rotation of the Blooming Moon phase in Stratus Burne’s 3rd Orbit. Current weather forecast: snowy thunderstorms.

Snyder household

Ah, back to the Snyder household. A nice small household. (ha!) Time for Cole to go start police training.

He was given his own work station and signed into the system.

Then sent on a training exercise where a senior officer showed him how to take evidence samples.

He was then shown how to test the samples and enter them into the computer.

Then he was shown the steps for imputing a new criminal into the system.

Ah, back home. Haven worked on her charisma while he was gone.

Hello to you too Pika.

Pika was given her own bed. Cujo likes his so much I thought why not?

Awe look at them all cute and matching. I swear I don’t do this stuff on purpose.

Cole took Pika for a jog. Gotta stay in shape for his job ya know.

Now that she has the social media career she really needs to step up her game getting followers so Haven stayed inside.

You look like you rolled in a mud puddle!

Yes please!

There are several screenshots missing here because I wanted to keep all of Haven’s mischief together. This cat is so cute he adopted her.

Of course she was sick!

Her feet were not glowing!

There was also an option to treat Pika. I didn’t see fleas either.

The cat ran out the door and Pika just stood there like what was that???

Really? Wasn’t I just saying before the most recent rotation that they hardly ever try for a baby??

Look at this! Who’s going to scold the dog?

Pika wondered the same thing and went out to investigate.

Pika: How’d he know?

Haven’s face here was funny. Sorry, Pika. I’ve been looking for a likely puppy-daddy but they’re all the same dogs as usual!

Aaaand… there it is. *rushes to put a lower percentage chance back in* This is crazy!

I love the new cat’s tail. It reminds me of something but darned if I can remember what. I finally remembered! The pretztail from Viva Pinata!

Click the pic to see the original art by Jauda.

Surprisingly, I had a terrible time finding a pic of an actual in-game pretztail. I thought this artist’s drawing was the best example.

Hmm… this does seem odd. Two dogs that will sleep on these converted pet beds.

Cole bought the painting. Haven’s childish and with a baby on the way it’s even more fitting. Now, to find a place for it.

Spotting one of Haven’s dads, Abel, nearby Cole stopped him for a chat. Might as well get along with the in-laws. Then, I saw something in the background…

*gasp* It’s glorious!!!

Haven stopped her mischief for today and ran to meet him.

I know we already have a cat but how can we resist?! We named him Chu to be Pika’s counterpart. Seriously, it’s like I knew another cat was coming along and that’s why I didn’t name Pretztail that!

With the second cat adopted who we did name Chu to be Pika’s counterpart… seriously, it’s like I knew another cat was coming along and that’s why I didn’t name her! Haven had some snow fun.

I love how when it’s snowing little snow pals just pop up everywhere in the area! Umm… Cole? You’re standing in *cough* nevermind.

Cole returns home to this odd-looking creature.

Pika and Chu get luvin’ from daddy.

I thought Haven would want her cats in the videos. I’ve seen streamers do that. The cactus CC scratching post is so cool.

And let the pics I took just because the pets were in them commence.

I think Chu is the first cat I’ve ever had with that Frisky trait.

Pretztail is more subdued but, despite not having a trait that should make her that way, she acts scared a lot.

Exhibit A.

You knew this was coming. Confetti from the sky…

Yay! They look so happy.

Pretztail is hiding under the couch.

Haven’s belly is very prominant already. I spent a while testing to see if my smaller belly mod is still working but it appears she’s just going to be that way. It’s kinda neat that it’s random.

His ears! hahaha!

Chu has become obsessed with the fridge.

I was trying so hard to get a pic with all three pets in it.

Mister frisky here was running circles on the coffee table.

Another attempt but this time it looks like Chu is doing the hula! Remember I laughed when I said “small quiet household” at the start of the chapter? That didn’t last long.

As promised, Haven’s mischief montage…

Her dads were easy targets so she picked on them the most.

Cole’s dad thought it was funny. His mom did not.

Thatcher was cool with it but Josef’s mom was not. I forgot they have a bad relationship from when she needed someone to dislike her.

I figured lots of people do videos of pranks so near the end I had her stream it.


Cole’s “training exercise” was in Selvadorada. Silly game. I didn’t take pics of the police station I’m using because I don’t think I’m going to keep it. It appears to have some routing issues. Also, I was frazzled after spending at least an hour changing all the elders to adults, removing the erratic trait from them all, and adding antiseptic. We’ll just pretend they all live in the first region.

I thought Ethan fell outside. Nope just making a snow angel.

Look at all the kiddos!

Felicity had some kind of issue.

So cute.

Who taught you how to kiss?

Mister frisky somehow morphed through the wall and under the stairs!

I’d made them a club thinking I could get that perk that helps work performance. One of the tasks was gaming. §50! Needless to say I ended the “meeting.”

Haven had enough points for the Connections trait and since it’s such a hard career to top, although it might not be with the Get Famous additions like the drone, I decided to get it for her.

It should have put her to level 4 but it didn’t! I looked and 4 is the level they split so I cheated her the promotion to get to 4 and chose the internet celebrity branch. Sheesh.

O3/P4/R2 Lane household

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