TS4→ Stratus Burne O3/P4/R2: Where’s the Baby?!

It is the second rotation of the Blooming Moon phase in Stratus Burne’s 3rd Orbit. Current weather forecast: light rain warm.

The Lane household

I got to the house anticipating that Rowen would go into labor almost immediately.

I was wrong. I didn’t remember until writing this that she hadn’t taken the actual test until right before work.

You’re all so weird.

Alijah got his branch promo.

At first, I just kinda let them do whatever.

But they all had work tasks that needed doing.

You broke it you fix it. Oh and the keyboard while you’re at it.

So cute!

Ohmygosh finally!

Umm… hello? Lady?

I don’t think the evil Rowen has much trust of the receptionist laughing to herself like this.

And this nurse wasn’t helping Alijah’s tenseness.

So tense. Rowen’s like “hello, I’m the one who should be upset!”

The doctor’s like hey lady you forgot about the baby. Rowen’s too busy leaving for work. Alijah’s in la la land suddenly stress-free and here I am thinking where the hell is the baby?!

At home on her parents bed. Welcome to the world Fable. I wanted something from music and had an awesome boy name but nooo it had to be another girl. So I went for a literary name instead since dad’s a writer.

Then, I spent the next 4 hours renovating their house. The idea was to give Rowen, Alijah, and Fable their own separate-yet-not-separate space. That was Rowen’s bedroom.

I’ll save the rest of the pictures for later. I was actually shocked at how much money they had!

Alijah got back to working on his daily task.

And I watched Cujo run the neighborhood. I need to record it next time it’s so funny.

Well, I hope you’re promoting her after she left mid-birth to go to work!

She finally gets to meet her child.

Cujo demands attention too.

Cujo likes the TV and the radio but is terrified of the computer.

Three promotions in one day!

I was sad to see the graffiti go.

It seems like it’s taking her forever to get to level 8 piano.

Back to Alijah who had to recommend someplace to 3 sims. Well, there’s only a restaurant at the moment.

Then he was back home to give luvin’ to the pup. So far, I’ve gotten lucky with his work tasks.

I allowed Bree in to upgrade the dryer. I took the pic at this awkward angle to show the hallway going to the other two bedrooms.

Originally, the hallway was there and went straight back but it looked really weird from outside.

Such a good boy!

He deserves walkies. Alijah’s really close to becoming companions with him.

He came home all hot-headed and angry. They look like total idiots screaming at the mirror.

I wish this lowered his moodlet. Notice the only masterpieces he’s made are angry paintings. I think he’s found his niche.

It occurred to me that it makes a lot of sense that painting emotional paintings should lower the current mood. I mentioned it to roBurky in Discord. It’d be awesome if he could add it to his mod.

Umm guys? Your baby!

I’ve found a way to make Bree in a wonderful mood. Buy her a little something to stare at. Sadly, pretty much everything I’d spent money on in the past days wasn’t viewable.

I ended up making it so they can’t have any kids. As funny as I think Roman pulling a Malcolm Landgraab and having a kid right before he ages to elder would be I know Bree wouldn’t go for it and she’d likely be miserable if she did and destroy their relationship.

Awe so sweet!

She is so weird. But hey she made §500 off that jingle!

Speaking of emotions. It took ages to get Alijah inspired for his work task.

It took all that to overpower the very happy baby one!

Which was about to wear off anyway so I don’t know why I didn’t wait. Hello Fable!

I need to see if there are any CC sleepers like this that are less playful. They only get it when this age but still it’s frustrating.

Might as well get started potty training right away.

Alijah is now obsessed with the clay.

Go read to your daughter.

Now, if you’re looking at Fable and wondering where on earth did that hair color come from… it was her grandpa Dustin. I was finally able to add grandparent’s genetics into the birth roll. I put them in at a much lower chance than the parents but she ended up with Dustin’s hair and height and Able’s eyes.

Rowen you’re going to have that girl an emotional wreck like you. Go write a jingle or something! Do independant toddlers learn faster when alone?

Roman seems able to block out his strange son-in-law completely.

Cujo: Is that me? If so why am I not biting the offensive feline?

Cujo sure loves TV.

I’m not sure he knows what to do with this little one though! I guess we’ll see next rotation.


When she got to the hospital it popped up saying she had an hour before work. I went to have her take a vacation day but couldn’t. The baby never appeared at the hospital!

While I was at it, I did some changes to the outside to make it mesh with the surrounding houses better. I also changed out the other windows. I really need to break the habit of wanting to use windows and such that look exactly like whatever picture I’m copying the house off of even when I hate them.

Here’s the new wing. The lack of symetry is making me twitchy just looking at it. Maybe a deck for the other side?

This gigantic bathroom has always driven me nuts. I remembered Cujo getting stuck on that little floor tile above the stairs and came up with this goofy second bathroom entrance.

It’s weird only listing one of these.

This was pretty funny if you have a minute or so to read it all.

I completely forgot that Madelyn got her late child makeover and thought the game was spawning children again. She rolled dog lover unsurprisingly and look I just happened to have a Bender t-shirt!

She got this right before I was leaving the house. She has that emotionally unstable trait (is it called that?) but she’s never done anything. I think it’s somehow mixed up with bad manners because she’s constantly burping and farting but doesn’t have that trait.

Pretty sky pic while I was watching Cujo. Tomorrow I start working on the other little area with Brielle and Ryker.

O3/P4/R2 Welch household

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