TS4→ Stratus Burne O3/P4/R2: Feeling Accomplished

It is the second rotation of the Blooming Moon phase in Stratus Burne’s 3rd Orbit. Current weather forecast: party cloudy hot.

The Hensley household

Aryana’s a bit outnumbered!

Ethan was sooo close to getting the desired gardening and logic skill levels to finally enter the gardener career.

Like Cole, I really didn’t know what skills Jozef should have for the doctor career. I figured charisma, logic, and writing. He already had high charisma.

Thatcher’s work task is now to work out so I was trying to get him energized.

I was thrilled to realize that taking the dogs for a jog fills that requirement!

Everyone just busily working. Parker was doing his career task too.

Yay! Finally!

Work task done, Parker continued Couscous’s speak training while Aryana practiced typing for her second aspiration.

Thatcher had his work task done as well and began crafting a ton of garden planters.

I went into CAS for something… can’t remember what now, and when I exited Lentil was sick! This is getting out of hand.

It’s not that we don’t like seeing you, Felicity. But this is very distracting.

Oh, I forgot she’s pregnant too. Geeze so many nooboos all of the sudden!

Speaking of which, Parker took a nap before work.

Aryana popped over to the playground area to cross the monkey bars 3 times.

That’s done! I’m not going for a third even if there might be enough time. The others don’t fit her personality at all.

Now that Aryana had that done and Thatcher and Parker were at work I finally got a chance to take Ethan to a few other fishing spots for his aspiration.

He got promoted from a chance card.

It’s weird not having neat-freak Brielle in the household complaining about the trash. It’s actually kinda chaotic without her.

I gave Parker a more comfortable everyday outfit. I also wanted to find something he could wear that made his belly look less huge. I know it’s of my own doing but it looks weird nevertheless.

If you’re wondering why their expressions are so odd.

I got a Bienchen mod that is supposed to lower the chance of pets getting sick if they are brushed and given love more often. Couscous is trying to make me feel guilty but Aryana was the only one awake!

Of course, his companion woke up starving. You’ll have to be happy with chatting while he eats for now bud.

Ethan tended his garden and then was off to fish for most of the day. Seeing-as-how there are two vegetarians in the household the fish will just be fertilizer.

The only skill left that I wanted Jozef to get up was writing and since Parker was writing jokes on the computer he had to settle for writing in his journal for skill.

Aryana took a vacation day from school and trained Lentil.

Ethan arrived home in the evening and fertilized some of the plants.

Comedian branch promo!

I didn’t know there was a quick meal scout cookies! Bobsey looks adorable with her hoodie!

So far, this is the only quirk I’ve gotten.

I have no idea what was happening. I paused for some reason and when I looked at the screen saw them like this. So funny!

Ugh, I really wish they’d stop reacting like this. I like it when dogs look on the counter and cats jump on the counters darn it!

Aryana had some getting-to-know-you time with Jozef while the others slept since her loner trait popped up every time he was around.

I’d wanted to have them go out to eat for Ethan’s birthday but looking at everyone’s schedules I realized there just wasn’t time.

I replaced the hit-by-lightning swing set.

As you can see, Thatcher had been hard at work on those planters. I realized that Ethan had no bees. Almost immediately after getting them a bunch of plants needed evolved!

With the cats living in Brielle and Ryker’s house I thought I could breed Lentil. The black dog was a high contender… then she attacked Aryana.

But that can wait. Nooboo soon!

Ah dad I’m too old for this!

A few more strays appeared. The one that looks like he’s pawing the poop looks just like the black dog that attacked Aryana.

Finally, in the wee hours of the morning.

Just like when Rowen checked in, the receptionist acted like they were plotting something while looking at the screen.

The fact that the game seems to be generating new hospital staff each time is getting on my nerves.

I’m convinced the hospital is bugged. I plan to replace it. Meet Calix. Our first boy!

They’re all born famous.

I hadn’t done the bedroom yet. Was waiting to see if it was a boy or a girl but at this point I needed to head to the Griffith’s household.


I kinda hid it through the whole chapter but Parker’s belly was freaking huge. So much so that I thought maybe LittleMsSam’s mod didn’t work for guys so I took out my whole mods folder. The game without mods is freaking scary to me. Why’s it glowing blue? The eye shine! The shiny skin! I just sat looking at them like who the heck are you? LOL!

If you’re wondering about the sudden influx of strays, it’s because I got fed up and put all of these into a household with the adoption agent and plopped him onto an empty lot.

I guess it’s good that O’Malley moved out. Jozef despises him. I wonder why? LOL!

Well, at least Bobsey learned something, eh?

I had her sit this out. It did nothing.

I hate this! What’s the point in her dad having high parenting skill?!

This cracked me up!

My game is so confused. I had to check immediately when they returned home.

Almost time for a new lot! This was a great play-through for this household they all accomplished so much!

O3/P4/R2 Griffiths household

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