TS4→ Stratus Burne O3/P4/R2: Cursed Family?

It is the second rotation of the Blooming Moon phase in Stratus Burne’s 3rd Orbit. Current weather forecast: cloudy hot.

The Griffiths household

When I was getting set up for this rotation I popped into their house to get new profile pics of Felicity and Madelyn. While there Jazzlyn got a promotion!

Which gives her this ability! I didn’t even know it was possible!

Thankfully, only two of the three were sick. Paprika was hungry or something.

Bender had fleas.

Sorry buddy, mama’s campaigning!

With them all being sick so much it’s kinda losing the fun.

Okay, now everybody can get attention.

I went back into an earlier save to compare what his performance was before and after.

Jazzlyn’s work task was to get playful. Unfortunately, she had some other moodlet and it took me forever to get past it. Once I did she was immediately hysterical. More on this later.

And with that, we’ve now earned a new community lot!

When I saw this, I said to myself I don’t know why anyone wants to come home from school with Madelyn.

But this girl, Kaylee, just would not stop going outside and approaching all of these either aggressive or territorial strays. Eventually, I grew bored watching it.

Jasper threw a dinner party for his aspiration. He got his job in the culinary career earlier in the day but it looks like I didn’t screenshot it.

It was also Max’s birthday.

This is the first time any of them has done this.

Rowen seems to have a deep-seated hatred for large stuffed animals.

No worries, Fable was in good hands. Even if I couldn’t get anyone to put her in a high chair… I bought and sold several in the attempt.

Hurrah! Max is now an adult. Sorry there aren’t many pics, it’s nearly impossible to screenshot in this house.

Pets being cute.

All Madelyn needed was one more adult friend. I was surprised to see she was just a sliver away from being friends with Felicity.

I would have thought they were already friends but whatever it’s to our benefit.

I figured she might as well work on Whiz Kid. She still has plenty of time before her birthday and does have the genius trait.

I’d done that landscaping in the “spring” and had no idea if I’d matched the flower colors right. Nice to see I did.

Did you seriously walk all the way over here to brush him?

Well, you might as well collect while you’re out here.

Meanwhile, at home, 24 sim hours after the hysterical moodlet, Jazzlyn dies of hysteria. I, of course, quit without saving and went back later to disable emotional deaths. I’ll save the rest about this for extras.

Today she needed to get focused for her work task.

Did you know that the whole purpose of the “useless” future cube is to possibly give sims an emotional moodlet? I didn’t.

Dangit Jazzlyn!

Well, Felicity gives free vet care constantly at his house so I figured Thatcher could repay the favor.

I didn’t keep him there long.

Madelyn needed to do homework twice while focused. Being helped with homework instantly makes them focused. Why they’re in their parents’ bedroom I have no idea.

Oops playing in trash had a bad result this time.

Haha bathing the dog in a suit.

Oh umm… okay.

I had to wake up Felicity. I forgot I was going to add a second couch there.

Of course, just as everyone was heading to bed, both dogs demanded walks. That mod is so helpful.

Naughty kitties.

Ah darn. Can’t win them all. His reactions were funny at least.

Felicity’s third trimester belly is about the same size as Parker and Haven’s first! I like how it varies but it’s still weird.

Pet attention time. I decided last night that I’m adding a points bonus for becoming companions with a pet. It’s much more difficult than I thought.

Madelyn was teaching Bender to heel. I have a mod that allows you to walk more than one dog using the heel interaction but have never used it.

Meanwhile, Felicity was out collecting and she sent Buster to dig and the cats to collect feathers. I really have neglected collecting thusfar.

The size of this house is beginning to really hamper this family. Madelyn had to do science stuff outside.

They are so cute!

I was just about to pause her pregnancy and leave when Felicity gave birth!

At home this time because the hospital is horribly bugged. Another girl. Meet Serendipity!

For once I didn’t have to think about a name. It came to me pretty much as soon as she was pregnant.

If they have a boy next maybe it’ll be Kizmet. I took too long getting these screenshots and got to the next house too late so had to go back and do it all over again. I’m counting her birthday as the first day of next rotation.


I was actually glad I hadn’t chosen anyone for Lentil in the last house because more strays appeared.

It’s just like constant chaos outside!

These reactions to pet behaviors are getting on my nerves more and more.

Nothing to ruin a romantic moment like a stranger coming into the house to dance to your radio.

It took me forever to discover what Jazzlyn’s promotion unlocked. It seems weird to me that it’s a room with stuff in it that I can buy anytime.

Felicity has a ton of satisfaction points! I can’t think of any more traits for her so I suppose I can start stockpiling potions?

And, last but not least, this disaster. She became hysterical, I immediately took her to a mirror to calm down, I took the second screenshot to show how well the mod worked to calm her down. It was practically instantaneous. Exactly 24 hours later she died. I went back into the save right before it happened and can’t find any hidden countdown buffs. Nothing to explain the why in game mechanics. I gave a copy of the save to the modder of the emotion mod but he hasn’t gotten back to me on it. I’m baffled. Whether it was the mod or a game bug there should have been a hidden buff… unless restarting the game removed it of course.

Regardless, I’m beginning to think this family is cursed. I have nothing but problems every time I play them! I was actually nervous loading up their house this time.

O3/P4/R2 Burke-Fox household

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